Seas and Peas, Witty Fun and Local!

Seas and Peas is a local Seattle-based greeting card company started up by Chad and his partner Claudio! Owner and operator of Seas and Peas, Chad, joins Junior Buyer Chloe Harris to tell us more about his company. Standard Goods is lucky to carry such a wonderful and hilarious brand, and are excited to share with you another of our favorite local makers.

Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

First, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand!

Hello! My name is Chad and I own and operate Seas and Peas, a Seattle-based greeting card company. Seas and Peas was established in 2009 by myself and my partner Claudio. We create original and funny greeting cards, birthday cards, pop culture-inspired cards, and button and magnet sets. All of our cards are printed on 100% recycled cardstock and all of our products are proudly made in the USA. Our work has been featured online on Buzzfeed, HuffPost, Jezebel, DesignTAXI, and HelloGiggles and in the print publication Rue Morgue. Select designs can be found at Urban Outfitters and Paper Source locations worldwide.

Your products and company have such a fun ideology about them, where do you think you got your sense of humor?

Thank you for saying that! First, I think where and when I grew up has had a lot of influence on my sense of humor. As a chubby gay kid growing up Mormon in a 1980s Nebraska football town, I needed all the humor in my life that I could get! Humor is a great defense when you are a kid with nothing else in your arsenal and I used it in that way, to disarm people and make friends. People like to laugh and I was able to figure out how to make them.

Secondly, I feel my sense of humor has been shaped by the movies and television that I watched, the music that I listened to, the magazines and books I read, news and politics, even the fashion. Movies in particular were a huge part of my life from a very early age and as a latchkey kid with a single mother, I had a lot of freedom to watch what I wanted to watch, for better or worse. Of course as a 12 year-old watching “Porky’s” or “Friday the 13th”, I thought it was great!

What was your inspiration for starting Seas and Peas?

In 2009 I graduated from film school and I was working on films here and there in different capacities. One of the jobs that I had during that time was to procure for the costume department of a feature film a large number of punk rock buttons for people to wear during a concert scene. Claudio bought me a button/magnet press to make my job easier, knowing that I would use the press after the film project was complete, and he was right. I started making buttons and magnets out of anything I could find and eventually started making original designs under the name Seas and Peas.

During this time I also worked at a video store on Capitol Hill and I started selling my buttons and magnets there, where I found the response very positive. In 2010, Claudio and I launched our Seas and Peas Etsy shop, where we initially sold just our buttons and magnets. After a few months we started making greeting cards because I felt that there was an untapped market for pop culture-related cards. Since the beginning, I have been chiefly responsible for the content and design of all of the cards, while Claudio contributes artwork from time to time and elbow grease constantly.

People often ask how we came up with our business name, so I may as well mention it. The name of our business comes from the first names of both of our moms—Claudio’s late mother Carmen is the C in our name (Seas) and my mother Patricia is the P in our name (Peas). You can’t go wrong naming something after your mom, right?! And that goes double with two moms, I would imagine.

Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

I know you are originally from Nebraska. What is your favorite part about living in Seattle?

I love the climate in Seattle, year-round; it is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. I appreciate how moderate the climate is here. Even when it is hot, it really isn’t that hot. The cold isn’t too cold. Every day I walk from my apartment on Capitol Hill to my office in the SODO district and back again, and every day I think to myself how beautiful, rough-around-the-edges, and varied this city is. Really just a stunning place.
Most importantly, I love that Seattle is a progressive city, politically and socially. People are free to be who they are here and there are so many diverse people in this city and that really appeals to me. For the most part, people mind their own business and let you mind yours. I love this city and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

Are there any products you would like to expand to? If so, what?

Oh yes, I have so many plans for new products and so little time! Particularly, I am really excited to put our designs on t-shirts. Designing t-shirts is very exciting to me because they would allow a new freedom in our designs that we haven’t had with greeting cards, both in the scale of the design and in the fact that unlike greeting cards, t-shirts do not need to be tied to an occasion. That is really a different ballgame. I already have a few really good t-shirt ideas and cannot wait to see them finished. I have a very good feeling about Seas and Peas t-shirts; I think we could kill it. J

I would also love to create some fun movie and/or television promotional items. Working at the video store for many years, we would often get really clever promotional items from the movie studios, like “The Fight Club” bar soap or “Funny Games” gloves or “Resident Evil” hand sanitizer. I would love to do something like that, but coming from a fan-art point of view. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” erasers, “Memento” jigsaw puzzles, or “The Miracle Worker” water bottles?
Seas and Peas has really taken off in the past few years, do you have any goals next?

