Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary Robins

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary Robins

For Thursday during Capitol Hill Art Walk, Standard Goods will be showcasing Lady Renaissance Solo Art Exhibit by Mary Robins + The Landmarks

Thursday, June 14, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Live Music
by The Landmarks
8:30 pm

Mary Robins has been a Standard Goods featured artist in the past but mainly through our live musical performances!  This month, she is showing her visual art through photography and colors.

Her exhibit, as described by the artist:

Through a photographic narrative, this show highlights the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life.

While these pieces can seem fleeting in its experience, the small passing moment can be brought to life in photography and amplified to be consumed and felt by the viewer. 

By capturing the emotion within each small moment, we can learn to embrace the feelings we go through. 

~Mary Robins 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary Robins wearing Camp Collection from Standard Goods.Mary Robins in the Camp Collection Brooke Body Suit from Standard Goods.

Hello Mary, we are excited to be featuring you once again but this time for a solo show at Standard Goods!  What are you excited to share with us this month? 

    Thanks for having me! I'm excited to share a piece that's near and dear to me. These photos are a stream-of-consciousness look into peoples' minds in everyday life. It's a fun yet emotional piece, and very different from what I'm used to doing.

    Impromptu shoot with friends in their humble abode.
    Who are photographers and artists you are inspired by from the past or living today?

    I'm a big fan of Petra Collins' photography. Also Seattle photographers Sunny Martini and Rachel Bennett keep me motivated to constantly up my game. 

    Debbie Harry has an energy that I try to channel in everything I do. She has such charisma and fearlessness, and she's basically everything I strive to be. Also my mom. We used to watch a lot of Bob Ross together, and paint along to the show. She does every kind of painting you could think of, and isn't afraid to try new things.

    Who has been an important influence or biggest impact for you during these times of your creative pursuit ?

    I've been lucky to have an amazing group of friends and acquaintances who support and push me in what I do. 

    Rayana Jay shot for DEMGIRLS206 (for more info, visit: ).

    What are you hoping to gain from this experience while showing your work to the public?

    For this upcoming show, I'm looking forward to showing a more personal side of my work. I've always had fear and doubts in myself showing emotion through my work, so this is kind of a turning point for me.

    Why is art and music important to you?  Can you describe the many ways this have put your in a positive environment?

    What I love about art and music is that it gives people common ground to connect on. I love the communities that are created around these scenes, and the amazing people I get to meet who are doing incredible work. Art and music has always given me something to fall back on.

    Portraiture, 2018 by Mary Robins.
    What advice would you give to another person who wants to pursue their passon in the arts or music insdustry? 

    Claim your craft. Don't call yourself an "aspiring" artist. If you make art, you're an artist fair and square. Mark your territory in your field.

    Also don't be afraid to make mistakes. I used to beat myself up over every little thing, but that never gets anything done. Once I started letting go of my ego and started creating without fear of failure, that's when the ball started rolling. 

    What is are some of your favorite restaurants in Seattle and why?

    My favorite happy hour is at Sugar Hill, Cafe Presse is my go-to late night spot, and Ivar's is my top pick all around. Consistently amazing fish and chips.

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself!  Before we wrap up, any cool news or projects this summer other than your art show with us this month?

    Yes! My band Biblioteka has a few shows lined up. We just released our first EP and are currently working on new material. Follow us @bibliotekaband for upcoming show announcements ♥.
    Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary RobinsSelf portrait of Mary Robins.

      For more info about Lady Renaissance Solo Art Exhibit by Mary Robins + The Landmarks please visit our link to our facebook event page:


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