Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brittani Anglin

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brittani Anglin

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Join Standard Goods during Capitol Hill Art Walk February 8, 2018 for "Cranes in the Sky." Featuring artist and designer Brittani Anglin. She captures the beauty and complexities of gentle romance through folding cranes out of recycled magazine paper. Come see her beautiful paper cranes hanging in the shop, as well as Katie George's macrame wall hangings. Also ATLEE will be performing at 8:30! We talked life and art with Brittani in this interview. For more information check out the event page. 

Can you tell us a little about your creative path and what brings you to where you are today?

Before I left MN in 2015, I got into watercolor art. I would stay up most nights painting lucid fairy women and smoking weed. At 23 my imagination and my visions of different worlds was so strong I knew art was the only outlet. Eventually when I got to the west all my friends continued telling me I should share my art, but I don't remember having a strong belief that I could do anything with any of the art I made. Not until 2016. That entire year I met some of the most creative souls. A few wonderful collaborations brought me to meet people who just liked what I did and encouraged me to express myself, cause it was 'me'. Eventually I stopped caring about taking myself so seriously. And now I make these beautiful pieces of art work that make a lot of people feel lovely inside. 

What are your earliest memories connected to art? Have you always felt like art was a part of you? 

My earliest teacher told my mom how great I was at drawing and painting in school. I remember specifically giving that lady a "yeah right, are you serious" look. It was little kid art! Typical Sun, Mom and me picture. Lol. I felt artsy and loved dressing in nice clothes. I sang and had a pile of Lion King coloring books. But art was not something I ever worried about too much. I think everyone knew it was a part of me before I did.  

Where and when do you feel the most inspired? 

 There are two very opposite places I feel inspired. 

  1. In the middle of the city where everything is active. 
  2. In the middle of nowhere inside a cozy space. 

The first one is great for people watching. I really want to feel the buzz and movement in the air.

The other is great for sinking into my myself. Allowing myself to hear my every thought and listen without judgement. I like reading the clouds. They have a conscious wave of thought. Feeling what is being said without words is a powerful tool for my creativity and connectedness to our planet.

Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

Your paper cranes are so beautiful. Where did the idea come from to create them?

Thank You! While I was traveling the west coast, I wanted to thank all the friends and family members who let me stay with them or helped me. 

I didn't have a lot of money but I had a tone of crystals, trinkets and jewel pieces I was collecting for half a decade. I got the idea from simply doing what I always do when I have nowhere else to place my hands.. Paper Cranes! I had eventually come to the idea that making the cranes and taking my most precious collectibles and give them to the people I loved, this was my gift to them. It was my way of saying "Thank you for being a beautiful person to me at my most vulnerable of times."

If you could go back and give yourself at 13-years old advice, what would it be?

Be kind to your family! Go to art school. Take a digital arts class, please! Travel abroad to Sydney. 

How is your personality reflected in your work? 

I want to preserve the most delicate parts of myself. The cranes and the flowers both being as gentle as they are speak to a nature I consider "Who I AM." I'm living here temporarily. I create art to reflect a piece of time that is colorful, beautiful, whimsical. 

Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

Seattle has so many talented designers and artists like yourself.  How does your community here inspire your work?

It's my beautiful friends. They are helping me to grow into a great person! Seattle has an incredible environment that allows so many people to be themselves and enjoy all kinds of people with different backgrounds. I certainly believe the cranes are a reflection on community & individuality.

How does intuition play a role in your process? 

It's my life!  I must have a feeling about anything in order to form an opinion. Operating from an intuitive process allows me, I believe it allows me to stay open minded about a great many topics and interactions. I like that about me. I enjoy the "Go with the flow" process. And my art flows as much as I do. The cranes themselves are cool because they are mathematical and calculated. And I think that kind of stands for my own fixation on a belief, topic or thought. But then the greater piece, the bigger picture, and my over all connection to this place is that of warmth, congeniality and openness. I can see that in this project. When I started this project, it came to me that I am still honoring a future of people who I will never meet but am connected to. I get to create this amazing project and feel good doing so because it is 100% compostable and recyclable.

What music have you been listening to lately?

Lately I've been into artist Natalia Lafourcde. I love listening to her music because it makes me feel like I am staring in my own movie.

Name 5 things that would make up your perfect day?

AM yoga class. 

Chai Tea Latte.

Having the entire day off to watch the sunset from the West side of Seattle. 

Dressing up like a fairy. 

Sprinkling Glitter on everyone I meet at an underground night club dance party.

Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

Describe what you will be showing during art walk at Standard Goods? And what do you hope to convey to the viewer with your work?

The theme is Cranes in The Sky. If anyone can imagine endless strands with cranes and flowers, that's the art for the month. 

Beauty & Romance are what I want people to see and feel when they look at my art. It's my first time having half a room full of cranes, I imagine it'll be nothing short of magical. 

I also want other people to have their own ideas, feelings and opinions about my art too! 

Anything else you would like to add?

I am incredible grateful that the store is hosting me this month. I've wanted to create this project for nearly a year! This is a great step to making larger installations in the future. Thank you, Thank you!  


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