My biggest goal in the next year is to really up our online presence and get better at the social media part of running a business. That is really something that has been hard for me to do, and I need to get better at it. Marketing is a big part of that as well; I have never been great at selling myself, so I am learning as I go along.

In the long, long term, I would love to move to Florida with all of my best girlfriends, where we would hang out on wicker furniture on the lanai during the day and eat cheesecake together at night. Much like “The Golden Girls”. Okay, exactly like “The Golden Girls”.

What is your favorite product and why?

Wow, that is so hard! I would have been able to choose one when we had 50 designs or even 100 designs, but at this point we have over 500 card designs so it is really hard to pick a favorite! That said, I do personally love all of our horror-themed cards, of which we have many. “The Shining” and “It’s Alive!” have provided inspiration for a few of my favorite horror-inspired cards. As far as collections go, I think we have a very original Christmas & Hanukkah card selection. Where else can you go to get a “Brady Bunch”-inspired Hanukkah card or a “Silence of the Lambs”-inspired Christmas card?

Also, as far as favorite products go, I really should give a shout-out to our “Rosemary’s Baby” Mother’s Day card design, which has always been one of my favorites and I apparently liked it enough to get tattooed on my arm (!) a few months back. Seriously. Pic attached!

Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

Pablo's Legs, In Boots

This coming art walk at Standard Goods we will be featuring artist Celestine Ocean. She is also in the band that will be performing! We got the chance to learn a bit about Pablo’s Legs - what inspires them and their music making process. They are influenced by bands such as Talking Heads and have been compared to Stereolab. Celestine is really inspired musically by Fiona Apple, Scout Niblett, Santigold, and Cat Power to name a few. They describe their genre as “space jazz.”
What's the origin of your band's name? Have you changed the name before?
The name Pablo's Legs was inspired by the day we saw our friend Pablo Quevedo's legs. We had never seen them before and those fabulous legs inspired the band name and eventually the creation of the band.
When did you form the band? What inspired you to make music together?
We formed the band around April 2016. It really started as a random jam sesh in which the song "Splunk" was written and we just kept jamming from then on. Gianni added to the band later and he has been recording our upcoming album titled "In Boots".
Who writes your songs? What are the main themes/ topics of your songs?
Celestine writes the lyrics. Mick, Gianni and Ryan write the bass, guitar, keyboard and drum parts and then we all mold and develop the songs into more final versions together. Themes and topics kind of vary and aren't explicit in our songs, mainly about expression and being in touch with your funky self.
Could you briefly describe the music-making process? Anything exciting in the works? Do you have any upcoming shows?
We all get together and start jamming on a bass riff or a drum beat, then Celestine jumps on and improvises lyrics over the music. We usually record the improv to go back to it later and take parts that we liked to make them into a song. Sometimes someone from the band brings a song idea in that they wrote and we create off of that, but usually we do the improv jam then create songs out of that. A lot of our creation is improv based, even when we perform we never really do the same thing twice.
We have a lot of fun stuff in the works, we have a music video and single coming out of our song "Silverbox". We have an album on the way and we have a show on December 14th for the Capitol Hill art walk in support of Celestine's art exhibit.
What's your ultimate direction for your band?
Keep on creating music, keep on having fun! If a record deal slips in the mix, we won't complain.

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Celestine Ocean

Join Standard Goods next Thursday December 14th for a solo art show by Celestine Ocean. She is a multifaceted artist interested in the colorful worlds that exists inside each individual. Her childlike wonder and approach to art making is refreshing. We had the pleasure to chat with her about life and art. Get to know Celestine before the show!, in this interview.
Stop by the shop Thursday evening and hear music from her band Pablo's Legs too!
First off! Take us back to when you first started creating art?

Oh wow, I remember I was about 4 or 5, the first thing I ever colored in was this small cat drawing in a coloring book I had. That was also the same time I learned how to write my name (which is not an easy name to spell for a 5 year old.) I started being attracted to art at a really young age. I loved it. I mainly started with coloring books and then in elementary school I became super interested in making my own artwork. I was also a big fan of writing fictional stories and reading. I read a lot. Once I learned how to read I never stopped.

My childhood was a lot of moving around, at risk of being homeless. It was hard for me to attend school regularly and I wasn't very good at math so I always felt inferior in school settings where highly academic classes were rewarded more than artistic ones. Making artwork freed my mind of what was going on at home and made me feel confident in a school setting which really helped me work hard to finish school and continue my education after high school.

