Meet Becky & Rachel, Founders of Plantuary

Meet the founders of Plantuary, Rachel Taylor and Becky Jones. These creative ladies have taken their love for plants and greenery and created an indoor plant company focused on selling high quality greenery and providing expert advice to help plants thrive in indoor settings.  At Standard Goods we love stocking the shop with their beautifully potted plants every week. Learn more about Becky & Rachel, and all things plant related in this interview!

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First off tell us about yourselves and your company Plantuary? 

Becky: I'm just a dog mom who is obsessed with plants. I work at a bar as my main gig but started this business with one of my best friends because she gets plants on the same crazy level as I do. We launched this idea because we think everyone can get enjoyment out of caring for plants and watching them grow! We also have barely any more space for more plants in our own homes. 

Rachel: I definitely have plenty that keeps me busy! I work full-time for a local non-profit, spend a good amount of my time with my dog, Pacey, and have quite the plant obsession.  Greenery is a love of mine, and I have found that working with plants can be the perfect way to tune out when the rest of the world gets crazy.

What do you love most about living in Seattle? 5 favorite places we should check out? 

Becky: I love living here because Seattle actually gets all of the seasons and specifically in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill) I admire how diverse and accepting it is. I would say these five places are worth scoping out:

  1. Bait Shop: I work here but I back this place so much. Everyone I work with is so friendly and the food and drinks are tasty and fun!
  2. Any local flea market! Great finds at these. (Badwill Market, SODO Flea Market, Punk Rock Flea Market) 
  3. Nightshift SEA: Really fun dancing night that changes between venues around Seattle.
  4. Volunteer Park Conservatory: Just go here and stare at the magic that is a giant cactus. It's amazing.
  5. Seattle Japanese Garden: More nerding out on pretty plants but its outside! And there's fish!

Rachel: Seattle is such a pretty place to live; not only is our city great but we're surrounded by water, mountains, and so many beautiful native plants. I love that I can live on Capitol Hill, but also am a short drive from so many hiking trails and things to do outside. In addition to Becky's list above, I would include:

  1. Madrona Park: Super close to Capitol Hill, this is one of my favorite places to walk my dog. It is right along the water and can be a great spot to take a swim, not to mention full and happy blackberry bushes all summer long.
  2. Speckled & Drake: One of my favorite places on the hill to grab a drink with friends and they have trivia every Monday night.
  3. Fremont Vintage Mall: If you love vintage, this is the perfect place to shop for new treasures. 
  4. Porchlight Coffee: Full disclosure: Plantuary wouldn't be possible without caffeine. Porchlight is one of my favorite places to grab coffee!
  5. Vine Hair Studio: I am always changing my hair and adding different colors. The stylists at Vine Hair Studio are so talented and I always leave happy with my new do. 

Why do you think millennials are especially into plants right now?

Becky: I think plants are trendy right now because they can be for anybody. They add color and life to any room and it seems like people are picking up on the easiness of certain ones. 

Rachel: I would agree with Becky, I think people are beginning to realize that keeping plants in your home is a great way to brighten things up and that learning how to be a good plant parent is possible. 

What's an unexpected place you can find great pots for plants? 

Becky: Estate sales! They have stuff you can't find in stores. 

Rachel: Yep, estate and garage sales it is! We have been able to tie our two loves of vintage and plants together by scouring the most unexpected places for pots. 

Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods,PNW, Shop indoor plants

What is your sourcing process like for Plantuary? 

Becky: Rach and I like to take day trips and venture out to other cities and see what we can find from Estate and Garage Sales. 

Rachel: In addition to our constant search for amazing pots, we also spend a lot of time building partnerships with local plant sources to bring our customers the best and healthiest greenery possible. We also work to pot all of our plants in local and organic potting soil. 

What was the main motivation behind launching Plantuary? 

Becky: We just love plants so much and have been really successful with having our own that we wanted to share our knowledge with everyone else!

Rachel: Before starting Plantuary we spent a lot of our free time searching for great plants and unique pots; when our personal collections started getting out of hand we decided to turn our little hobby into a business! Because we both live in the city, and have always loved plants, we wanted to take all we have learned about growing greenery in small spaces and share it with others. 

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 What do you think about the role of plants in urban environments? 

Becky: Crucial. They are like pets! Having them to come home to is therapeutic and watching them grow is extremely rewarding. Even having them at work is key too. Plants are friends. 

Rachel: Its becoming a bit of a cliche, but it's true: plants make people happy. Greenery has a way of brightening up a space like no other decor and actually works to improve the quality of the air you breathe. We have a lot of customers that tell us they kill every plant they own, and we are always trying to encourage people with the knowledge that there are plants that can thrive almost anywhere. 

Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods, Artist Interview, Meet the Maker, PNW, Shop indoor plants

Do you think plant aesthetics/tastes move in trends like clothing? What are some popular plants in Seattle right now? 

Becky: I would say yeah, a lot of people love Fiddle Leaf Figs. Those are so trendy. Same with succulents. 

Rachel: Absolutely, just like other forms of decor, we have seen various plants become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the plant that people may be attracted to at any point in time may not live well in their home and specific lighting conditions. With any plant you purchase, it is important to have a good grasp on what it will need to be happy!

 As a relatively new company, do you have any specific goals for the next few years? 

Becky: I would love to transition into just working for Plantuary. The double job life gives us no days off but it's not the worst when you love what you do. We dream of having a store front so that would be the ultimate goal.

Rachel: I would agree with Becky, having a store front is the dream and we are always working toward that goal. I also love the custom order and consultation piece of our business and could absolutely see us decorating people's homes and businesses with greenery full-time!

What is your favorite plant? 

Becky: Hands down cacti. I love any type but am really into big ones lately. It blows my mind how old they can get and still be sturdy and beautiful. 

Rachel: Speaking of trendy plants, the Monstera deliciosa is definitely a favorite. One of the things I love about them is that their new leaves unfold with increasing amounts of holes and slits as the plant matures. When you see a monstera with huge leaves covered in unique holes it means the plant is pretty old! I admittedly get way too excited when my Monstera's have new growth. 




Come by the shop located at 701 East Pike Street Seattle, WA 98122, and check out our collection of Plantuary! 

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