Where moving our Capitol Hill Store location!

After 5 years at 701 E. Pike we are moving to a new location in Capitol Hill!
The new location will be  501 E. Pike St. formerly 'Baseline Fitness,' in the Dunn Motor Building, next to Tavolàta!



The New digs

The past year has been a challenge and it's fitting that we can say hello to a new space and welcome everyone back from a very long year. 

In the new location we'll have more open space for everyone and some much needed room, not only for shopping comfort but also for safety. 


501 east pike before

Upcoming mockup

501 east pike after

picture of new space while under contstuction

When can you visit the new space?

Short answer May 1st.

We are currently hard at work moving and building out the new space. 
the plan is for 701 E. Pike St. to be closed on April 28 -29th while we move and set up. There will be soft openings if things go smoothly. 

We Thank all of you for supporting us and look forward to welcoming you to our new space!!!

We heard you like hats!

We like hats, too. Especially dad hats. We have tons of hats that’ll make you want to say, “COME TO DADDY!”

No one knows how to max and relax like a dad—let these hats be a Summer 2020 inspiration to you. Made of 100% cotton with an adjustable strap, they are built for comfort. We have an eclectic array of embroidered patterns—many of which were designed locally! You can represent the pacific northwest with our dad hats, celebrate your favorite “okayest” dad (or an okay dad wannabe). . . We even a hat-themed hat for true dad hat fans. Spice up your summer wardrobe & bring some of that sweet Big Dad Energy in to your life! Which hat is your favorite?

La Fonda, In The Summer

Get to know the ladies from La Fonda in this interview! They are is a lyrically driven indie dream pop collective from Seattle, led by sisters and singer-songwriters Veronica and Valerie Topacio. We are thrilled that they will be playing at Standard Goods for September Art Walk! Their sound is nostalgic, nodding to the 90's and early 2000's, the era that the sisters grew up in. Learn more abelow and be sure to come by Thursday September 13th to hear them live!

Where did you come up with the name La Fonda

There is a Jane Fonda Record hanging next to our practice space door at the Old Rainier Brewery that has been there ever since we moved in. "La Fonda" sort of slipped out of our tongue one day after one of our earlier band practices. In true millennial form, we looked up the word "Fonda" on Urban Dictionary and saw that it was defined as one who was "Down for Anything," so we were sold. 

Who are some of your musical icons or influences?

This is always a tough question to answer because we are lucky to be consuming in an age of never-ending artistry and music... but to name a few: Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Amy Winehouse, Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, No Doubt, Cranberries, Death Cab for Cutie, Alvvays... the list goes on and on...

Can you recall the age you were when you first realized creating music was something you loved doing?

Music has always been a very big part of our lives since as far back as we can remember. We were blessed with a household that encouraged singing at the top of our lungs, playing whatever instrument you could get our hands on, and song writing from a young age. It wasn't until four or five years ago when we realized that singing and writing songs was what we needed to be doing for our souls, so that is when we started taking creating music seriously and using it as a compass to guide and navigate the direction of our lives. 

What era inspires you the most? 

Nostalgia inspires us. We are drawn to the 90s & early 2000s, for this time encapsulates our childhood and lives in the fabric of our beings as we work to find our way amidst a digitalized society. We used to watch TRL religiously after school and obsess over movies like "10 things I hate about you" and "She's All That". We made our friends & cousins who came over to our house play our own version of MTV's "Say What? Karaoke" and make up dance routines to Ace of Base and TLC with us. We love entertaining and turning art into a song...made even better if space buns, chokers, fishnets, and knee highs are included.

When you write a new song, how do you get started?

It varies. Sometimes we work on things separately then come together, or we spend months and months jamming on a few ideas before it actually becomes anything at all. Other times songs reveal themselves in 5 minutes. We both religiously carry around journals everywhere we go and coming together in the living room is always a special place. We could spend hours just jamming sifting through notebook pages, going back and forth until we give each other "the look" of "hey...maybe this could be something."

Has La Fonda brought you closer as sisters? Do you ever butt heads?

We are closer than we have ever been. Music is the way we communicate and entangles and enriches our sisterhood. There is nothing more magical than sharing a dream with your sister, that person who knows your life better than sometimes we know our own selves. We feel extremely blessed to have La Fonda as a shared platform and vision...for our songs truly do light the way for us to heal and connect. The nice thing about working with family is when we butt heads (boy, do we ever) we get over things easily knowing that our intention is always in the best interest of each other. 

