Standard Goods Featured Artist: Baso Fibonacci

We have so many talented artists taking part in next Thursday's Capitol Hill Art Walk at Standard Goods for the "Into The Wild" exhibit. Here's an interview with artist Baso Fibonaccito, we got the chance to learn more about him , his creative process and his work. Enjoy the interview below and for more information on the upcoming event visit the Facebook event page
Baso Fibonacci is a painter and muralist who currently lives and works in Pioneer Square. His paintings use nature as a body to clothe his aesthetic using color and composition.
IG: @basofibonacci


Why do you do what you do?
I'm a painter.

What's your spirit animal?


Where did you grow up? And how did it influence you as an artist? 

 I grew up in the foothills of the cascades. Growing up in the forest gave me some appreciation for the beauty in nature.

What artist do you most identify with? 

Van Gogh 

Describe a good or bad situation in your past that inspired you?

I fell off a bridge about 10 years ago and permanently damaged my body. I started painting more seriously while I was still in the hospital.

What's your worst nightmare?

I fear earthquakes a lot cause I live in a wary building built on fill down in Pioneer Square. Recently I've been fearing war with Russia with this fucked up situation in Syria seems to be turning into a proxy war.  

If you could travel in a time machine, where or when would you go? 


How has your style as an artist changed over the years? 

 I used to have a more abstracty toned down futurist style that developed into this kinda stained glassy type thing. Moved on to working with photo transfers mixed in with oil enamels that turned into this impressionist vibe I am current working in now. Hoping to move into more mixed media work again soon.

How is your personality reflected in your work?

Maybe a holistic vibrance.  

What is your favorite medium to work with? 

Oil enamels 

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