La Fonda, In The Summer

Get to know the ladies from La Fonda in this interview! They are is a lyrically driven indie dream pop collective from Seattle, led by sisters and singer-songwriters Veronica and Valerie Topacio. We are thrilled that they will be playing at Standard Goods for September Art Walk! Their sound is nostalgic, nodding to the 90's and early 2000's, the era that the sisters grew up in. Learn more abelow and be sure to come by Thursday September 13th to hear them live!

Where did you come up with the name La Fonda

There is a Jane Fonda Record hanging next to our practice space door at the Old Rainier Brewery that has been there ever since we moved in. "La Fonda" sort of slipped out of our tongue one day after one of our earlier band practices. In true millennial form, we looked up the word "Fonda" on Urban Dictionary and saw that it was defined as one who was "Down for Anything," so we were sold. 

Who are some of your musical icons or influences?

This is always a tough question to answer because we are lucky to be consuming in an age of never-ending artistry and music... but to name a few: Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Amy Winehouse, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, No Doubt, Cranberries, Death Cab for Cutie, Alvvays... the list goes on and on...

Can you recall the age you were when you first realized creating music was something you loved doing?

Music has always been a very big part of our lives since as far back as we can remember. We were blessed with a household that encouraged singing at the top of our lungs, playing whatever instrument you could get our hands on, and song writing from a young age. It wasn't until four or five years ago when we realized that singing and writing songs was what we needed to be doing for our souls, so that is when we started taking creating music seriously and using it as a compass to guide and navigate the direction of our lives. 

What era inspires you the most? 

Nostalgia inspires us. We are drawn to the 90s & early 2000s, for this time encapsulates our childhood and lives in the fabric of our beings as we work to find our way amidst a digitalized society. We used to watch TRL religiously after school and obsess over movies like "10 things I hate about you" and "She's All That". We made our friends & cousins who came over to our house play our own version of MTV's "Say What? Karaoke" and make up dance routines to Ace of Base and TLC with us. We love entertaining and turning art into a song...made even better if space buns, chokers, fishnets, and knee highs are included.

When you write a new song, how do you get started?

It varies. Sometimes we work on things separately then come together, or we spend months and months jamming on a few ideas before it actually becomes anything at all. Other times songs reveal themselves in 5 minutes. We both religiously carry around journals everywhere we go and coming together in the living room is always a special place. We could spend hours just jamming sifting through notebook pages, going back and forth until we give each other "the look" of "hey...maybe this could be something."

Has La Fonda brought you closer as sisters? Do you ever butt heads?

We are closer than we have ever been. Music is the way we communicate and entangles and enriches our sisterhood. There is nothing more magical than sharing a dream with your sister, that person who knows your life better than sometimes we know our own selves. We feel extremely blessed to have La Fonda as a shared platform and vision...for our songs truly do light the way for us to heal and connect. The nice thing about working with family is when we butt heads (boy, do we ever) we get over things easily knowing that our intention is always in the best interest of each other. 

Tell us the story behind your new single In The Summer?

This is one of those songs that we kept jamming on for months & months until it finally came together. It's about a love that has kept coming in and out of your life and then finally, you just have to let it go and be okay with what it was. There will always be that feeling of "what if" and it is okay to smile about that sometimes. 

How many hours a day do you spend practicing? 

Depends on the day - As a band we meet 2x/week and can practice for 3-4 hours. Individually, we practice as much as we possibly can. I think we are all pretty much thinking and dreaming about something music related 24/7. 

Where do you see your career going in the future? 

The more time and resources we pour into our dream of being full-time creatives and musicians, the more it seems to be becoming a reality. La Fonda is a big part of our future and ultimately, there is nothing we want more than to continue to tour and share our music with as many places and people that we possibly can. 

Any exciting upcoming gigs?

None that we can announce...but we are excited to be caving up this fall and winter continuing work on recording & producing our debut Album. We are stoked!!!

Guy Keltner, From Acid Tongue

 We are so excited to have Guy Keltner joining us for our August Art Walk performance! Guy has recently moved back to Seattle from New York, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Standard Goods Art Walk! He is one member of the band Acid Tongue, and will be performing solo for us.

Stop by Thursday, August 9th for free music, art, and as always- beer!

Read on to learn more about Guy!

 Standard Goods Art Walk Guy Keltner

Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from?

 My family is all from Los Angeles, but my mom & dad moved us up to Seattle when I was a teenager. After high school, I stuck around, went to UW for Economics, spent most of my 20s here, and I just moved back after living in Brooklyn the past two years.


How and where did you become so musically talented?

 I started really young. My folks had me on piano at five, and then I was given a guitar when I turned 10. I think the most important thing in my education was to write a lot of music, at a really young age. I started making my own songs at 11 or 12, so I'm almost two decades in and I still learn new things every day.


What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Right now I love closing with "Careless". We change it just enough every time we play it, so it's always a new experience. The crowd seems really into it every time, and I let my bandmates take it in whatever direction feels right on any given night.


Since you normally perform as part of your band, Acid Tongue, how will this performance be different for you?

I can play any song I want. I might do some old Fox and The Law songs (my band from a few years back), or I might play some covers. I might just goof off and do a medley of whatever feels good at the moment.


Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music world and why?

Probably like a lot of artists, I have no biggest inspiration. I take from different things. Musically, Acid Tongue is heavily inspired by Jonathan Richman, Lou Reed, T Rex, and more contemporary stuff like Timber Timbre, Built to Spill and Charles Bradley. But I'm also taking stuff conceptually from Kurt Vonnegut, copping some of Anthony Bourdain's signature attitude, blending in influences from the beat poets.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More stable financially, still making music I enjoy.


What is your song creation process like?

Depends on the song. Sometimes it starts lyrically, maybe its a melody, or maybe just a good idea for a riff.


What has been your biggest accomplishment as a musician thus far?

Touring Europe and the UK. Coming home and playing in-studio at KEXP. Then headlining my own festival (the Freakout). Last fall was great.



