Cherry Boy, Modern Love Tunes

Cherry Boy, Modern Love Tunes

We are looking forward to hosting Cherry Boy at Standard Goods, the band will be playing during Art Walk (for the 2nd time!) We love their sound and know you will too. Hear for yourself on their Soundcloud. And come by the shop Thursday August 10th at 8:00 pm to hear them live!

Cherry Boy is an exploration into genres that defined pop music back in the 1950’s and 60's with an infusion of indie-rock. The project is meant to delve in to similar lyrical themes as those in the past, but with more of a modern sardonic take on love, life, and the idea of happiness. Their music itself is heavily driven by sporadic trombone solos, and the sometimes melancholy, sometimes triumphant lyricism that captures the light and dark sides of the human condition.

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We had the chance to chat with Collin Lee Johnson (Vocals and Trombone of Cherry Boy) and learn more about what influences their music and style.

Read on!

Who are your top three music influences?

I would say for this project the biggest influences were Nina Simone, Etta James, and Al Green, though the more current band, Reverie Sound Revue, also plays a pretty big role.  

How did you form your band Cherry Boi? Did you all know each other before hand?

Formed the project in late 2014 after graduating from CWU with a former section-mate in high school band, Jack Dearth, and we have gained and lost more drummers and bassists than I would care to mention, but lately David Thompson (who we found on Craigs.

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Where were you born;  How long have you been living in Seattle?

I was born in Tacoma, and grew up outside Gig Harbor in a woodsy, quiet area called Olalla.  I moved straight to Seattle after graduating from college so it's been about three years living in Capitol Hill and the U District, mostly.  

Other than being a performance artist, what are your passions/hobbies?

I hate to say it but music is really the only thing that matters to me, haha, it's the only thing that feels real.  It's literally all I think about other than whether or not my cat and snake are ok.  Otherwise I guess like, Super Smash Bro's?   

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