Standard Goods Featured Artist: Ashley Armitage

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Ashley Armitage

Ashley Armitage is a Seattle based feminist photographer who just recieved her BFA in photography from the University of Washington. The talented 23 year old has shot for companies like Refinery29 to Nylon Japan and Nordstrom. Showcasing everything "girly" through a rose-tinted lens. Her work focuses on the femme experience and reclaiming femme representation.​ We had the pleasure to learn more about her in our interview below. Come by the shop this coming Thursday July 13th to check out more! 
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How long have you been a photographer? How did you get started? 

I started taking photos when I was 15. My dad got me a 1980s Canon AE-1 and some rolls of black and white film. I've been taking film photos ever since!

In another life, what other passions would you pursue besides photography?

Archaeology, anthropology, or geology. When I was in university studying photography I took nearly enough geology and anthropology courses to have majored in them!

What was your first work of art? (if you can remember!) And what does it mean to you now?

I can't remember my first work of art but I do remember the first art that I sold. When I was 9 I made an abstract painting with lots of shapes and swirls and it went into a Seattle schools auction. Some lady bought it for $25 and I then spent that money on a pet hamster. 

I love what your work focuses on and the underlying message in your photos. Was there a specific reason/personal experience that sparked your passion about reclaiming females representation in society? 

It was sort of just a series of built up experiences in my life. In media we are shown only one version of female beauty, and that is thin, white, cis-gendered, straight women. When we only ever see one beauty type represented, we internalize it. It's toxic. I wanted to showcase a wider variety of people and body types, so I started by shooting my friends.  Taking photos of my friends will always be an integral part of my work. There's an intimacy there.

What would you say your greatest achievement thus far is?

Actually I think I just achieved it! Last weekend I had my first museum show opening. I never knew my work would ever be in an actual museum.

What's your favorite film? 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

How would you define beauty?

This is so cliche but it's seriously all about the personality.

Who are some other female photographers you look up to? 

Sandy Kim, Monika Mogi, Petra Collins, Harvey Weir.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

"Dont worry"

Do you have any exciting projects in the works?

I'll be shooting a cute series focusing on couples next month for Babeland.




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