Standard Goods Featured Artist: Kyra Anderson

Join us during Capitol Hill Art Walk next November 9, 2017, featuring visual artist Kyra Anderson & 8 pm live music performance by Stefán Kubeja ( DON ) Kyra Anderson is an Alaskan artist who focuses on detail in pen, watercolor, and gouche. She aims to capture emotion through the lines and shapes of her portraits and designs. Learn more about her and her work in our interview. :)
Who are three artists you look up to, and why? 
I admire Van Gogh because his brush strokes and use of color are mesmerizing. I remember doing a study of his work in school and being moved by the fluidity he used.
Another artist that I look up to is Salvador Dali because his work is wonderfully bizarre and beautiful. As a kid I felt like staring at his pieces would set my imagination off to his eccentric dreamland.
The last artists who has always inspired me is my twin sister, Olivia. We've spent many hours working on art together and watching her progress always pushed me to improve my own style. 
Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been in Seattle?
I've been in Seattle for just a year and a half as I grew up in the small fishing town of Kodiak, Alaska. I spent numerous days exploring in the woods, beaches, or out on the water. I feel like this time out in nature brought out my creative side early on. That being said, Seattle fits me well and provides endless inspiration and opportunities.
What do you hope that viewers will take away from your art?
I don't have any expectations as far as a reaction, but I do hope that people find something to read into or relate to within my work. I aspire to give a feeling of motion with the lines I use, and love to hear the varying interpretations.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from everyday observations and the urge to capture tiny details and organic shapes. Seattle offers this due to the architecture and the way that endless textures meet and clash together. With my portraits I'm inspired by different energies people give off, and I try to encapsulate that with my backgrounds.
If you could choose anyone from anytime or anywhere to come to this show, who would you choose and why?
It's difficult to pin down one singular person, but there are a few handfuls of mentors and peers that I would love to compare work with.
Describe your creative space.
I'm a tidy person, but my work space tends to be cluttered. I like to both experiment with new mediums and have influence around me- so it's currently loaded with supplies as well as a neon orange deer and some star string lights. I also love to hunker into a coffee shop when I need more peace while I'm working.
How has your style as an artist changed over the years?
My style has changed in that I've practiced the things I know I love to draw. I feel like I've refined the way I shade and contour a face, and have began incorporating color into my previously monochromatic style. I've also branched into doing more organic subjects and subjects other than people.
Do you have a specific incident that caused you to get involved with art?
An incident that got me interested in art was getting an art set loaded with colored pencils, chalks, and paints for christmas one year. I would practice drawing a gesture of a face over and over with different colors to emit emotions. Later on, taking classes drew me into it more seriously.
What do you enjoy most about Seattle and why?
I love that you can travel somewhere and have a completely different experience depending on where you go. No matter what I'm looking for in a day, I can find that in Seattle. I also love the community here, and I feel like there's always an opportunity waiting for mearound the corner.
Anything else you'd like to share?
I'd like to share my gratitude to Kathreen and Maya at Standard Goods for the opportunity as well as their help along the way!

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