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Standard Goods Featured Artist: Carolyn Hitt

Photo: Meagan Hall/Seattledaze

Carolyn Hitt, Artist and Founder of Blue Cone Studios will be joining us this Thursday evening for Capitol Hill Art Walk. She wlll be featuring "Many Eyes" sculpture series which indulges in the fantasy of vision and the ability for viewers to see beyond themselves. She is a multi-discipline, mixed media artist with a background in theater currently working between clay, canvas, and sculpture.  Learn more about her in out interview below! 

Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist

What drew you to working with clay? 

Opportunity.  I have loved clay since I was really young.  My folks sent me to hang out with this old WWII pilot and his wife every now and then and he would take me to the clay studios to pick out cast molds to paint. It was my favorite part of art class in high school but I rarely had the opportunity after to explore it because kilns weren't on my radar as accessible or affordable.  I made a whole series, years ago, that i never fired and gave away with the caveat that they would definitely break one day.  When I took over the space that is now Blue Cone Studios, one of the major bonuses was that it already had a good sized electric kiln wired in. That's all I needed to pick it back up again. 

Describe your style as an artist in 3 words? 

Archeological, Abstract, Intuitive

Are there any recurring themes in your work? 

I like to think my fascination with ancient civilizations known and unknown shows up pretty regularly.  DNA and access to information programmed in our cells.  Microcosms vs Macrocosms.  Structure as thought, color as emotion, layers as time.  UFOs and birds show up when I'm contemplating spiritual things like past lives, soul mates, and the multiverse.  And then there are always faces and eyes.  They've been around in my work as long as i can remember and likely hearken to the notion that we are all watching each other and trying desperately to figure out how to be human.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you absolutely can't live without in your studio?

 My mind.  

What figures in the art world influence or inspire you and why?

That's a really hard question because I love A LOT of artists for all kinds of reasons.  Most significant recently, I am in love with Yayoi Kusama.  I can only imagine how utterly satisfying it would be to have the time, money, and freedom to create on such an epic scale.  But I also deeply feel the infinity in her work and comfort in her understanding of her own mind and how she has orchestrated a world to indulge it.  I make art to exist and I feel we are kindred spirits on this.   I also love a lot of what Andrew Salgado is doing in terms of color and texture.  I am strongly influenced by graffiti writing and street art but never had the nuts to really get into it.  I recently met a couple of guys whose work I've been tracking for years around the hill.  That's pretty cool to me.  I have a healthy respect for outsider art and have aometimes wondered if that's where I actually fit in.  Who knows?


Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist


What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

The meditation of creation.  I have a hyper-active mind with obsessive tendencies.  I don't want to be negatively bound by this but it's a part of how I was programmed.  It's been the challenge of my life to endure and figure out how to use these seemingly adverse characteristics in a productive and healthy way.  Art is the only activity I've ever found that engages these traits through a process that isn't detrimental to my mental health but actually allows me to work through the pulses and avoid the spin. 

If you could choose to live anywhere in the world where would it be and describe your dream home?

I love Seattle.  The only other place I can see myself is New York.  My dream home is a warehouse that I can build everything I need in.  A nice comfy loft up high with windows and tons of plants. Down below would be a fully stocked woodworking area, ceramics studio, a ventilated paint room, and a place to sew and design. I want to be able to jump out of bed at 3 am and indulge my imagination.

Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist


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