Standard Goods Featured Artist: Derek Erdman

 Derek Erdman will be joining us for The Neo Dada Pop exhibit at Standard Goods, for July's Capitol Hill Art Walk event. Derek has been painting professionally since 2007, in a style that is inspired by clip artist Tom Tierney. He uses discarded house paint and efficient production methods to keep paintings affordable. His subjects typically revolve around mundane household objects or third-tier celebrities. Erdman never studied art formally but instead obtained a Master's Degree in Phonetics at Kent State University.
Join us next Thursday July 13th at 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Don't miss the live music from DON at 8:30, sponsored by PBR.

Growing up, did you always want to be an artist? Can you recall your earliest memory with art?

My mother had a great book about Salvador Dali that I used to sneak glances of when I was five or six. It was terrifying and sexual. It may have shaped my life, I've always been rather prudish. I was terrified into prudish by a book. I didn't really think about being an artist when I was young. I just wanted to read books and eat candy.
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Do you come from a creative family? How did your childhood shape you as an artist?

I was raised by a wayward single mother, it was just me and her. She liked country music and VC Andrews books. She had a Lou Reed record, but I don't think she listened to it. She's pretty cool, great with the unconditional love. She laughs with abandon and hoards animals. Terrible taste in dudes. Loved Salvador Dali.

Who was the first artist to influence your style?

Tom Tierney, he's a clip artist. He makes paper dolls now. Actually, he's dead now. His clip art subjects are really mundane, like hats and bowling balls. His paper dolls are incredible as well, mostly first families and official celebs. His lines are really solid.
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Who is your favorite pop culture icon? 

I just Googled "pop culture icon" because I couldn't think of one off hand. If I had to choose from the Wikipedia list, I'd have to go with Walt Disney. That list is pretty wonky though, it includes Rivers Cuomo. I was really into Morrissey and the Beatles in high school. Otherwise, yeesh. Nobody comes to mind immediately. Kellyanne Conway is pretty neat. Not her whole scene exactly, but her curious political position. And that face. It's so fun to draw.

Do you think as an artist it's important to create politically aware art now more than ever?

I reckon yeah, if it's authentic. Political art purely for acceptance (digi-likes, etc) is kinda crummy. Eh, I guess that's pretty shitty to say. If troubled times inspire civil disobedience, count me in. I'm not really in the position to judge somebody's actions. And is good art worth having some fucked up people in power? Eh, probably not.
Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

Do you ever find it difficult to make time for your art?

Nah, not really. My girlfriend is a photographer, we work all of the time. That's how we spend our time, cooking food, yell-talking and making up songs, and making art. It's a pretty perfect way to live. If she wasn't a person who created things, just liked to do CrossFit all of the time and watched the Walking Dead, it might be harder to make time. But our life is just working together, it's what we both expect to do. It's the best, I'm so lucky.
Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Kardashian Art Illustration, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

Favorite project you've worked on?

Last night we had some friends over and cooked spaghetti and played Cranium afterward. Near the end of the night we decided to call that restaurant Jimmy's on Broadway and Madison and scream at the top of our lungs. We chose that restaurant because we all agreed that we disliked their martini glass neon sign. None of us has even been there. We called twice and just screamed our brains out. They stayed on the phone for close to 30 seconds. We didn't mean it as mean-spirited, just six people screaming. It was awesome.

If you could choose one superhuman power, what would it be?

The whole world to myself, everybody gone. Time enough at last.
Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Artist interview, seattle artist, Street Art, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

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