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Travel with Maya: Montauk, New York

Summer is over but i'm still dreaming about my time spent in Montauk. If you aren't familiar, Montauk is a magical little beach town at the very tip of Long Island just past the Hamptons. It's literally "The End." There’s nothing quite like summer in New York City, but personally I can't bare the heat. Montauk is close enough to get away and really feel like you are on vacation. Just a few hours by car, train or the Jitney bus. Growing up in New York I have cherished summers in Montauk with my family; it's been my families home away from home since I was born. I recently went back to visit and Montauk was one of the highlights of my trip. I would love to share some of my favorite spots.

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Ditch Plains Beach is by far the best beach in town. It's known for killer waves and surfing but great for swimming too. The Ditch Witch is a food wagon/truck, located in the parking lot. Great wraps and iced beverages.  The perfect place to grab a little something to eat while at the beach. 


Montauk New York


There are loads of great restaurants. But to name a few favorites... Joni's is an amazing breakfast/brunch spot. It's a cute little organic cafe with a wonderful diverse menu. When I was little I loved John's Drive-In. It’s basically a fast food burger joint with a vintage vibe. They also have good ice cream too. For lunch I love The Clam and Chowder House at Salivar’s Dock - amazing sushi and fish and chips. The seafood literally comes off the boats docked outside, and goes into the kitchen. Gosman's Dock is a favorite, we have always bought fish at their market to cook at home and it's a great place to just shop around. 

Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk New York


If it's your first time visiting Montauk definitely go to the lighthouse. It's a beautiful landmark and worth checking out. If you don't feel like paying the fee to climb to the top I recommend taking a hike to the beach and along the rocky dunes. 

To watch the sunset and grab a drink The Montauket is hard to beat. I’m biased because our home has the same view :) Also The Surf Lodge is a cool spot!
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