Eugene Oregon based, Will Leather at Standard Goods

Eugene Oregon Based, Will Leather at Standard Goods

Will Leather Goods is a family owned business based in Eugene, Oregon.  We believe in supporting and spreading the word of products such as theirs, which we carry here in Standard Goods.  The source of these beautifully crafted leather goods begins from the founder and creative individual, Will Adler. 

Even though Will Adler comes from three generations - grandfather, father, and brother - who were all involved in the garment business, Adler pursued his passion for acting.  His accomplishments in acting were endless, which eventually led to the growth of his current endeavors.  After graduating from Goodman in Chicago, Dennis Quaid became his understudy.  This was a big opportunity for Adler in his acting career.  Some shows he acted in were Trapper John, Laverne & Shirley, and Kotter.  Two years after he graduated acting school, Adler became part of Hollywood's Screen Actors Guild.

In 1981, the same year Adler had his first son, the Screen Actors Guild strike also took place.  During that period, he realized he needed to find another source of income.  That is when Adler's brother Robert helped him by giving him the chance to sell belts at the Venice Boardwalk!  The business went so well that Adler and his wife Sandy moved their wholesale business to Banning, California where they set up their factory.  As their growth continued, Adler and his wife Sandy came to the consensus to move up the pacific northwest. 

In 1992, Adler and Sandy's new home became Eugene, Oregon.  In the same year, the Bill Adler Studio was born.  In his studio, Adler designed and developed Goods for brands such as Levi's, Dockers, and  Calvin Klein.  Today, Will Leather Goods can be found in Eugene, Portland, San Francisco, Venice, Detroit, and New York City!  Their products are intricately created with new found materials.  Adler makes the old new again by finding the most unique materials from around the world.  Not only is Adler an advocate for sustainability in his Will Leather Goods brand, but he also helps our unprivileged youth here in the U.S. In his "Give Will" program, Adler's backpack donations focuses on students who reside in low-income neighborhoods and under funded schools.  We are proud to carry his products and strive to support brands that are eco-conscious here at Standard Goods.

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