Tell us the story behind your new single In The Summer?

This is one of those songs that we kept jamming on for months & months until it finally came together. It's about a love that has kept coming in and out of your life and then finally, you just have to let it go and be okay with what it was. There will always be that feeling of "what if" and it is okay to smile about that sometimes. 

How many hours a day do you spend practicing? 

Depends on the day - As a band we meet 2x/week and can practice for 3-4 hours. Individually, we practice as much as we possibly can. I think we are all pretty much thinking and dreaming about something music related 24/7. 

Where do you see your career going in the future? 

The more time and resources we pour into our dream of being full-time creatives and musicians, the more it seems to be becoming a reality. La Fonda is a big part of our future and ultimately, there is nothing we want more than to continue to tour and share our music with as many places and people that we possibly can. 

Any exciting upcoming gigs?

None that we can announce...but we are excited to be caving up this fall and winter continuing work on recording & producing our debut Album. We are stoked!!!

Guy Keltner, From Acid Tongue

 We are so excited to have Guy Keltner joining us for our August Art Walk performance! Guy has recently moved back to Seattle from New York, and we are thrilled to welcome him to Standard Goods Art Walk! He is one member of the band Acid Tongue, and will be performing solo for us.

Stop by Thursday, August 9th for free music, art, and as always- beer!

Read on to learn more about Guy!

 Standard Goods Art Walk Guy Keltner

Tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from?

 My family is all from Los Angeles, but my mom & dad moved us up to Seattle when I was a teenager. After high school, I stuck around, went to UW for Economics, spent most of my 20s here, and I just moved back after living in Brooklyn the past two years.


How and where did you become so musically talented?

 I started really young. My folks had me on piano at five, and then I was given a guitar when I turned 10. I think the most important thing in my education was to write a lot of music, at a really young age. I started making my own songs at 11 or 12, so I'm almost two decades in and I still learn new things every day.


What is your favorite song to perform and why?

Right now I love closing with "Careless". We change it just enough every time we play it, so it's always a new experience. The crowd seems really into it every time, and I let my bandmates take it in whatever direction feels right on any given night.


Since you normally perform as part of your band, Acid Tongue, how will this performance be different for you?

I can play any song I want. I might do some old Fox and The Law songs (my band from a few years back), or I might play some covers. I might just goof off and do a medley of whatever feels good at the moment.


Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music world and why?

Probably like a lot of artists, I have no biggest inspiration. I take from different things. Musically, Acid Tongue is heavily inspired by Jonathan Richman, Lou Reed, T Rex, and more contemporary stuff like Timber Timbre, Built to Spill and Charles Bradley. But I'm also taking stuff conceptually from Kurt Vonnegut, copping some of Anthony Bourdain's signature attitude, blending in influences from the beat poets.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

More stable financially, still making music I enjoy.


What is your song creation process like?

Depends on the song. Sometimes it starts lyrically, maybe its a melody, or maybe just a good idea for a riff.


What has been your biggest accomplishment as a musician thus far?

Touring Europe and the UK. Coming home and playing in-studio at KEXP. Then headlining my own festival (the Freakout). Last fall was great.



How do you distinguish yourself from other artists out there today?


I don't worry about the other artists. I stay true to who I am.


If you could collaborate with any musician or band past or present, who would you chose and why?

Sly Stone, before all of the drugs rotted his brain.


Do you have any exciting upcoming gigs?

August 10th, opening up for Built to Spill at South Lake Union Block Party. We're also touring England in September, and going to Mexico City in October.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Please attend this year's Freakout Festival! We'll be performing, alongside a ton of amazing bands (this year we have some killer headliners!): https://www.the-freakout.com


For more on Guy, check out his Website and Youtube

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy

We are excited to have Brian Leahy as one of our two August Art walk featured artists! Brian and Katie's joint show, Northwest Kaleidoscope, will be featured at our Capitol Hill Art Walk on Thursday, August 9th. Stop by to check out their incredible work and enjoy free beer and music from Guy Keltner!

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy

First, tell us a bit about yourself as an artist?

