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Standard Goods Featured Artist: Jessica Vorheis

Join Standard Goods this Thursday March 9th for Capitol Hill Art Walk for a group exhibit titled "Milieu." Showcasing art from two artists with a unique styles both focusing on paintings that reflect on the surroundings, setting, scenes and environments. And how their subconscious connect with human emotions. We chatted about life and art with Artist Jessica Vorheis to learn more about her work. Come hang out Thursday evening to see some amazing art, hear live music and PBR on us! 

Explain your style as an artist to us? 

I love creating landscapes that are familiar yet surreal with skewed proportions and enhanced colors. I've been told my art has a spiritual quality to it, and even though my faith plays a huge role in my life in general, I don't intend to make my art have a "spiritual" vibe to it. My style really comes from inside though, my experiences, beliefs and the things that just catch my eye and spark inspiration.  

Where did you grow up? How did your experiences growing up shape you into the artist that you are today? 

 Good ol' Tri-Cities, Washington--the desert. I had an exciting child hood, but I for some reason hated the place. I moved to Portland in 2011 and within two or three years I began feeling smothered by the trees and mountains, almost claustrophobic. Tri-Cities became more appealing and I then could see the beauty in it all, in the desert. I've always loved nature and the wild. I've since moved back to my hometown and believe that getting out and experiencing nature and different landscapes will always shape my art. 

Standard Goods Featured Artist, Jessica Vorheis, Standard Goods, Seattle Artist,

If you could choose one superhuman power, what would it be?

 To fly! I've always wanted to be able to fly. Maybe because I've flown in my dreams so many times. It's the most awesome feeling!

If you could have lunch with anyone from the past/present...or future, whom would you choose? 

 My husband. I've have lunch with him back when we were 19. I miss and cherish those carefree. A lot of good memories.

Standard Goods Featured Artist, Seattle Artist Jessica Vorheis

Name 3 ways your personality is reflected in your work? 

 I tend to reflect deeply on conversations and experiences that happen in my life and my work seems to unintentionally take on an introspective look. 

I'm always trying to grow as a person and a wife and the same is true with my art. I'm always pushing for excellence, not perfection but excellence. I wasn't always like that. I used to be more of a "cut-corners" type of person through and through. 

The natural world is amazing to me, it's beauty and power. My love for the wild is part of why I paint naturescapes. A tree never goes out of style. 

Where do you feel the most inspired? 

 When I'm out of my day-to-day routine. When I'm vacationing, adventuring, or just experiencing anything that's out of the ordinary.

What is your workspace like?

 My "art room" as I call it is a room in my house. Tiny and organized, with paint on the floor per my usual sometimes clumsy brush handling. I like my quaint space but wish it was a little bigger so I could fit my flower couch in it. I really like to create cozy and chill environments. 

Standard Goods Featured Artisy, Seattle Artist, Jessica Vorheis

What do you hope to convey to the viewer with your work? 

 I hope to convey honesty and vulnerability in my work and that my work would cause self reflection for those that view it. Yet, I always like it when a viewer is just generally stoked by the aesthetics of my work. 

Any Creative projects you are working on currently? 

 I'm working on a series right now that seems to be dealing with solitude and desolation and what rises from inside a person in those quieter places. "Just A Kid" is one of those paintings that will be showing at Standard Goods. 

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