How do you distinguish yourself from other artists out there today?


I don't worry about the other artists. I stay true to who I am.


If you could collaborate with any musician or band past or present, who would you chose and why?

Sly Stone, before all of the drugs rotted his brain.


Do you have any exciting upcoming gigs?

August 10th, opening up for Built to Spill at South Lake Union Block Party. We're also touring England in September, and going to Mexico City in October.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Please attend this year's Freakout Festival! We'll be performing, alongside a ton of amazing bands (this year we have some killer headliners!):


For more on Guy, check out his Website and Youtube

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

Join us next Thursday, July 12th for Capitol Hill Art Walk. We will be hosting musical guest Aleron along with our artist Kyra Anderson. 

Aleron Kelley is a poet, producer and MC known as Alterations. The Alterations project is a culmination of a experimental audio collage and hip hop instrumentals accompanied by poetic lyricism and ambient textures. This project spans an array of emotions from love to heartache sprinkled with cunning word play. Alterations has not released an official full length project and doesn't share much music online so everything you hear is exclusive and will be about as raw as it gets.

Read on to learn more about Aleron and his music.

 Aleron Kelley, Alterations

How would you describe your musicality?

Passionate lyrical delivery and stage presence with inventive instrumentals

 Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music world and why?

Probably Digable Planets and The Blue Scholars . My dad played Digable Planets for me as a kid and it was the first exposure to hip hop. As I got older and more involved in the local scene I started going to Blue Scholars shows and really dug Sabzis production and decided to start making beats. Oh, and MF DOOM.

Do you have any exciting upcoming gigs/performances? What are they?

I kinda play shows as they come around but don't have any specific plans on playing next. Although my brother has a little group called Apt_E which throws techno parties around town and I'd like to open up for one of those sometime soon. Follow Apt_E on Instagram.

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

What is your biggest goal as a musician?

To make people feel an array of emotions and get a peak into my head and see my vision.

What's your favorite part of being in Seattle? 

I’m Seattle born and raised and have traveled a bit but always come back to Seattle with a fond sense of home. I love the seasons. I wish the summers were longer.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Empathetic, explorer, deep-thinker.

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

What do you wish to convey to the audience through your music?

I would like to convey a feeling that just because things end it doesn't mean that its over. Stories can still be told and I hope that the stories I'm telling resonate with the people listening. Also to just vibe out to some cool beats.

Anything else you'd like people to know?

 It takes me a really long time to write music these days and I haven't made beats in ages. I'm kinda experimenting with performance at this point, but doing things like this inspire me to get back to work.  So thanks for the opportunity and expect more dopeness coming soon. 


For more info about Aleron and his music, check out his Website.

See more details about our event next Thursday, July 12th at Standard Goods. 

We can't wait to see you all there!



Standard Goods Opens In Redmond

Hello to all our loyal Standard Goods supporters!  We are excited to announce that our first day opening in Redmond will be Saturday June 16, 2018.  We have been hard at work the past few weeks turning the Redmond space into our own. 

Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018

The Standard Goods team in Seattle puts a lot of their efforts in being supportive of the arts and local makers community - while bringing in a mix of well-curated items with an emphasis on US Made & quality imports since 2015.  

We are really looking forward to bringing all kinds of goods that our customers love in Seattle.  We hope to give our Eastside customers a perspective and understanding of what Standard Goods is all about.  Please stop by and say hello this weekend!

 Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018

Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018 - Plantuary
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018 - Good & Well Supply Co.
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018 - Plantuary
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018
Standard Goods New Location Redmond Store June 2018

BYLAND, Desert Days

Second Thursday Capitol Hill art walk is coming up April 12th. We are super excited for April's show featuring Seattle based artists Jorden Heidal and Alie Byland.  

Meet Alie, she is the front woman of Seattle based Folk Rock band - BYLAND. She performs vocals, piano, guitar, and a plethora of midi instruments. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico listening to legends like Keith Green and Johnny Cash and learning from modern folk artists such as Brandi Carlile. She and her husband Jake create music together, they hope their music will inspire and unite communities. They believe music should bring people together.

I chatted about life and music with Alie and got to learn a little about what inspires her, about her hometown of Albuquerque and how she got started creating music. Keep scrolling down to read the interview! 

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

Describe your style as a musician in 3 words.

Indie Folk Rock 

Can you walk us through your path as a musician? What kind of stops where along the way to where you are today?

I started young - my mom stashed away money from our grocery budget so I could begin taking piano lessons at the age 7. By age 14, I was leading piano and vocals in a rock band at my parents’ church, which I did for many years. I continued leading church bands when I moved to Seattle. But after my Father died, when I was 20, it became extremely difficult to play any music at all. It reminded me so much of the times when I used to play piano for him as he napped on the couch. Several years ago, BYLAND began as a project when I picked up my old acoustic and began writing music with my husband, Jake. I've spent the last 5 years playing a lot of solo gigs at wineries and a few shows with bands of all sizes. This last year, we decided to focus on recording our first full length Album. We built a home studio out of a closet in our apartment, Jake learned Logic and we got to work. We're so proud to show you what we've created! 

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

What do you hope people experience when listening to your upcoming album, "Desert Days?"

"Everybody's got that place, that town, that patch of ground where their roots are found - where they learn to read and ride a bike. Everybody's got that place, and for me it's Albuquerque." - Lyrics from "Albuquerque" on the Album. 

I want to take people back to a different place and a different time. I want them to remember their own growing up stories - the good and the bad - and realize how far they've come. While listening, I want people to feel a sense of nostalgic gratitude for their past and great hope for their current livelihood. These songs are about my own Father, my family and my New Mexican childhood. So, on a personal level, making this album helped me process through my own grief of losing a parent. I'd like to inspire others to create - to bravely go through their own pain, and in doing so, heal. 

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

Who makes up Byland? Tell us a bit about each of your band members. 