 My love for the mountains, wild places, flora and fauna goes as far back as I can remember. I took an art class most years in school, but it wasn't until I was living in Colorado after college that I had this 'epiphany' where I was like, waiitttt a second...I can draw whatever I want, not just what's assigned in class! (Still lives of fruit in a bowl, I'm lookin' at you! jk ;). I started experimenting with markers and soon after, acrylic paint. 

 The natural world was instinctively my first subject, and it remains my most common subject to this day. I find our relationship as humans with nature and the planet to be a mix of fascination, inspiration, and at times, concern. We've accomplished so much as a species. We've also altered our environment a lot to get here, and we are starting to learn the impact of our actions. Some of my works are inspired by what we've lost, like wild open space, or more than 10 minutes of uninterrupted silence before a plane passes by overhead. Some works are me dreaming up potential futures, like the painting "Crowded Haunts", where nothing remains but cityscapes, and the ghosts of trees loom overhead. Others are inspired by the idea that maybe the planet will recover after we've gone (example: the trees growing over buildings in "Victory Day"). 

 It can sound kinda 'doom and gloom' when I explain it like that, haha. But I think that change happens in degrees. Someone 300 years in the future from now will not really truly know what the planet used to be like, in the same way that I really have no idea what the place felt like 300 years ago. (I like to imagine it was pretty great, but then again I don't have to worry about dying from a tooth ache, or something seemingly small like that). So maybe they won't be very depressed about the missing rainforests, or miss the silence, because they never experienced it. In that sense, I like to think of my art as more of a record of a place and time. A time that was a crossroads for humanity and nature. We're living in the beginning of the Anthropocene - the period in Earth's history where human activity was the dominant influence on the environment and climate.

 In the last year I've started messing around with digital illustration in Photoshop. Recently I've been feeling a little guilty about the fact that I'm making art about the environment, but using trees for the paper, markers that aren't really recyclable, resources to ship prints, etc. Markers remain my favorite medium, other than that. I like not having to remix colors, plus they're portable and they still provide a level of blendability and vibrancy like paint does. 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy 

Where are you from? How did you end up in Seattle?

 I grew up on the coast of Massachusetts and went to college in New Hampshire. My friend was finishing up college in Colorado when I graduated and he invited me to visit. I didn't leave. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for about 5 1/2 years before deciding to make the move to Seattle. I had visited the city and the coast a few times and instantly fell for the Olympic Peninsula. The music scene here was also a big factor for me. It's great in Colorado, too, but a little more my style here. Plus, the big city offers lots of chances for networking, tons of great venues for shows, etc. 

What types of pieces will you be showing at Art Walk?

 I will be showing a mix of originals and prints. The majority were created with marker on paper, and some are acrylic paint on wood.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy

Your pieces are so vibrant and striking! Where do you get the inspiration for this style?

 Thanks! I definitely love messing around with many colors in one work, or picking a set of colors at the beginning and using just those together. The vibrancy might be mostly a side effect of the mediums. Markers especially – I feel like the colors tend to 'pop' off the page due to the bright white paper showing through. 


What do you hope to convey to viewers through your art?

If my art makes someone feel something – anything – I'm happy. I've discovered that what one piece means to me personally might not be what someone else got out of it. 

 I like to think that some of the more overtly environmental pieces like "Crowded Haunts" might prompt the viewer to think about humanity's impact and what we're leaving for our ancestors. But if you just like the colors and the vibe of it, that's great too! I will be the first to admit that some of my works I drew mostly just because I hoped the colors and shapes might look cool, haha. 

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Andrew Hem, Cryptk, Faith XLVII, Sainer, Brendan Monroe AKA Brendan the Blob and Onur are some of my favorite muralists. Pascal Campion is one of my favorite illustrators working in digital. Sarah Joncas – love her painting style. The thought-provoking cartoonist/scientist behind XKCD. Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin & Hobbes. 


You are an overall very creative individual! Have you always been this way?

As far back as I can remember, makin' stuff has always been fun for me, and an escape from stressful situations or boredom. Legos were my jam back in the day! I still love them. 


If you could describe your art in three words, what would they be?

Colorful. Detailed. Semi-realistic.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brian Leahy

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Any bird that soars around mountain peaks, riding the thermals. A raven maybe, or an eagle or hawk. 


Do you have any exciting upcoming art projects or shows?

