Standard Goods Featured Artist: Darcy Einarson

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Darcy Einarson

Meet Darcy Einarson, another artist joining us for August Art Walk at Standard Goods. Learn more about this Seattle based artist/illustrator in this interview! Come by this Thursday to see more and hear great music from Cherry Boy

Explain your style as an artist to us?

I'm often drawn to vibrant colors and organic  shapes, but those show up in my abstract work not so much in any animal themed drawings or paintings. I've always been attracted to the quirky and unique. One of my projects that I'm currently working on is clothing different animals in vintage McCall patterns. Several of those are featured in the art walk such as the tiger and the ram. I tend to aim for the playful and lighthearted - something that might brighten and lift up someone's day.

Where did you grow up? How did your experiences growing up shape you into the artist that you are today?

I grew up in Blaine, Washington which is a small town on the Canadian border. We lived slightly out of town on the edge of a large field which meant there was a parade of wildlife that we got to witness growing up. I think having access to that and the freedom to wander around relatively freely gave me an extra bit of respect for the woods and the wildlife it housed. It also gave me an appreciation for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. I love the colors of the Pacific Northwest - the lush greens, the blue backdrop of the mountains, the incredible sunsets. It instilled me with a sense of wonder for the world that exists outside of city life.  

Where do you feel the most inspired?

I don't know that there is a where or place that inspires might be more of a when. Going on long walks where I have the ability to step away from the noise of everything else and just listen to my thoughts  - that's when I tend to get the most ideas. Long car rides are good for that as well. I commute to work and the traffic can be pretty abysmal so I like to use the time to daydream and squirrel away ideas for new projects. It definitely takes a quieting of the mind for me which can be a challenge since I'm an easily distracted person! 

What is your spirit animal?

I can't speak to this because I'm the whitest lady around and I want to be respectful of other cultures and belief systems. However, if you were to put me in the Harry Potter universe and I needed to identify my Patronus (nerd alert)...I think I'd be a black trumpet swan. Although, that's heavily influenced by something I read about Patti Smith too. So maybe her Patronus is a black trumpet swan and my Patronus is Patti Smith. (I'm just going to continue on a downward spiral of geekdom so I'll stop myself there.) 

Finish this sentence. I Make Art Because...

it gives me room to breathe.

What was your favorite children's book growing up?

 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

What are you most excited to share with our guests during "Amor De Las Reinas" group show, for August Capitol Hill Art Walk at Standard Goods?

I've been working with shadow boxes for the first time which I'm really loving, and I hope that guests love them too!



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