Besides Jake working the tech portions and myself singing or playing guitar, the band is ever evolving. BYLAND believes that music should bring people together, so we try to collaborate where we can, and especially at each performance. At this event, you'll find me with my sister, Maggiejean. She plays piano and percussion, as a side gig to flying airplanes (a total bad ass). Most commonly we are accompanied by Rosenoak, our favorite local strings duo. Seattle is FULL of kind, talented musicians, and I'd love to create with each of them!  

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

I would love to visit New Mexico! For anyone planning to visit your hometown of Albuquerque, do you have any favorite spots that are a must to check out?   

Girliebird Co. - Go visit my mom at "the best B&B in the Wild Southwest". (My childhood home and Albuquerque's 2008 Extreme Makeover Home Edition) (My claim to fame! Ha ha)

The Tram - There's nothing like a New Mexico Sunset and this is one of the best places to view it. 

Green Jeans - It's a business park full of shops and restaurants made out of shipping containers. Try the happy camper from Santa Fe Brewing.

Meow Wolf - If you make it over to Santa Fe, you have to check this place out... It's like Donnie Darko meets Escape Room meets Exotic Art-walk.

The Balloon Fiesta - Most photographed event in the world. Thousands of hot air balloons fill the sky for two weeks straight. It's beautiful!

My favorite Coffee Shops - Little Bear Coffee, Zendo Coffee and Humble Coffee.

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

What brought you up to Seattle? What is your favorite thing about the music scene here?

I moved to a big, exciting, far away city for school, met a boy, fell in love... you know. 

The rain sure isn't what has kept me here; it's the people and the creative community! 

The music scene is HOPPIN! There's a show somewhere any night of the week. It has lit a fire under my ass which forced me to get shit done. It's all about the hustle here. If you don't hustle, you probably won't be heard. In Seattle, people fight hard for what they believe in and what they create. Art is respected here, and I really love that.  

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

I also love your personal style/aesthetic. What inspires your style?

HA! Thank you! I'm proud of where I come from. I'm greatly inspired by the desert, and the sky. I'm drawn to yellow, blue and lots of white. I don't like clutter, but I do like grit. And like my dad used to say, "Rough is good. I don't have to be anything for anybody except what I am." And seriously, it's okay to wear the same pair of Levi's in every picture! Ha! Most of what we own comes from thrift shops or friend's businesses. We love supporting local and keeping clothing out of landfill. For our coming merch, instead of selling new clothing, we'll be printing on secondhand pieces thrifted by BYLAND. 

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

If you could pick any musician to collaborate with who would you choose and why? 

Brandi Carlile - hands down. I've seen her live at least six times and cried every time. She taught me it's okay NOT to sound like all the pop artists I grew up listening to. My voice was always lower than theirs and I had a hard time reaching the high notes outside my falsetto. But Brandi inspired me to embrace my raspy, deep voice and the occasional yodel. Gosh, I love her. 

BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

~Thank you for joining us for April art walk and performing! Any other shows/events coming up for your new album? We would love to share.

If you're in Albuquerque April 27th, come to our listening party downtown! 
For Seattle, we're currently planning the Album Release Show. (It will most likely be in May - that fire under my ass is getting warmer!)

Until then, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on coming events.  

Also - If our music resonates with you and you're a drummer or electric guitar player, I'd love to collaborate for future shows.


Standard Goods Locals' Guide to Seattle 2018

Visiting Seattle and curious to know what to do and where to go?  The Standard Goods team put together a list of recommendations to help guide you on your sleepless in Seattle adventure.  Enjoy!

Jeff’s Picks

Owner of Standard Goods.


  • Honey Hole, right next door, is great for sandwiches. They have been there for 18 years, and they are a favorite of all the long-time locals. If I’m in the mood for beef, I do the Fast Eddie – the Mama Lil’ Peppers add just enough of a spicy kick.  For turkey, I love the Waverider – They have this spicy pesto that is fantastic.  Don’t miss the fries with a side of ranch – I add a little hot sauce to the ranch.
  • Across the street is the Red Hook Brew Lab – It’s a little corporate, and the food is just a little better than average, but if you like beer, they always have some super interesting concoctions they’re always working on.
  • My wife is Korean, and we love Trove, which is Korean Fusion. More for lunch than dinner. Lunch is fine, but it is just a noodle bar, and to me, it’s a little pricy – but their kimchee is very solid.  Dinner is really great – the Korean meats with the dipping sauces are all delicious.  The spicy cucumber salad is tasty as well.
  • Stateside is fantastic for dinner – It’s Vietnamese Fusion. Every time I go, I end up ordering multiple orders of the duck spring rolls – they are not to be missed.
  • If you’re a wine lover – try Revolution Wine Bar. It’s a local husband and wife team, they are always there, and they will not steer you wrong.
  • Portage Bay is my favorite breakfast spot – everything is sustainably sourced. It’s all about the food, so it isn’t where you want to go for leisurely brunch with drinks, etc. You go to eat.  Make a reservation or go very early – the line can be crazy long.
  • I spent over $3,500 at Oaxaca one year, and the average ticket is like $60. The Cadillac Margarita is super, and it has a nice, solid, kick to it.  I always get the same thing (because I’m old) – chips and guac, ceviche and carne asada tacos.  I very much prefer the Queen Anne and Ballard locations though.  If you need Mexican in Capitol Hill, I’d recommend Fogon.
  • I think Matt’s In Market is a must for lunch. GREAT Bloody Mary’s.  All the appetizers are delicious, especially the deviled eggs and the homemade potato chips.  The sandwiches are all fantastic. It’s above Pike Place Market, but it isn’t at all touristy.  Trust me on this one.

The Great Outdoors:

  • Kerry Park in Queen Anne, to me, is the best view in the city. That’s all it is, so, it’s just like here’s a great view, take a couple pics for Instagram and Facebook, and you’re done.
  • Discovery Park is a really nice, big park, very close to the city, in Magnolia. I’d recommend taking one of the many trails down to the beach.  It’s a great 3-4 hour excursion.