I recently started experimenting with making videos for my music, and I've been (slowly) learning how to animate drawings. I'm currently working on recording an EP with my art as the cover, and a few videos to accompany it! 


Check out Brian's Instagram and Youtube!

To buy pieces and prints, check out Brian's online store!



Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

We are excited to have Katie George back as one of our two August Art walk featured artists! Katie and Brian's joint show, Northwest Kaleidoscope, will be featured at our Capitol Hill Art Walk on Thursday, August 9th. Stop by to check out their incredible work and enjoy free beer and music from Guy Keltner!

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

We are so excited to have you back! Any updates since the last time you joined us for art walk?

 I’m so glad to be back! And yes, I’ll be presenting a very different collection that I am so excited about. Compared to my previous work, my newer pieces are all about color combinations, patterns, brushed fringe and 3D elements and they really break the barriers of standard macramé. What I love about each piece is that they have all turned out differently than the original image in my head because I get so inspired, mid-process, that I’ll take the idea in a new and better direction. I very much design each piece on the fly. I’ve also been experimenting with macramé/floral combos, which is a ton of fun.


Where do you find inspiration for making your art?

 I mostly find inspiration around the city since Seattle is such a creative and thriving place. I like to go on long walks and will generally look out for interesting colors palettes or patterns throughout my meandering. Sometimes I draft out patterns on grid paper. Sometimes I even just sit on the floor with all of my spools of string and let ideas come out of that.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

What is your creating space like?

 Currently, a bit of a mess. I live in less than 400 sq. feet so it’s kinda shoved into a corner of the apartment. I create everything on a garment rack and have my string somewhat arranged below that. Luckily I can see the TV from my space so that I can binge on Friends in the process.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

What are some of your favorite artists?

 My background is in film/video so my favorite artists are usually filmmakers. Wes Anderson is certainly number one. I think his use of color is extraordinary and he is very inspiring in the way he composes a scene. I think that macramé needs a lot of compositional thought put into it too. I also really love Tim Burton’s style and the way he adds elements of whimsy to generally dark palettes.


Do you have any exciting upcoming projects?

 I actually just finished a huge wedding altarpiece for one of my best friends. This was the first time making a piece like this and I really enjoyed the change of style it provided. I love the way it turned out and am definitely available for any future wedding backdrop commissions.


You are still fairly new to Seattle, how do you like it? Any favorite spots?

 I am loving the city and was so happy when summer finally came around! Well, Standard Goods, of course. I also find myself hovering around General Porpoise and Frankie and Jo’s deciding if I want a doughnut or vegan ice cream…sometimes it’s both!


If you were a food, what would you be?

 Probably a doughnut. They like to make people happy and they are full of possibilities and potential. I also just really like doughnuts too.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

I don’t have a specific artist in mind but it would be amazing to collaborate with someone in woodworking or ceramics because there are so many opportunities to combine those mediums with macramé.

 Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

Check out Katie's Instagram @katiegeorgemacrame, and Portfolio!

Shop Katie's online store here!

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

Join us next Thursday, July 12th for Capitol Hill Art Walk. We will be hosting musical guest Aleron along with our artist Kyra Anderson. 

Aleron Kelley is a poet, producer and MC known as Alterations. The Alterations project is a culmination of a experimental audio collage and hip hop instrumentals accompanied by poetic lyricism and ambient textures. This project spans an array of emotions from love to heartache sprinkled with cunning word play. Alterations has not released an official full length project and doesn't share much music online so everything you hear is exclusive and will be about as raw as it gets.

Read on to learn more about Aleron and his music.

 Aleron Kelley, Alterations

How would you describe your musicality?

Passionate lyrical delivery and stage presence with inventive instrumentals

 Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music world and why?

Probably Digable Planets and The Blue Scholars . My dad played Digable Planets for me as a kid and it was the first exposure to hip hop. As I got older and more involved in the local scene I started going to Blue Scholars shows and really dug Sabzis production and decided to start making beats. Oh, and MF DOOM.

Do you have any exciting upcoming gigs/performances? What are they?

I kinda play shows as they come around but don't have any specific plans on playing next. Although my brother has a little group called Apt_E which throws techno parties around town and I'd like to open up for one of those sometime soon. Follow Apt_E on Instagram.