Describe your drawing style in a few words?

Whimsical, quirky, abstract.

Do you have anything you are looking forward to in 2018? What were yo
passionate about this past year?

I currently attend Cornish College of the arts but I am doing a study abroad program through Cornish to attend an art school in Florence, Italy. I'm leaving January 2018 and it is honestly a dream come true. I have always wanted to study and live in Italy. I could not be more happy about it! This past year I was really passionate about keeping up with my filmmaking and I will continue that next year and beyond.

Where did you grow up?

First part of my childhood I grew up on Maui, then I moved to Orcas Island and lived there until I graduated high school and then I moved to Seattle!
If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?

Ooo. Mint chocolate chip.
What inspires you the most?

People on the street (da ba de da day). My life experiences, past, current and future. My partner Gianni. All my friends and family. Struggling. It's all beautiful and it's all part of the inspiration.

Do you have a mantra you live by?

"I'm just an egg floating in the ocean."

If your life was a movie what would the title be and who would you like to play you?

Oh man. Why is that a hard question! I feel like it would be a documentary and I would film my real life. OR it would be an animated cartoon. As for the title, maybe "The Celestine Prophecy"...

Can you tell us a little about what you will be sharing during your Solo Show at Standard Goods Art walk?

I will be sharing a mix of drawings, paintings, and film work I have done over the past year. Also I will be selling handmade earrings and possibly posters and postcards.

Anything else you'd like to share? :)

I'm excited! Come to the show on December 14th! My band Pablo's Legs is playing. It will be a fun and probably weird time you won't want to miss.

Soultanz, Something Old and New

We are stoked to be hosting Soultanz as our musical guests for Art Walk. The dynamic duo Singer/Producer Shayan Mashayekh and Producer Jared Rubens have a soulful feel while incorporating hip hop, electronic and RnB. Come by and hear for yourself. :) 
We caught up with Soultanz to learn more about how they got their start and what gives them inspiration. read on...
Introduce us to each member of Soultanz - Tell us a little about Soultanz? 
Soultanz always maintains a soulful feel while incorporating hip-hop, RnB, and electronic elements into the groove. The duo out of Seattle is comprised of singer/producer Shayhan Mashayekh and producer Jared Rubens, who often feature local talent.
Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk
Shayan began as singer/songwriter who quickly evolved into a talented producer. As a singer, he has been featured on songs by Sol, BFA, Zetes, and more to come. He counts Bradley Nowell of Sublime, Kaytranada, and Michael McDonald as his influences. 
Soultanz Seattle Band Music, Seattle art walk, Soultanz music interview with band

As a producer, Jared is deeply involved in the composition of the music, spending long hours arranging samples, recording live instruments and writing lyrics. He describes as his primary influences as Madlib, Jay Dee, and Latin-American music. 
Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk 
How did you get started? 
Jared Rubens met Shayhan on Soundcloud in 2011 and they have been collaborating ever since. 
Soultanz music, Seattle music, Standard Goods Seattle Art walk
Where does your inspiration come from?
Our inspiration has its ups and downs just like life. It comes from many angles. Pain, love, feeling trapped, world corruption, etc.

We let the music speak to us. I've (Shayhan) always said, " Ride the beat and don't force the beat to ride you.”
Soultanz music
What would you say is your greatest achievement so far? 
Creating an album you are proud of.
What would you say is your ultimate goal for the band?
To be timeless plain and simple.   
Any upcoming gigs that your looking forward to playing? 
October 12th at Standard goods of course! We have a show with The Bad Tenants on 10/28 at W Hotel and then we will be headed to Salem and Portland

Oregon for back to back shows on 11/3 and 11/4. Starting at Victory Club and ending at The Saturday Tavern. 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Alba Juliao

Join Standard Goods next Thursday October 12th for the P O R T A L S exhibit by Seattle photographer Alba Juliao. Also a live music performance from Soultanz. Get to know more about Alba in our interview with her below! 

