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Fenntessa Swimwear: A Sister Duo

 Portrait of Cami and Robyn Rush Photographed by Hannah Elizabeth (IG @hannahwarmisham)

Fenntessa Swimwear from Vancouver, B.C.

Fenntessa swimwear is a brand from our neighbors up north in Vancouver, Canada! This sister duo created a swimwear brand that keeps things fun, fresh and flirty.  Below, we share our merchandising coordinator Madison Lichter's interview questions answered by founders of Fenntessa swimwear, Cami and Robyn Rush.  We value our vendors/makers/designers and believe the importance in showing our appreciation for working with a small business like ours.  We hope this is a chance for our customers to get to know another company Standard Goods loves!


Ladies, please tell us a little about yourself- how did you get to where you are today as a company?

I (Cami) have a BFA in Visual Arts and second major in Hispanic Studies and a masters in Fashion Design. I'm so happy to say that my education paid off! Robyn has a degree in Hispanic studies too. She is very street smart, with a natural ability to connect people and delegate tasks. Robyn also manages all the accounting. She also coordinates photoshoots and often works as the stylist and sometimes even models! We compliment each other very well as business partners. I am the big thinker and Robyn is the executor. Working together is very natural and comfortable. We are sisters after all :)

What motivated Fenntessa swimwear?

We have had the good fortune of spending most of our Christmas vacations in Maui. Our parents are snowbirds. Over the years we noticed new trends such as cheeky bottoms becoming popular in Hawaii. We saw an opportunity to bring these sexier styles to the west coast market. So far so good, as every year there is a bigger demand for our swimwear. 

What is the most challenging aspect of your creative process?

The most challenging part of the creative process is making designs that are unique but also commercial. Our consumers appreciate avant-garde ideas and innovative designs however they tend to buy classic pieces that are easy to wear. Finding that balance can be really challenging. 

Another challenge is language. Our manufacturing is done in Colombia and our manufacturers don't speak English. All business is conducted in Spanish which is super difficult but also fun. Both of us are fluent in Spanish but it's still a struggle since it's not our native tongue.  

What is the most rewarding aspect of your creative process? 

The most rewarding aspect of the creative process is seeing our designs on people. It is so fulfilling to see someone wearing something we created from scratch. 

In your opinion, what separates Fenntessa swimwear from other swimwear brands?

Fenntessa has a unique approach to marketing that is unlike other brands. We throw massive fashion shows that break the barriers of the traditional catwalk. We use our friends as models, and allow for screaming and audience participation. Our photoshoots are fun and unstructured which allows for spontaneous creativity. We are friends with our Colombian manufactures and keep in touch professional and also socially. We also create a signature print each year that derives from drawings and experiences close to our heart. 

What is your favorite Fenntessa piece? 

My favorite piece is the t back bralette in black. I love classic and minimalist designs. Black is always best in my eyes. I strive to look elegant and sophisticated. Robyn's favorite piece is the mesh bralette in neon punch. It is supportive and great for an active lifestyle. She loves the neon punch colour because it is eye catching and bright. Her style and personality allow her stand out in the crowd! We both agree that the cheeky bottoms are our favorite bottoms. We are both sun worshippers and they rule for tanning! 


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 Model Madeline Stehlik photographed by Kathreen Absuelo

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