Standard Goods Featured Artist: Eden Garcia

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Eden Garcia

Join Standard Goods Thursday September 8th for Capitol Hill Art Walk. In an exhibit entitled WANDERLUST, featuring two Seattle based photographers. We sat down with Seattle Artist and Photographer Eden Garcia to learn more about him and his photography.  

Eden E Garcia Lopez is a photographer showing a collection of desired details composed into portraits. He captures the memory of aged colors and their textures with intention, as a time in place in which life exists in rhythm of the spirit. The subjects and settings hint to show how life and roles function according to the aging character. Using 35mm film as the tool, each frame is captured with the hopeful fulfilment of its memory. Eden's series of photos are brief moments from wandering the streets of Oaxaca.

Hello, tell me a little about yourself.  Where are you from?  How long have you been living in Seattle? What do you love about living here?

Hi I'm Eden, I've been here in Seattle since the mid 90's. At this point consider myself at home in this city. I was born in the lower part of Mexico in the State of Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka). A place known for a lot of artisans and craft makers that practice traditional methods. With a variety of mediums, the use color seems to stand out as a distinctions of it's place in Mexico's visual arts. I find myself happy having this place as my place of origin and how it has pushed me to be a creator.

What's one of your favorite experiences as a photographer?

Being a photographer has been a reminder of quick note taking to details that make my day. It has always felt nice way to look back on those favorite moments, and the subject of how they interact in their surroundings. Some are people that I have gotten a chance to interact with, and some are weathered textures.. I always find myself lucky for those moments of spontaneous wanderlust.

Describe three ways to describe what you will be sharing with our guests during the "Wanderlust" art show coming up this Thursday at Standard Goods:

I would say it is, minimalistic photographs, of singular subjects, with a play of colors of moments in Oaxaca.

What kind of feelings does photography give you as an artist?

It feels like a magic power to visually steal something instantly.

Who are figures in the art world that influences or inspires you and why?

Currently a lot of what inspires me is media based, particularly instagram photographers that I would have never come across. Most of which focus on singular subjects, minimal shapes, and use of themed color palettes for each photo. For example you can look up icecreamppl, p.slim, matchboycollective, synder.erica, all of which have similarities to what Bill Cunningham's candid street photography feels like. Although some may have been directed or composed in a particular way, they still seem to hold a genuine relaxed way about their style of shooting photo's.

What are you excited about in this art show, "Wanderlust"?

I was really attracted to be showing a series with this theme. If there is one idea of what I find myself getting into on my free time, and a bit of film. It would most likely be me testing the limits to see how far I could wander before getting lost. I am always curious to see if I go just a little bit further from where I started happens to be the lucky place, where something special is.  

If you could choose anyone from anywhere and anytime to come to this show, who and why?

If I could bring Vivian Maier, that would be a dream. The work that she produced in her lifetime, and was only recently discovered. Portrayed an ideal skill that many photographers aim to become. The proximity of how close she could get to the subject. Her interest to street portraits in black and white, and also color seem so genuine in the way that it's almost as if she had known these people in the street. She composed them they way they were when she first saw them. She held that magic touch of charming a passing stranger for a quick still of their memory. A true wanderer with a camera.

What is a place you have been wanting to shoot at and why?

At this current time I can only imagine this place as a state of being. It would just be the way the light hits, or the way a glance happens. This could be anywhere, I would not need to go too far to find it, but rather I could be ready, and conscious of it about to happen.

If you could share or give advice to an aspiring photographer, what would you tell them?

For me taking photo's has always been moments that could make a good memory, in a way that could be personal to you or the person intended in receiving the image. There has always been a genuine love for what a camera is, it's function as a tool and falling in love with the process that creates each image. Whether it's the satisfactory sound of the shutter clicking at just the right moment, or the moment when you look back and remember that very second of when you took it. I would tell anyone who wants to become a better photographer to always feel responsible in creating these moments. There aren't ever enough ways show a something special that needs no words to describe. Take the photo you want.

Thank you for your time,  If you would like us to add or share anything else, like social media/website/portfolio in behalf of your photography:

Of course, happy to be sharing a bit with you. Feel free to check a little bit more of on my range in photograph on my website, and instagram

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Eden Garcia
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