Capitol Hill Shopping:

 I like 10th Ave, between Pike and Pine.  Elliott Bay Bookstore is the best bookstore in town, both Lost Lake Café and Oddfellows are solid for food and drink, and Totokaelo is amazing, everything in there is over $500, but it’s amazing, even if just to walk through.  Further North on Broadway will bring you to thrift stores, record stores, and consignment shops.  Melrose Market is like a  little mall – Sitka and Spruce is top notch for food, Butter Home has nice little nick-knacks, and Glasswing is a beautifully designed shop, with newer designers.


Longer trip:

Deception Pass is a full day of travel (including both ways), but it is one of the most breathtaking views in the Northwest.  I love the ferry ride over to Bainbridge…  Bainbridge isn’t great – you can certainly get a coffee, lunch and ice cream once you are there, but, for me, it’s more about the ferry ride.

The Argosy cruises are actually very solid – I think it’s like $30, lasts 2 – 3 hours, and you get a really nice tour of the Seattle Lakes, and the neighborhoods surrounding the lakes.  They have a few to choose from.

I live in Ballard, so I’m pretty partial to it.  The best time for a Ballard excursion, is Sunday for the Farmer’s Market.  It’s probably the best Farmer’s Market in Seattle – and we sure do love our Farmer’s Markets.  Get there around 1:00, take in the market, take a walk through the Ballard Locks, do some shopping in some great boutiques (Horseshoe, Tides and Pines, Re-sole, Market St Shoes, Prism, etc), and then there are many options for food (Oaxaca Ballard is closed on Sundays though).  Hattie Hat’s has the best bar food; Bastille is solid French; The Walrus and the Carpenter; Staple and Fancy (make a reservation); 8 Oz Burger is a mini chain, but they make a great burger; there’s also pizza, sushi, etc., Bitterroot for BBQ.. Gelato…  It’s all there within just 5 blocks.  I like the Bastille Back Bar for after dinner cocktails, but there are more than enough places to get your cocktail on.


Kathreen’s Picks

Creative Director of Standard Goods. 

Kathreen enjoys painting, shooting with her 35mm film cameras, and traveling to places old and new.
Places To Eat:

Ice Cream
Frankie & Jo’s

I am not vegan but I love ice cream!  If you want to try a new place to satisfy your cold sweets craving stop by here!  They have both unique and classic flavors that you wouldn’t realize is vegan if you just thought they were a typical ice cream shop.

Salt & Straw

They are an amazing company from Portland and they are right across the street from us!  So many flavors to try. 

Americana is a great spot for seasonal and fresh brunch options.  By far my favorite spot for French Toast.  I also love everything else on the menu, specially the chicken fried steak.

Another popular spot is Oddfellows.  You have to go in early or you will wait 45 min if you go between 10-11 am during the weekend.  The atmosphere is loud but creative.  It is across from a Everyday Music Vinyl shop and next to Elliot Bay book store.
I love Portage Bay but their menu doesn’t really change much (I still go there but not as often because I have eaten everything on the menu at least twice). They use locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Food is super fresh and great place to go at least once if you are visiting Seattle. My favorite is their corned beef hash!

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya – I have tried maybe a dozen ramen spots in the Seattle area and this is my favorite!  I love ordering their potato croquette as an appetizer.

Danbo Ramen – Yummy chain from Vancouver BC.  I love their broth!  If you like spicy ramen, they have the option that is amazing.  There will be a wait if you go during typical dinner hours.
Tentenyu – I also love their broth here!  They have yummy small rice bowl options too!  They are a chain from Tokyo.

For a something quick but freshly made, go to TZAR (Russian Dumplings).  For more of a dinner experience, go to Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese Dumplings) in University Village (nice shopping area).  If there’s just two of you and 21+, the wait isn’t too bad because they have a bar area.


I love Cactus.  They have great happy hour/margarita options.  They don’t own a freezer because they do a good job keeping their system sustainable. I love their fish tacos, and Crispy Chicken dish. They have super yummy homemade churros you need to try! 

DO NOT GO to the front building Crab Pot.  Go Inside for the indoor Crab Pot Restaurant… There will be a long line of about 30-40 min wait but it is worth it. I recommend the Seafood Market option that you can share with however many people and get the King Crab legs.

Marrakesh– I love going here 2-3 times a year, usually for a birthday occasion.  They have a 5 course meal that will leave you feeling perfectly stuffed.  The ambiance is amazing.  You will feel like you are in Morocco.  They also have occasional live belly dancing!

24 Hour Restaurant
Sometimes you might be super hungry after hours from going out.  If you are craving medium rare filet mignon at 2 am go to 13 Coins.

Momiji – If you love sushi, please go to Momiji.  I don’t have a favorite on their menu because everything is my favorite there!  I love ordering their green tea tiramisu for dessert.

Puerto Rican
La Isla – If you love plantains, they have plantain everything here.  If you want something zesty, savory, hearty flavors go here.  You will have a food coma, so advice not going on a run after dinner.


Heartwood Provisions— exquisite cocktails, located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Canon—if you are a whisky connoisseur, go here! 

Maya’s Picks
Marketing Communications Manager at Standard Goods.

Maya enjoys drawing, cooking and watching documentaries.

Places To Eat:

Café Pettiroso is a favorite. They have great brunch and a really good happy hour. I suggest the tofu scramble. 

I love Café Presse for breakfast/brunch as well. It’s like an escape to Paris in Seattle. Great Croque Monsieur and fries.  

The London Plane is a really amazing restaurant in Pioneer Square, really nice ambiance and stunning interior décor.

Manao Thai is a super delicious little Thai sit down or take out place.

Victrola has the best coffee.

I really like Ivar’s Clam Central Station on the pier. I always order either the fried clams or the red clam chowder.

DeLaurenti Food & Wine shop in Pike Place market. Imported Italian groceries, food and wine

Black Bottle in Belltown for delicious small plates and great drinks.


