Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

We are excited to have Katie George back as one of our two August Art walk featured artists! Katie and Brian's joint show, Northwest Kaleidoscope, will be featured at our Capitol Hill Art Walk on Thursday, August 9th. Stop by to check out their incredible work and enjoy free beer and music from Guy Keltner!

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

We are so excited to have you back! Any updates since the last time you joined us for art walk?

 I’m so glad to be back! And yes, I’ll be presenting a very different collection that I am so excited about. Compared to my previous work, my newer pieces are all about color combinations, patterns, brushed fringe and 3D elements and they really break the barriers of standard macramé. What I love about each piece is that they have all turned out differently than the original image in my head because I get so inspired, mid-process, that I’ll take the idea in a new and better direction. I very much design each piece on the fly. I’ve also been experimenting with macramé/floral combos, which is a ton of fun.


Where do you find inspiration for making your art?

 I mostly find inspiration around the city since Seattle is such a creative and thriving place. I like to go on long walks and will generally look out for interesting colors palettes or patterns throughout my meandering. Sometimes I draft out patterns on grid paper. Sometimes I even just sit on the floor with all of my spools of string and let ideas come out of that.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

What is your creating space like?

 Currently, a bit of a mess. I live in less than 400 sq. feet so it’s kinda shoved into a corner of the apartment. I create everything on a garment rack and have my string somewhat arranged below that. Luckily I can see the TV from my space so that I can binge on Friends in the process.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

What are some of your favorite artists?

 My background is in film/video so my favorite artists are usually filmmakers. Wes Anderson is certainly number one. I think his use of color is extraordinary and he is very inspiring in the way he composes a scene. I think that macramé needs a lot of compositional thought put into it too. I also really love Tim Burton’s style and the way he adds elements of whimsy to generally dark palettes.


Do you have any exciting upcoming projects?

 I actually just finished a huge wedding altarpiece for one of my best friends. This was the first time making a piece like this and I really enjoyed the change of style it provided. I love the way it turned out and am definitely available for any future wedding backdrop commissions.


You are still fairly new to Seattle, how do you like it? Any favorite spots?

 I am loving the city and was so happy when summer finally came around! Well, Standard Goods, of course. I also find myself hovering around General Porpoise and Frankie and Jo’s deciding if I want a doughnut or vegan ice cream…sometimes it’s both!


If you were a food, what would you be?

 Probably a doughnut. They like to make people happy and they are full of possibilities and potential. I also just really like doughnuts too.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I don’t have a specific artist in mind but it would be amazing to collaborate with someone in woodworking or ceramics because there are so many opportunities to combine those mediums with macramé.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

Check out Katie's Instagram @katiegeorgemacrame, and Portfolio!

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