Get more information about this months artwork on our event page. 
Describe your style as an artist to us?  
The methods come from cinema and light. I started making pictures due to the movies, because it's the almost the same-but it's frozen and broken up, and then broken up again or taken apart. I've been working with film photography for about 12 years and every day I learn more about light, manipulation of film, and alternative processing.
Do you come from a creative family?
I come from a family of musicians, so yes. My mother and father were always playing music for us. My father, owned his own radio station in Panama, where I grew up, and my mother spent a lot of time teaching me the different dances of the world.
Who do you look up to most to as an artist? Any muses? 
I look up to several artists. To name a few: László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham, Luis Buñuel, and Lou Reed.
Where do you look to for resources and inspiration?
Inspiration comes from anything. From outer space to whatever is standing in front of me. The movie Blow up by Michelangelo Antonioni has been a constant inspiration in my life. At times, I'm not sure why, but it's either the imagery or the story that always gets me going.
What do you love most about shooting film? 
I love the process the most. It's hard not to be involved once you know how it works. From the moment I reel the film into the camera, to double-exposing, pushing/pulling the ISO, playing with light to then developing and printing in the darkroom. It is the most fulfilling moment when you have total control of the medium. Getting to experiment with it hands on keeps me absorbed; tuned in.
Favorite subject matter? 
The visual world, language, and its impact.
Describe your favorite photograph you have ever taken? 
I can't answer this one. There are some I love and some I don't. Doesn't anyone?
Favorite city to visit? 
Boquete, Panama. Where I was born.  
If you could travel back in time to any time period, where would you go? 
Difficult one, but right now, it's between traveling back to Germany 1922, to be part of the Bauhaus school of art focusing on movement and constructivism, and seeing Bob Dylan go electric at The Royal Albert Hall in 1966.
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
Excited to work with the Standard Good family! And I look forward to expanding my work out here in Seattle, for now. 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Eden Garcia

Join Standard Goods Thursday September 8th for Capitol Hill Art Walk. In an exhibit entitled WANDERLUST, featuring two Seattle based photographers. We sat down with Seattle Artist and Photographer Eden Garcia to learn more about him and his photography.  

Eden E Garcia Lopez is a photographer showing a collection of desired details composed into portraits. He captures the memory of aged colors and their textures with intention, as a time in place in which life exists in rhythm of the spirit. The subjects and settings hint to show how life and roles function according to the aging character. Using 35mm film as the tool, each frame is captured with the hopeful fulfilment of its memory. Eden's series of photos are brief moments from wandering the streets of Oaxaca.

Hello, tell me a little about yourself.  Where are you from?  How long have you been living in Seattle? What do you love about living here?

Hi I'm Eden, I've been here in Seattle since the mid 90's. At this point consider myself at home in this city. I was born in the lower part of Mexico in the State of Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ka). A place known for a lot of artisans and craft makers that practice traditional methods. With a variety of mediums, the use color seems to stand out as a distinctions of it's place in Mexico's visual arts. I find myself happy having this place as my place of origin and how it has pushed me to be a creator.

What's one of your favorite experiences as a photographer?

Being a photographer has been a reminder of quick note taking to details that make my day. It has always felt nice way to look back on those favorite moments, and the subject of how they interact in their surroundings. Some are people that I have gotten a chance to interact with, and some are weathered textures.. I always find myself lucky for those moments of spontaneous wanderlust.

Describe three ways to describe what you will be sharing with our guests during the "Wanderlust" art show coming up this Thursday at Standard Goods:

I would say it is, minimalistic photographs, of singular subjects, with a play of colors of moments in Oaxaca.

What kind of feelings does photography give you as an artist?

It feels like a magic power to visually steal something instantly.

Who are figures in the art world that influences or inspires you and why?

Currently a lot of what inspires me is media based, particularly instagram photographers that I would have never come across. Most of which focus on singular subjects, minimal shapes, and use of themed color palettes for each photo. For example you can look up icecreamppl, p.slim, matchboycollective, synder.erica, all of which have similarities to what Bill Cunningham's candid street photography feels like. Although some may have been directed or composed in a particular way, they still seem to hold a genuine relaxed way about their style of shooting photo's.

What are you excited about in this art show, "Wanderlust"?

I was really attracted to be showing a series with this theme. If there is one idea of what I find myself getting into on my free time, and a bit of film. It would most likely be me testing the limits to see how far I could wander before getting lost. I am always curious to see if I go just a little bit further from where I started happens to be the lucky place, where something special is.  

If you could choose anyone from anywhere and anytime to come to this show, who and why?

If I could bring Vivian Maier, that would be a dream. The work that she produced in her lifetime, and was only recently discovered. Portrayed an ideal skill that many photographers aim to become. The proximity of how close she could get to the subject. Her interest to street portraits in black and white, and also color seem so genuine in the way that it's almost as if she had known these people in the street. She composed them they way they were when she first saw them. She held that magic touch of charming a passing stranger for a quick still of their memory. A true wanderer with a camera.

