Standard Goods Introducing: Source Denim

Here at Standard Goods we are very excited to introduce a new brand we are now carrying. We love Source Denim and we are really excited about the awesome Seattle made brand doing great things! What if jeans could be made better? Well Source Demin found a way to do this and they are on a mission to create truly good denim goods. These jeans are built right here, with a timeless fit that looks and feels amazing. They have developed a new way of making denim, replacing toxic chemicals with all natural materials that cut the amount of chemicals in a pair of blue jeans in half, and uses 60% less water and 40% less energy than generic denim production. Source Denim creates jeans that have a higher purpose. They contribute at least 1% of their profits to environmental organizations, and source all their materials and sewing in communities that greatly benefit from each sale of SOURCE Denim jeans. Check out their Mission to learn more about the other environmental partnerships. You can definitely see the careful attention to details, that make Source Denim jeans stronger, more resilient, and more timeless. Come by and check it out for yourself! Also as part of an exclusive launch event with one purchase of jeans you’ll receive a beautiful free Source denim tote bag with your Source jeans! 

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