Standard Goods Locals' Guide to Seattle 2018

Standard Goods Locals' Guide to Seattle 2018

Visiting Seattle and curious to know what to do and where to go?  The Standard Goods team put together a list of recommendations to help guide you on your sleepless in Seattle adventure.  Enjoy!

Jeff’s Picks

Owner of Standard Goods.


  • Honey Hole, right next door, is great for sandwiches. They have been there for 18 years, and they are a favorite of all the long-time locals. If I’m in the mood for beef, I do the Fast Eddie – the Mama Lil’ Peppers add just enough of a spicy kick.  For turkey, I love the Waverider – They have this spicy pesto that is fantastic.  Don’t miss the fries with a side of ranch – I add a little hot sauce to the ranch.
  • Across the street is the Red Hook Brew Lab – It’s a little corporate, and the food is just a little better than average, but if you like beer, they always have some super interesting concoctions they’re always working on.
  • My wife is Korean, and we love Trove, which is Korean Fusion. More for lunch than dinner. Lunch is fine, but it is just a noodle bar, and to me, it’s a little pricy – but their kimchee is very solid.  Dinner is really great – the Korean meats with the dipping sauces are all delicious.  The spicy cucumber salad is tasty as well.
  • Stateside is fantastic for dinner – It’s Vietnamese Fusion. Every time I go, I end up ordering multiple orders of the duck spring rolls – they are not to be missed.
  • If you’re a wine lover – try Revolution Wine Bar. It’s a local husband and wife team, they are always there, and they will not steer you wrong.
  • Portage Bay is my favorite breakfast spot – everything is sustainably sourced. It’s all about the food, so it isn’t where you want to go for leisurely brunch with drinks, etc. You go to eat.  Make a reservation or go very early – the line can be crazy long.
  • I spent over $3,500 at Oaxaca one year, and the average ticket is like $60. The Cadillac Margarita is super, and it has a nice, solid, kick to it.  I always get the same thing (because I’m old) – chips and guac, ceviche and carne asada tacos.  I very much prefer the Queen Anne and Ballard locations though.  If you need Mexican in Capitol Hill, I’d recommend Fogon.
  • I think Matt’s In Market is a must for lunch. GREAT Bloody Mary’s.  All the appetizers are delicious, especially the deviled eggs and the homemade potato chips.  The sandwiches are all fantastic. It’s above Pike Place Market, but it isn’t at all touristy.  Trust me on this one.

The Great Outdoors:

  • Kerry Park in Queen Anne, to me, is the best view in the city. That’s all it is, so, it’s just like here’s a great view, take a couple pics for Instagram and Facebook, and you’re done.
  • Discovery Park is a really nice, big park, very close to the city, in Magnolia. I’d recommend taking one of the many trails down to the beach.  It’s a great 3-4 hour excursion.


Capitol Hill Shopping:

 I like 10th Ave, between Pike and Pine.  Elliott Bay Bookstore is the best bookstore in town, both Lost Lake Café and Oddfellows are solid for food and drink, and Totokaelo is amazing, everything in there is over $500, but it’s amazing, even if just to walk through.  Further North on Broadway will bring you to thrift stores, record stores, and consignment shops.  Melrose Market is like a  little mall – Sitka and Spruce is top notch for food, Butter Home has nice little nick-knacks, and Glasswing is a beautifully designed shop, with newer designers.


Longer trip:

Deception Pass is a full day of travel (including both ways), but it is one of the most breathtaking views in the Northwest.  I love the ferry ride over to Bainbridge…  Bainbridge isn’t great – you can certainly get a coffee, lunch and ice cream once you are there, but, for me, it’s more about the ferry ride.

The Argosy cruises are actually very solid – I think it’s like $30, lasts 2 – 3 hours, and you get a really nice tour of the Seattle Lakes, and the neighborhoods surrounding the lakes.  They have a few to choose from.

I live in Ballard, so I’m pretty partial to it.  The best time for a Ballard excursion, is Sunday for the Farmer’s Market.  It’s probably the best Farmer’s Market in Seattle – and we sure do love our Farmer’s Markets.  Get there around 1:00, take in the market, take a walk through the Ballard Locks, do some shopping in some great boutiques (Horseshoe, Tides and Pines, Re-sole, Market St Shoes, Prism, etc), and then there are many options for food (Oaxaca Ballard is closed on Sundays though).  Hattie Hat’s has the best bar food; Bastille is solid French; The Walrus and the Carpenter; Staple and Fancy (make a reservation); 8 Oz Burger is a mini chain, but they make a great burger; there’s also pizza, sushi, etc., Bitterroot for BBQ.. Gelato…  It’s all there within just 5 blocks.  I like the Bastille Back Bar for after dinner cocktails, but there are more than enough places to get your cocktail on.


Kathreen’s Picks

Creative Director of Standard Goods. 

Kathreen enjoys painting, shooting with her 35mm film cameras, and traveling to places old and new.
Places To Eat:

Ice Cream
Frankie & Jo’s

I am not vegan but I love ice cream!  If you want to try a new place to satisfy your cold sweets craving stop by here!  They have both unique and classic flavors that you wouldn’t realize is vegan if you just thought they were a typical ice cream shop.

Salt & Straw

They are an amazing company from Portland and they are right across the street from us!  So many flavors to try. 

Americana is a great spot for seasonal and fresh brunch options.  By far my favorite spot for French Toast.  I also love everything else on the menu, specially the chicken fried steak.