Niche Outside, beautifully and artfully curated stop hidden in Chophouse Row.  Next to Kurt Farm Shop which has amazing locally made ice cream.

Le Labo Perfume, just recently opened here in Seattle. One of my favorite fragrance companies.

Prism in Ballard. Really cute little shop with gifts/clothing etc.

E  Smith Mercantile. Clothing shop with a back cocktail bar.

Freemont Vintage Mall. Definitely worth checking out. Huge antique and vintage selection.

On 15th avenue there is a nice little strip of shops and restaurants.

Station 7 is  beautiful store.

To See:

Seattle Public Library is definitely the coolest library.

Olympic Sculpture Park.

Quentin’s Picks
Back-stock Assistant at Standard Goods. 

Quentin is a high school student that likes to build things.  He has aspirations of becoming an under-water welder. 


Madison Park Beach
There are a lot of cool places to go in Seattle. I personally love some of the beaches close to my house. Madison park beach is a nice beach if you have little kids, there are ice cream trucks in the summer and a lot of cool shops all around

There are so many tiny beaches all along lake Washington, just walk along-side the lake and you are bound to cross a small beach that most of the time there is no one there. I go to these when I need to clear my head or get away from the big beeches if there are too many people.

Seattle Arboretum
Taking a walk in the arboretum is amazing. I personally love being outdoors and there are so many paths to explore there.

North Cascades

If you are willing to take a longer trip I recommend the north cascades, they are absolutely amazing. Even for a casual day hike they can still make for an amazing trip.

Chloe’s Picks

Junior Buyer at Standard Goods. 

Chloe is currently a business-management major at Seattle University, and originally from Portland, Oregon.


Café Presse
is one of my favorites for Croque Monsieur.

Ba Bar
For lunch, I recommend for the combo vermicelli bowl is amazing. After that, a trip to Hello Robin is a must for a cookie/ice cream sandwich!


The Seattle Art Museum
One of my favorite places to go. A stop at Storyville Coffee for a latte after makes for a perfect rainy afternoon.


Volunteer Park
A walk to Volunteer Park and a look inside the conservatory is always a fun time. If you’re feeling up to it, a stair climb up the water tower makes for a good view.


Locals' Guide 2018 Map




Love Foolish, Seattle's Picasso-Rapper

Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

Love Foolish is a rising Seattle-based rapper, producer and talented graphic artist by way of El Paso, Texas. Foolish (Jason Dixon) was raised in the state of Washington from the age of 9, he draws his sounds from underground dubstep clubs he promotes for in Orlando, Florida.

His lyrics, however, provide a well thought out sequence of stories and events in which he's experienced throughout life as a self-proclaimed 'Picasso-rapper'. 

He has been accompanied by local talent and platinum engineer, Milo Eubank, to produce a sweet remedy of classical melodies; from a background of playing viola, clarinet and piano. Foolish has found a unique style between hip hop's new trap and r&b bounce, and Seattle's deeper grunge sounds. "Accept all of what makes you and your foolish sides. It's the only time we can see what we're made of."- Love Foolish

He will be performing during Art Walk March 8, 2018 at Standard Goods during “padajuan” solo art show featuring Juan Marquez.

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How would you describe your style as a musician?  

Its hard to pinpoint since I've worked with music production in so many different genres. I guess I have  sort of a grunge vibe i picked up from living in WA for so long, but my mother's Tunisian roots, got me to add the percussion drums through that. I am from TX originally, so 808 drums and heavy bass are my sanctuary when producing for my projects.

Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you play any covers?

No, covers, I tend to think that's similar to tracing. Don't get me wrong, some people, like Birdie, or plenty idol singers you've heard can kill them. It’s just a personal opinion that having original content is very important in this industry, so I like to draw my influences rather than butchera good song. I have a song called "Money Chase", I performed it twice and each rime it gets the crowd going. If you haven't heard it, it'll be on the upcoming project "No Sleep OVRZ".

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Describe your music making process?

A lot of revisiting old projects to see my comparison to today's work. Then i listen to my favorite 80's/90's songs; which can range between Tupac and Biggie, to Genuine, Al Green, Billy Joel and Sade.

After that, it’s about focusing on the song as a whole, "what did I just listen to that caught my ear the most?" is a very common question. I produce and write simultaneously, so getting my sounds down is HUGE.

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Who are some of your biggest musical icons or influences? 

As of lately, Amir Obe, Drake, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar; but Producers like Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams are always timeless and versatile producers to me. But if you know me well, you know J Cole is my favorite artist out.

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Where have you performed? What are your favorite Seattle venues? Do you have any upcoming shows besides at Standard Goods for Art Walk?

I've performed at Hempfest 2017 for Caviar Gold, the Crocodile, the Vera Project, Studio 7, Fred's Wildlife Refuge and a few tour stops in California and Florida. But I think my favorite show so far was at Neumos, the energy and love was real. I do like to finish my projects and give a full experience, so until we finish the album, I'm keeping thee booking to a minimum, I just couldn't say no to an Art Walk. I do keep people posted via Instagram 

Where can we access to your music online? 

I posted my last work to Soundcloud

Atlee, Mamma Says

ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

Join us next week for Art Walk at Standard Goods. We will be hosting ATLEE as our musical guest. She will be performing live Thursday, February 8th at 8:30 pm. Read on to learn more about her. 

ATLEE is a Seattle-based artist, singer, and songwriter, influenced by greats such as Lauryn Hill, Etta James and Alanis Morissette. Her sound is unique to the Seattle music scene, combining the lyrical intricacies of New-Age Folk with the soul and rhythm of Nu-Jazz and Classic R&B. ATLEE's s tag-line, “circle in a world of squares,” describes her love of the unconventional and her passion to empower others to color outside the lines. Learn a bit about what inspires her eclectic style, newest EP Mamma Says and her creative process as an artist in our interview below! 

What is your creative background—what sparked your interest in making music?

