Standard Goods Featured Artist: Elijah Failla

Another artist joining us at Standard Goods this coming Thursday for the "Into The Wild" group show is Elijah Failla. Elijah is a California transplant living in Seattle. Through use of bright colors with acrylic paint and inks he creates psychedelic and one of a kind creatures. 

Why do you do what you do?

To create.

What’s your spirit animal? 


Where did you grow up? And how did it influence you as an artist? 

Sacramento is pretty much the armpit of California, besides skateboarding there really wasn't much to do. Me and my friends would come up with creative things to do. I guess that helped spark my interest in art.

What artist do you most identify with?


Describe a good or bad situation in your past that inspired you?

Getting Arrested.

What’s your worst nightmare?

Needles, fuck that! Also don't really like Spiders.

If you could travel in a time machine, where or when would you go? 

I'd probably go to the Wild West and be a bandit and rob a bunch of banks or something.

How has your style as an artist changed over the years? 

More detail oriented. 

How is your personality reflected in your work?

I'm kind of out there.

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Elijah Failla

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Elijah Failla

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