Another popular spot is Oddfellows.  You have to go in early or you will wait 45 min if you go between 10-11 am during the weekend.  The atmosphere is loud but creative.  It is across from a Everyday Music Vinyl shop and next to Elliot Bay book store.
I love Portage Bay but their menu doesn’t really change much (I still go there but not as often because I have eaten everything on the menu at least twice). They use locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Food is super fresh and great place to go at least once if you are visiting Seattle. My favorite is their corned beef hash!

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya – I have tried maybe a dozen ramen spots in the Seattle area and this is my favorite!  I love ordering their potato croquette as an appetizer.

Danbo Ramen – Yummy chain from Vancouver BC.  I love their broth!  If you like spicy ramen, they have the option that is amazing.  There will be a wait if you go during typical dinner hours.
Tentenyu – I also love their broth here!  They have yummy small rice bowl options too!  They are a chain from Tokyo.

For a something quick but freshly made, go to TZAR (Russian Dumplings).  For more of a dinner experience, go to Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese Dumplings) in University Village (nice shopping area).  If there’s just two of you and 21+, the wait isn’t too bad because they have a bar area.


I love Cactus.  They have great happy hour/margarita options.  They don’t own a freezer because they do a good job keeping their system sustainable. I love their fish tacos, and Crispy Chicken dish. They have super yummy homemade churros you need to try! 

DO NOT GO to the front building Crab Pot.  Go Inside for the indoor Crab Pot Restaurant… There will be a long line of about 30-40 min wait but it is worth it. I recommend the Seafood Market option that you can share with however many people and get the King Crab legs.

Marrakesh– I love going here 2-3 times a year, usually for a birthday occasion.  They have a 5 course meal that will leave you feeling perfectly stuffed.  The ambiance is amazing.  You will feel like you are in Morocco.  They also have occasional live belly dancing!

24 Hour Restaurant
Sometimes you might be super hungry after hours from going out.  If you are craving medium rare filet mignon at 2 am go to 13 Coins.

Momiji – If you love sushi, please go to Momiji.  I don’t have a favorite on their menu because everything is my favorite there!  I love ordering their green tea tiramisu for dessert.

Puerto Rican
La Isla – If you love plantains, they have plantain everything here.  If you want something zesty, savory, hearty flavors go here.  You will have a food coma, so advice not going on a run after dinner.


Heartwood Provisions— exquisite cocktails, located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

Canon—if you are a whisky connoisseur, go here! 

Maya’s Picks
Marketing Communications Manager at Standard Goods.

Maya enjoys drawing, cooking and watching documentaries.

Places To Eat:

Café Pettiroso is a favorite. They have great brunch and a really good happy hour. I suggest the tofu scramble. 

I love Café Presse for breakfast/brunch as well. It’s like an escape to Paris in Seattle. Great Croque Monsieur and fries.  

The London Plane is a really amazing restaurant in Pioneer Square, really nice ambiance and stunning interior décor.

Manao Thai is a super delicious little Thai sit down or take out place.

Victrola has the best coffee.

I really like Ivar’s Clam Central Station on the pier. I always order either the fried clams or the red clam chowder.

DeLaurenti Food & Wine shop in Pike Place market. Imported Italian groceries, food and wine

Black Bottle in Belltown for delicious small plates and great drinks.


Niche Outside, beautifully and artfully curated stop hidden in Chophouse Row.  Next to Kurt Farm Shop which has amazing locally made ice cream.

Le Labo Perfume, just recently opened here in Seattle. One of my favorite fragrance companies.

Prism in Ballard. Really cute little shop with gifts/clothing etc.

E  Smith Mercantile. Clothing shop with a back cocktail bar.

Freemont Vintage Mall. Definitely worth checking out. Huge antique and vintage selection.

On 15th avenue there is a nice little strip of shops and restaurants.

Station 7 is  beautiful store.

To See:

Seattle Public Library is definitely the coolest library.

Olympic Sculpture Park.

Quentin’s Picks
Back-stock Assistant at Standard Goods. 

Quentin is a high school student that likes to build things.  He has aspirations of becoming an under-water welder. 


Madison Park Beach
There are a lot of cool places to go in Seattle. I personally love some of the beaches close to my house. Madison park beach is a nice beach if you have little kids, there are ice cream trucks in the summer and a lot of cool shops all around

There are so many tiny beaches all along lake Washington, just walk along-side the lake and you are bound to cross a small beach that most of the time there is no one there. I go to these when I need to clear my head or get away from the big beeches if there are too many people.

Seattle Arboretum
Taking a walk in the arboretum is amazing. I personally love being outdoors and there are so many paths to explore there.

North Cascades

If you are willing to take a longer trip I recommend the north cascades, they are absolutely amazing. Even for a casual day hike they can still make for an amazing trip.

Chloe’s Picks

Junior Buyer at Standard Goods. 

Chloe is currently a business-management major at Seattle University, and originally from Portland, Oregon.


Café Presse
is one of my favorites for Croque Monsieur.

Ba Bar
For lunch, I recommend for the combo vermicelli bowl is amazing. After that, a trip to Hello Robin is a must for a cookie/ice cream sandwich!


The Seattle Art Museum
One of my favorite places to go. A stop at Storyville Coffee for a latte after makes for a perfect rainy afternoon.


Volunteer Park
A walk to Volunteer Park and a look inside the conservatory is always a fun time. If you’re feeling up to it, a stair climb up the water tower makes for a good view.


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