What is a place you have been wanting to shoot at and why?

At this current time I can only imagine this place as a state of being. It would just be the way the light hits, or the way a glance happens. This could be anywhere, I would not need to go too far to find it, but rather I could be ready, and conscious of it about to happen.

If you could share or give advice to an aspiring photographer, what would you tell them?

For me taking photo's has always been moments that could make a good memory, in a way that could be personal to you or the person intended in receiving the image. There has always been a genuine love for what a camera is, it's function as a tool and falling in love with the process that creates each image. Whether it's the satisfactory sound of the shutter clicking at just the right moment, or the moment when you look back and remember that very second of when you took it. I would tell anyone who wants to become a better photographer to always feel responsible in creating these moments. There aren't ever enough ways show a something special that needs no words to describe. Take the photo you want.

Thank you for your time,  If you would like us to add or share anything else, like social media/website/portfolio in behalf of your photography:

Of course, happy to be sharing a bit with you. Feel free to check a little bit more of on my range in photograph on my website, and instagram

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Eden Garcia

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Isabela Garcia

For the month of March, we decided to include Standard Goods for the Second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk that takes place every month.  Seattle Artist Isabela Garcia reached out to us after the successful grand opening party; she wanted to inquire about showing a few of her film prints and polaroids for artwalk.  This became Isabela's third art show in a row here in Seattle, in time before she travels to Europe for a few weeks.  We are very pleased with the turn out and look forward to showing other local artists in the area.  

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Isabela Garcia

For artists with interest in showing their work at Standard Goods for future Second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk, please email:

Land Bird Flies Into Standard Goods


Here at Standard Goods, we carry carefully handmade ceramics by Nancy Froehlich known as Land Bird.  They are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  Froehlich is a versatile artist based in Portland; she is identified as a design educator, photographer, curator, and potter.  Standard Goods store owner Jeff found artist Froehlich at the Seattle Renegade Craft Fair (RCF) during Summer 2015.  RCF is a worldly recognized reoccurring gathering, founded in 2003 for independent craft artists.  12 years later, RCF has attracted 325,000 attendees from 22 events in 8 cities.  Art fairs are held in Chicago, IL; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and London, UK.  We are very delighted to have stumbled into Froehlich among the countless numbers of creative vendors involved in RCF.  

For more information about 
Nancy Froehlich
visit her website:






Eugene Oregon Based, Will Leather at Standard Goods

Will Leather Goods is a family owned business based in Eugene, Oregon.  We believe in supporting and spreading the word of products such as theirs, which we carry here in Standard Goods.  The source of these beautifully crafted leather goods begins from the founder and creative individual, Will Adler. 

Even though Will Adler comes from three generations - grandfather, father, and brother - who were all involved in the garment business, Adler pursued his passion for acting.  His accomplishments in acting were endless, which eventually led to the growth of his current endeavors.  After graduating from Goodman in Chicago, Dennis Quaid became his understudy.  This was a big opportunity for Adler in his acting career.  Some shows he acted in were Trapper John, Laverne & Shirley, and Kotter.  Two years after he graduated acting school, Adler became part of Hollywood's Screen Actors Guild.

In 1981, the same year Adler had his first son, the Screen Actors Guild strike also took place.  During that period, he realized he needed to find another source of income.  That is when Adler's brother Robert helped him by giving him the chance to sell belts at the Venice Boardwalk!  The business went so well that Adler and his wife Sandy moved their wholesale business to Banning, California where they set up their factory.  As their growth continued, Adler and his wife Sandy came to the consensus to move up the pacific northwest. 

In 1992, Adler and Sandy's new home became Eugene, Oregon.  In the same year, the Bill Adler Studio was born.  In his studio, Adler designed and developed Goods for brands such as Levi's, Dockers, and  Calvin Klein.  Today, Will Leather Goods can be found in Eugene, Portland, San Francisco, Venice, Detroit, and New York City!  Their products are intricately created with new found materials.  Adler makes the old new again by finding the most unique materials from around the world.  Not only is Adler an advocate for sustainability in his Will Leather Goods brand, but he also helps our unprivileged youth here in the U.S. In his "Give Will" program, Adler's backpack donations focuses on students who reside in low-income neighborhoods and under funded schools.  We are proud to carry his products and strive to support brands that are eco-conscious here at Standard Goods.