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Reposado, Tequila Funk

You know that feeling when you take a shot of tequila? That fire in your soul. Now imagine mixing that with a splash of funk, chopping up a little Jazz and wrapping it all together with a Cuban Cigar. From the Dynamic rhythm of Queens, and the Heavy beat of The Bronx, all the way to the conscious callings of Cascadia. Soul, rock & roll, and freestyle flow.

We caught up with this one of a kind trio Reposado, to learn more about how they got started, what inspires their improvisation, and building community and connections through music.

Seattle Music, Reposado band, Seattle Art Walk, Standard Goods Seattle

Who are your top three musical influences?
Hmm, I guess I'd have to say Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, The Doors, Fela Kuti, and I can't leave out James Brown!
Can you tell us a little about each band member?

Joel Rosa

Doesn't like introductions, he let's the drums do the talking.
Jean-Paul Builes

Lives life like its an art piece, the imperfections are the beauties, and the perfect isn't desired. A New York City local raised in the concrete jungle found his passion by seeing the abstract. By finding the beauties in the chaos of life. He found what some people live there whole life searching for...a guitar. It started with an acoustic crossing the country to meet his long lost bother, where the first sounds of tequilafunk made the butterflies flutter. Making a jamband that can juggle multiple genres with out a stutter. We call him Mr. Sunnyside, who can sing for your sister, brother or your mother, and make the sun shine even when theres cloudy cover.🌞

Torin Frost


A Northwest tree climbing freestyling guy, thats loves singing songs outside and salsa dancing under moonlit nights. Seriously though, This guy can drop lines on a dime any place anytime, and has sworn to never decline when someone asked him to ryhme. Born with the west coast vibe and adapted to east coast hype. He's just another evergreen soul fighting for whats right. Bringing hip hop back to life by rhyming for the light. In a live jam band doing handstands on mother earths sacred sights. 


How did you form your band Reposado

The chances of a band like this happening has to have some kind of fate involved. It was a long process for Reposado to actually begin, JP being from Queens, Joel from the Bronx and Torin from Burien. I guess it all started with JP leaving New York City, and beginning his journey towards the west coast. Shortly after Torin and JP met at a house party, that Torin was actually hosting, that's where they freestyled for the first time! After that it was like a drug and they couldn't get enough of that creative high. JP made a call to the only guy he knew that would bring it all together, Joel. But Joel was working a stable bank job and making good money. Finally Joel decided to quit his job and drive straight to Seattle! That was it, Reposado was born. The flow felt so natural, and the core of it is so pure and true that they take pride or responsibility for it. Reposado is not just a band it is a brother hood, a movement, a message, and for the community.

How long have you all lived in Seattle?
Torin has lived south of Seattle in Burien Washington his whole life, Joel has been in Seattle one year, and JP moved here 2 years ago from New York.

Other than being a performance artist, what are your passions/hobbies?
Torin loves to salsa dance and roller skate, Joel just wants to play the drums. JP is also a photographer and loves to play basketball.

Come hear them live for yourself! - at 8:00pm this coming Thursday September 14th during Capitol Hill Art Walk at Standard Goods.

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