Heatin' Up on the Hill

Heatin' Up on the Hill

Capitol Hill is bustling with locals, visitors and everyone in between as the temperatures are slowly rising in Seattle. With the sun beaming in the windows of Standard Goods this past week, the team set out to the new ice cream shop around the corner, Frankie and Jo's. This isn't any regular ice cream shop, as their ice cream is all plant based and 100% vegan friendly! With model Sarah in tow, Kathreen and Maya bounced all around Capitol Hill to shoot some of our new Women's collection. Sarah, an obvious natural, enjoys her ice cream while sporting brands like the Camp Collection, Crshr and items from our extensive vintage collection, all seamlessly styled by our direct marketing editor Maya.Pictured above, Sarah is wearing the Crshr Lipstick Dad Hat, the Camp Collection Feelin' Good Tee and a vintage denim jacket from our vintage line which is in continuous rotation.

On the vintage Denim, Maya included pins from our Heartificial pin collection at Sandard Goods. Classic Lizzie McGuire on the left, and Steven Universe pink lion pin on the right.Featured on the collar of the photo above, Sarah is sporting the Hard To Love pin from Explorer's Press.

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