Standard Goods Featured Artist: Maggie Clarke

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Maggie Clarke

Maggie Brigitte Clarke has never claimed the title of artist. In Fact, this is the first time her drawings have seen the light of day. Maggie finds inspiration in her discoveries of animal bones reclaimed by nature. The marriage of the macabre with the rebirth of new life is pure poetry - poetry that is best captured by pen with a touch of fantasy.

Why do you do what you do?

Who else would do it? 

What's your spirit animal? 

I've always felt connected to Crows. They get bad reps for whatever reason, but they are incredibly intelligent creatures. If you do a kindness for one they spread the word amongst their friends. 

Where did you grow up? And how did it influence you as an artist? 

I was born in Southern Maryland, and raised in San Diego. Maryland has imparted an immense love of nature onto me. As a kid I had an acre of forest behind my house to explore. My imaginings of elves and fairies in the wood contribute to the fantasy in my art. 

What artist do you most identify with? 

That's a tough one. I'd have to say Drømsjel. 

Describe a good or bad situation in your past that inspired you?

I've struggled with depression since high school. What inspires me isn't one event - rather, it's finding something to elevate your mind and mood and bring some light to bad days. 

What's your worst nightmare?

Opening my fridge and finding it empty. 

If you could travel in a time machine, where or when would you go? 

I'm not sure I trust myself to travel in time without accidentally wreaking havoc. 

How has your style as an artist changed over the years? 

 In recent years I've gone from drawing avidly, to hardly drawing at all. This has caused most my new works to be an attempt at diving in and trying new things to reignite creative fires. 

How is your personality reflected in your work?

Friends and family call me an elf. I think my works reflect that elven appreciation for nature and the ornate. 

What is your favorite medium to work with? 

Typically I work with pencil. Lately I've been challenging myself to use pen and some colour. 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Maggie Clarke

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Maggie Clarke

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