I have been acting, dancing, singing and writing since I was about four or five years old. I was that little girl in all of the dorky community theater, clubs and classes and a member of a traveling musical theater company from the age of seven until about fourteen. I then went on to audition and be accepted into Marin School of the Art's Musical Theater Program (a school reminiscent of NYC's FAME). In addition to art school, I was a member of the College of Marin Dance Company and had dance rehearsals about two nights a week for most of my high school career. 
If I wasn't acting, dancing or singing in school or my after-school companies/programs, I was generally doing one of the three for myself and or any of my very gracious friends and family members that had enough patience and love for me to watch. I then went on to get my BA in Theater Arts and Dance at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Needless to say, there wasn't really a time in my life I can remember that didn't revolve around music and performance. It is in my blood. 
ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods


How would you describe your style as a musician? 

I was heavily influenced by several very diverse female artists growing up. Alanis Morissette, Lauryn Hill, Etta James, TLC, Celine Deon, Jewel, Amy Winehouse, amongst others. The list is really all over the map. 
I think my eclectic taste and early exposure to so many diverse genres really comes across in both my singing and writing style. I think you can hear the heavy lyrical influence of artists like Alanis and Lauryn in my writing, while I think my singing style oftentimes embodies the grit and playfulness of an Etta or an Amy. If Nu-Jazz, Pop, and Folk had a baby... it would be my music.


ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

What is your Debut Single "Mamma Says" about? The lyric video is beautifully done. Can you tell us your process when creating a new song? 

My single, Mamma Says, was inspired by a recent, very impactful relationship I had last year. It had started off like most "soulmate," love stories do, much too fast, ripe with passion and pleasure but, quickly followed by painful polarization. The experience left me heartbroken and full of regret which, were not sensations modeled to me by the Disney princess stories I grew up on. I found myself wishing that someone had told me the truth about love. That it is hard, messy, complicated and, in some cases, like mine, not enough. 
The song came out of that place. I wanted to flip the traditional "soulmate story" on its head and write from the perspective of someone who was told the truth by her "elders." The song is full of a bunch of little twist and turns in melody and verse that intertwine parts of my personal experiences and the abrasive reality that life and love don't usually turn out to be the stuff of fairytales but, that doesn't mean they are any less magical. 
ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods
Was there a certain artist or experience that made you want to be a musician? 
There is a very, very long story to this... but I'll try to give you the cliff notes;) 
I have been singing and writing ever since I can remember. I would sing for myself, friends, family and in theatrical performances but, I decided early on that I would never actual "pursue" a singing or songwriting career professionally. I used to say, "singing and writing are my soul and I don't really want people commenting on my soul." So, I moved to LA and decided I would pursue industry acting instead, because, believe it or not, that seemed easier, less vulnerable. Of course, it wasn't. I spent five years in Hollywood trying to fit myself into all of these different boxes that everyone else, but me, had decided I should fit into. I stopped singing and dancing. 
I woke up after five years and barely recognized myself. I knew I had to get out. So, I did what any other lost millennial artist from San Francisco would do and I signed myself up for a two-week silent meditation retreat in the mountains of Yosemite, in the dead of winter. Needless to say, that retreat forced me to peel back the layers of inauthenticity I had collected over my stint in Hollywood. 
After the retreat, I couldn't lie to myself. I couldn't avoid my truth. I started writing. I would wake up in the middle of the night and scribble down lyrics. I carried tiny journals with me everywhere I went and averaged about a song a day for several months following the retreat. The words just flew out of me. 
I left LA and moved to Seattle with $27 in my bank account, no apartment, no job, two suitcases and a shattered ego. I decided I was only going to do what made me feel good and nothing else. A few months later, I said goodbye to my acting agent and started singing and I've been singing and writing every day since. I'm no longer interested in waiting in line for other people to give me the permission to do what I already know I can do. Of course it's still hard and I'm still scared but at least I'm me.   
ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods
What is the greatest lesson you have learned so far as an artist?
The greatest lesson I've learned so far as an artist is the importance of having a very clear and strong underlying message, or purpose, for why I do what I do. We need to hold a deeper reason in our hearts for why we create, bigger than fame, self-actualization, superficial accolades or material possessions. 
The truth of the matter is this, creating is not for the faint of heart and society's definition of "success" is not a guarantee. However, if you are able to develop your own reason for expressing and creating that has little to do with money, or outward praise, and more to do with unshakable internal pursuits like living an authentic life, remaining vulnerable and aware, sharing your truth or spreading a particular message with the world, then you will never stop creating. You will never get discouraged or settle for something "easy." You will never stop pursuing excellence and growth through your art and the "outcomes,"  and how other people react to your art will matter less and less. 
Instead, you will celebrate the more subtle creative victories like producing a song that makes people want to dance, writing a lyric that made someone feel less alone, and going to bed each night knowing you will never have to wonder, "what if?"

ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

What themes are influencing your current work/projects? 

I think my music, like most, deals with a lot of universal human themes like love, loss, failure, and fear. However, I do feel a lot of my most recent work deals with my own personal experiences in returning back to my authentic self and owning my power, as an individual,  but more specifically, as a woman. 

Most of my recent songs came out of me learning how to own my sexuality and fluidity as a paradoxical being. My music has to do with breaking free from life's many constraints and definitions that don't allow us to truly own and celebrate all the many opposing shades and shapes that make us who we are, while also acknowledging that all of them might change tomorrow.

ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

If you could pick any musician to collaborate with who would you choose? 

Alanis Morissette. Writing with her would be life-changing. 

Thank you for joining us for February art walk and performing! Any other shows/events relating to your music coming up? We would love to share.

My EP comes out on March 3rd! All the info on where to download and stream can be found only on my website I hope to be playing many more shows in the near future. All future show info can also be found on my site and you can keep track of me by joining my mailing list which can be found on the site as well, by emailing me at, or following me on social media. 
Social Media Links.

