Four Multi-Cultural Musicians in Seattle, Band Together: BIBLIOTEKA, of Music

Four Multi-Cultural Musicians in Seattle, Band Together: BIBLIOTEKA, of Music

Standard Goods is very excited to be featuring this newly formed group Biblioteka.  At this month's second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk, they will be sharing their creations of mosaic pop melodies during "S P E C T R U M" Solo Art Show with Camila Frey-Booth.  Come see them play, Thursday January 11, 2018 around 8:30 pm.  

Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

Biblioteka means "Library" in Russia/Ukraine, which is where the band's lead is ethnically from.  We love that each of their band members come from different backgrounds.  They express a sense of universal unity that shares a positive impact to our society today; "Our band consists of multi-cultural members and we decided to have a band that captured that aspect. We are also literate AF." -Biblioteka.

Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

Mierichka is their group lead, vocals, and bass player.  Hexx Rodriguez plays guitar, Jacque Treat on the keys, and Chris Glaser on the drums.  It is an honor to have them play at our first art walk in year 2018!  It will be great to watch this group grow and see where their music takes them this year.  

To learn more about them, here is our recent Standard Goods Artist Interview response from Biblioteka:

    1. We know that your band just formed recently, how did this happen?  Were you all friends or just acquaintances before this? 

      Back in the summer of 2017, Biblioteka was formed emerging from a previous project that disbanded. We became somewhat of a band fam and wanted to continue our musical connection with a new project with Mary Robins (Mierichka) leading the band. Jacque was Hector's (Hexx) friend/hairstylist and during a much-needed haircut, was informed that an opening was needed for a keys player. Naturally, she joined our close-knit band.

    2. Can you each tell us a little bit about yourselves?

      Mierichka - When I'm not making music, I take photos for Showbox and other venues, and work at a hotel for my day job. My other interests include puppies, and taking long walks on the beach.

      Hexx - During the day I help students with paying for school @ a local college and by night you can find me playing pinball, spinning records, or secretly performing at open mics as a sad boy singer songwriter.

      Jacque - When Im not cutting heads at Rudy's or mashing buttons on boards, I like cuddling with Floofs(animals)

      Chris - I'm an accountant/auditor, which involves crunching numbers and telling people what they did wrong. I spend my free time trying to become not bad at instruments and looking for the perfect dog that I can't own yet

    3. How long has each of you been playing and creating music?  Any other hidden talents?

      Hexx - Like 13 years now. I have an endless supply of bad dad jokes.

      Mierichka - I've been playing music since I was a kid, but I didn't really take it seriously until I was fifteen or sixteen. I used to do Irish dancing......but let's not talk about that

      Jacque - Started playing flute when I was 9. I can roll a mean blunt.

      Chris - 12 years? I can make any pizza a personal pizza.

    4. Are each of you Seattle locals, if so for how long now?  If not, where did you grow up?  Seattle has changed a lot in just recent years.  To some, it hasn't given a positive impact with the sudden rise of the tech industry, specially for some in the arts community.  I am curious, as an artist/musician, what are the positive and negative views you have adapting in a changing Seattle?  

      Only Mierichka and Jacque are the unicorns from Seattle having spent their whole lives here, 22 and 25 years respectively. Chris and Hector have both lived here for about 5 years now, Chris coming from Las Vegas and Hector coming from Austin. The two came to study at Seattle University.

      We've seen the arts take an initial punch to the gut when it comes to affordable housing and local businesses. Most of us have had to move about 5 times in the last 2 years, one of those homes being a DIY artist house that held art walks (its now a condo building). I have seen my local music shop become another glasses shop, I mean how many glasses shops do we need on the hill? My friends and the art community around me Have had to put art/music on the back burner to work their day jobs to afford housing here... it's getting better but it's not where it was.

      If there's any positive I guess that festivals like Upstream! Music festival has emerged allowing independent artists to have a voice and also that it's forced the community to band together a bit more and come up with more creative solutions.

    5. Any other shows or events coming up you'd like us to share on here?  

      We are recording our first EP this month and expect to release it around April with a West Coast tour to follow.

      We are excited to be collaborating with another amazing female artist/dancer to do a music video for the single off the new record and cant wait to share this with you.

      Jan 25 we will be opening for Familiars at Chop Suey ♥♥♥

      Stay tuned for more shows and exciting news. 

Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Travis Trout 

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IG: @bibliotekaband
Recordings available soon...
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