Nostalgia and Time, The Landmarks

The Landmarks at Standard Goods

Tomorrow night is our 2 Year Anniversary Party, Wednesday, January 17th, 7 pm - 11 pm.  We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the loyal customers who continue to support locally owned businesses, our vendors, designers, local makers, artists and musicians over the past couple years.   At our anniversary party, we will have two local Seattle bands perform. 

First band playing at our party is the group, Biblioteka. Catch them play around 9 pm! Around 10 pm, The Landmarks will be blessing us with their presence and performing for us for the first time! Event has no cover but requires all attendees to RSVP/Register to come.

You learned about Biblioteka last week, now we'd like you to learn a little bit about The Landmarks!  

The Landmarks at Standard Goods

The Landmarks (also known as the Landies in some circles) are a five-piece indie psyche-pop band originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Comprised of soulful lyrics, screaming guitar, swirling hypnotic synths, funk-steeped bass lines and often frantically dancey drum beats.

As a whole they are a dynamic driving force who pride themselves in their ability to meander, stack, and dissect genres, keeping an audience on their toes never knowing what to expect next.

After three years together amidst frequent line-up changes, they were able to complete two eps working with such names as Gordon Raphael and Steve Albini. In the summer of 2016 after two successful tours of the East coast, Jack, Laja, and EJ decided to move to Seattle in an effort to further expand their audience as well as to cement their commitment to their craft. They soon met Keith and Tylee, drummer and bassist of local hip hop group All Star Opera and were quickly performing once again. 

In October 2017 they pre-released their new song ”Halloween Sex” as a holiday promotional teaser for their next EP. They will be finishing the EP with Dylan Wall at House of Justice and plan to have it released in the spring of 2018. (biography via:

The Landmarks at Standard Goods Photography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

Here is our recent interview with them:
  1. Hello Jack,  can you please tell me about who each of of your band members are and what do you and each of them contribute to The Landmarks?

    Laja, vocals & guitar; Jack plays guitar; EJ, Keyboards; Keith plays Bass; Tylee plays Drums.

The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

  1. I really like your band's name, who came up with it and what's the meaning behind it?

    Thanks! Jack came up with the name when he was feeling nostalgic. It's more of a Landmarks in time type of thing rather than physical landmarks.  
  1. Are all members from Seattle-if you are a transplant, where are you from and why did you move to Seattle?

    Keith and Tylee are from Seattle. Laja, Jack and EJ moved here from Michigan because they wanted a change and heard how great Seattle was as a city and as a hub for great music. 
  1. If you could choose to spend a day with anyone in the world while on tour, who would it be?

    Larry David  
  1. Name two of your favorite bands that came from Seattle?

    Mommy Long Legs and MONSTERWATCH
  1. How did your group come together?  

    Jack and Laja formed the band in Michigan, Jack & EJ met at work and he joined the band a year in. We met Keith and Tylee through the missed connections page on Craigslist.  

The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

  1. How has coming together as a band influenced each of you positively outside of music?

    Being with these guys reminds me to have fun in everything you do, work hard but have fun while doing so.   
  1. What's your favorite restaurant to eat at after band practice?

    We're big fans of Chipotle.
  1. If you could pick a non profit organization with a cause in the world, to play for and organize a benefit for, who and why?

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We love animals, especially dogs. 

    The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)
  2. Thank you for playing for Standard Goods Anniversary Party, Is there any other shows or events relating to your band coming up?  We would love to share?

    Thank you for having us! We'll be in the studio this weekend to finish recording an EP. We're releasing it in April, the announcement for the release show will be coming soon!  Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)


IG: @the_landmarks



Four Multi-Cultural Musicians in Seattle, Band Together: BIBLIOTEKA, of Music

Standard Goods is very excited to be featuring this newly formed group Biblioteka.  At this month's second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk, they will be sharing their creations of mosaic pop melodies during "S P E C T R U M" Solo Art Show with Camila Frey-Booth.  Come see them play, Thursday January 11, 2018 around 8:30 pm.  

Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

Biblioteka means "Library" in Russia/Ukraine, which is where the band's lead is ethnically from.  We love that each of their band members come from different backgrounds.  They express a sense of universal unity that shares a positive impact to our society today; "Our band consists of multi-cultural members and we decided to have a band that captured that aspect. We are also literate AF." -Biblioteka.

Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

Mierichka is their group lead, vocals, and bass player.  Hexx Rodriguez plays guitar, Jacque Treat on the keys, and Chris Glaser on the drums.  It is an honor to have them play at our first art walk in year 2018!  It will be great to watch this group grow and see where their music takes them this year.  

To learn more about them, here is our recent Standard Goods Artist Interview response from Biblioteka:

    1. We know that your band just formed recently, how did this happen?  Were you all friends or just acquaintances before this? 

      Back in the summer of 2017, Biblioteka was formed emerging from a previous project that disbanded. We became somewhat of a band fam and wanted to continue our musical connection with a new project with Mary Robins (Mierichka) leading the band. Jacque was Hector's (Hexx) friend/hairstylist and during a much-needed haircut, was informed that an opening was needed for a keys player. Naturally, she joined our close-knit band.

    2. Can you each tell us a little bit about yourselves?

      Mierichka - When I'm not making music, I take photos for Showbox and other venues, and work at a hotel for my day job. My other interests include puppies, and taking long walks on the beach.

      Hexx - During the day I help students with paying for school @ a local college and by night you can find me playing pinball, spinning records, or secretly performing at open mics as a sad boy singer songwriter.

      Jacque - When Im not cutting heads at Rudy's or mashing buttons on boards, I like cuddling with Floofs(animals)

      Chris - I'm an accountant/auditor, which involves crunching numbers and telling people what they did wrong. I spend my free time trying to become not bad at instruments and looking for the perfect dog that I can't own yet

    3. How long has each of you been playing and creating music?  Any other hidden talents?

      Hexx - Like 13 years now. I have an endless supply of bad dad jokes.

      Mierichka - I've been playing music since I was a kid, but I didn't really take it seriously until I was fifteen or sixteen. I used to do Irish dancing......but let's not talk about that

      Jacque - Started playing flute when I was 9. I can roll a mean blunt.

      Chris - 12 years? I can make any pizza a personal pizza.

    4. Are each of you Seattle locals, if so for how long now?  If not, where did you grow up?  Seattle has changed a lot in just recent years.  To some, it hasn't given a positive impact with the sudden rise of the tech industry, specially for some in the arts community.  I am curious, as an artist/musician, what are the positive and negative views you have adapting in a changing Seattle?  

      Only Mierichka and Jacque are the unicorns from Seattle having spent their whole lives here, 22 and 25 years respectively. Chris and Hector have both lived here for about 5 years now, Chris coming from Las Vegas and Hector coming from Austin. The two came to study at Seattle University.

      We've seen the arts take an initial punch to the gut when it comes to affordable housing and local businesses. Most of us have had to move about 5 times in the last 2 years, one of those homes being a DIY artist house that held art walks (its now a condo building). I have seen my local music shop become another glasses shop, I mean how many glasses shops do we need on the hill? My friends and the art community around me Have had to put art/music on the back burner to work their day jobs to afford housing here... it's getting better but it's not where it was.

      If there's any positive I guess that festivals like Upstream! Music festival has emerged allowing independent artists to have a voice and also that it's forced the community to band together a bit more and come up with more creative solutions.

    5. Any other shows or events coming up you'd like us to share on here?  

      We are recording our first EP this month and expect to release it around April with a West Coast tour to follow.

      We are excited to be collaborating with another amazing female artist/dancer to do a music video for the single off the new record and cant wait to share this with you.

      Jan 25 we will be opening for Familiars at Chop Suey ♥♥♥

      Stay tuned for more shows and exciting news. 

Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Travis Trout 

For more updates, follow Biblioteka:
Recordings available soon...

Pablo's Legs, In Boots

This coming art walk at Standard Goods we will be featuring artist Celestine Ocean. She is also in the band that will be performing! We got the chance to learn a bit about Pablo’s Legs - what inspires them and their music making process. They are influenced by bands such as Talking Heads and have been compared to Stereolab. Celestine is really inspired musically by Fiona Apple, Scout Niblett, Santigold, and Cat Power to name a few. They describe their genre as “space jazz.”
What's the origin of your band's name? Have you changed the name before?
The name Pablo's Legs was inspired by the day we saw our friend Pablo Quevedo's legs. We had never seen them before and those fabulous legs inspired the band name and eventually the creation of the band.
When did you form the band? What inspired you to make music together?
We formed the band around April 2016. It really started as a random jam sesh in which the song "Splunk" was written and we just kept jamming from then on. Gianni added to the band later and he has been recording our upcoming album titled "In Boots".
Who writes your songs? What are the main themes/ topics of your songs?
Celestine writes the lyrics. Mick, Gianni and Ryan write the bass, guitar, keyboard and drum parts and then we all mold and develop the songs into more final versions together. Themes and topics kind of vary and aren't explicit in our songs, mainly about expression and being in touch with your funky self.
Could you briefly describe the music-making process? Anything exciting in the works? Do you have any upcoming shows?
We all get together and start jamming on a bass riff or a drum beat, then Celestine jumps on and improvises lyrics over the music. We usually record the improv to go back to it later and take parts that we liked to make them into a song. Sometimes someone from the band brings a song idea in that they wrote and we create off of that, but usually we do the improv jam then create songs out of that. A lot of our creation is improv based, even when we perform we never really do the same thing twice.
We have a lot of fun stuff in the works, we have a music video and single coming out of our song "Silverbox". We have an album on the way and we have a show on December 14th for the Capitol Hill art walk in support of Celestine's art exhibit.
What's your ultimate direction for your band?
Keep on creating music, keep on having fun! If a record deal slips in the mix, we won't complain.

Soultanz, Something Old and New

We are stoked to be hosting Soultanz as our musical guests for Art Walk. The dynamic duo Singer/Producer Shayan Mashayekh and Producer Jared Rubens have a soulful feel while incorporating hip hop, electronic and RnB. Come by and hear for yourself. :) 
We caught up with Soultanz to learn more about how they got their start and what gives them inspiration. read on...
Introduce us to each member of Soultanz - Tell us a little about Soultanz? 
Soultanz always maintains a soulful feel while incorporating hip-hop, RnB, and electronic elements into the groove. The duo out of Seattle is comprised of singer/producer Shayhan Mashayekh and producer Jared Rubens, who often feature local talent.
Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk
Shayan began as singer/songwriter who quickly evolved into a talented producer. As a singer, he has been featured on songs by Sol, BFA, Zetes, and more to come. He counts Bradley Nowell of Sublime, Kaytranada, and Michael McDonald as his influences. 
Soultanz Seattle Band Music, Seattle art walk, Soultanz music interview with band

As a producer, Jared is deeply involved in the composition of the music, spending long hours arranging samples, recording live instruments and writing lyrics. He describes as his primary influences as Madlib, Jay Dee, and Latin-American music. 
Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk 
How did you get started? 
Jared Rubens met Shayhan on Soundcloud in 2011 and they have been collaborating ever since. 
Soultanz music, Seattle music, Standard Goods Seattle Art walk
Where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration has its ups and downs just like life. It comes from many angles. Pain, love, feeling trapped, world corruption, etc.

We let the music speak to us. I've (Shayhan) always said, " Ride the beat and don't force the beat to ride you.”
Soultanz music
What would you say is your greatest achievement so far? 
Creating an album you are proud of.
What would you say is your ultimate goal for the band?
To be timeless plain and simple.   
Any upcoming gigs that your looking forward to playing? 
October 12th at Standard goods of course! We have a show with The Bad Tenants on 10/28 at W Hotel and then we will be headed to Salem and Portland

Oregon for back to back shows on 11/3 and 11/4. Starting at Victory Club and ending at The Saturday Tavern.