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

What is your biggest goal as a musician?

To make people feel an array of emotions and get a peak into my head and see my vision.

What's your favorite part of being in Seattle? 

I’m Seattle born and raised and have traveled a bit but always come back to Seattle with a fond sense of home. I love the seasons. I wish the summers were longer.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Empathetic, explorer, deep-thinker.

Aleron Kelley, Alterations

What do you wish to convey to the audience through your music?

I would like to convey a feeling that just because things end it doesn't mean that its over. Stories can still be told and I hope that the stories I'm telling resonate with the people listening. Also to just vibe out to some cool beats.

Anything else you'd like people to know?

 It takes me a really long time to write music these days and I haven't made beats in ages. I'm kinda experimenting with performance at this point, but doing things like this inspire me to get back to work.  So thanks for the opportunity and expect more dopeness coming soon. 


For more info about Aleron and his music, check out his Website.

See more details about our event next Thursday, July 12th at Standard Goods. 

We can't wait to see you all there!



Standard Goods Featured Artist: Kyra Anderson

We are so excited to have Kyra Anderson again with us this year for our July 2018 Art Walk! We will be hosting her work along with local musician, Alterations on Thursday July 12th. 

Kyra Anderson is a local Seattle artist with a love for detail and design. The pieces in this show are inspired by the texture and form of animals, as well as the nature surrounding them surrounding them. The intricate patterns in fur, scales, and leaves are a huge influence because their natural design is elegant and effortless. Because animals are so colorful both literally and in personality, the pieces are as well - designed to bring some brightness to a space. Pieces are done in acrylic and india ink. Kyra hopes to make the viewer smile at a goody critter or stop and uncover the details in a painting.

Kyra Anderson Standard Goods Artist

We love broadcasting the talent of local artists here at Standard Goods. Stop by to take a look and enjoy some free beer and music!

Can you tell us a little about the pieces in this show?

My pieces in this show are inspired by animals and the intricate textures you can find on and around them. Because animals can so easily be regal and dignified, or silly and goofy, there’s a huge range of expression to draw from. From a young age, I felt a strong love for animals, and was obsessed with drawing birds and horses as a kid. With this show, I’m picking up where I left off, incorporating both literal animals, and textures inspired by them.

Kyra Anderson Standard Goods Artist

How would describe your own unique style?

I would describe my style as being focused on lines and shapes. I also put a lot of attention into details- the more detail I can pack into a piece, the better.

Where and how did you foster such a passion and talent for painting?

My initial interest in art was fostered by growing up in a creative family. We were always supported in expressing ourselves, and spent a lot of time out in nature. Growing up in a small town in Alaska, I loved to use watercolors and carve traditional masks. This interest was carried into high school, where I took it more seriously and practiced whenever I found the time. Moving to Seattle has also ignited passion for me, because I get to witness and be inspired by the amazing artists in this community.

Kyra Anderson Standard Goods Artist

How did you end up in Seattle?

I ended up in Seattle after I kept wanting to visit as often as possible. I loved the energy and opportunities Seattle offered, and still do. While moving to a larger city was daunting at first, I’ve been able to find a comfortable community here on Capitol Hill.

What artists have been the most inspirational for you?

My favorite stack of books as a kid were on famous great artists, reading about their lives pushed me to pursue art. The ones that stood out to me were Georgia O Keeffe, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, because they all had distinct styles that I admired. The other artists in my family have also greatly inspired me over the years.

How does your art reflect your personal life?

I’m always trying new things in my life, and I feel that reflects in my art. I love exploring and trying new things. Likewise, I enjoy testing new mediums and styles in my visual art. I’m also fond of design, and feel I put focus on elements of design within this show.

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

I find a lot of inspiration from the textures and shapes I witness walking around Seattle. The intricate textures within greenery and flowers is something I try to capture.

Kyra Anderson Standard Goods Artist

What are some other places you have shared your art?

I’ve done a handful of shows around Seattle, including a previous show at Standard Goods last year. I also share most of my work on my instagram, the link for which you can find below.

What mediums do you find most interesting to use?

I find ink the most interesting because it provides a clean, defined line. I can mark down details and know they’ll stay there forever. The risk of not being able to cover or erase any marks I’ve made is challenging sometimes, but it’s all the more satisfying when I do complete a piece.

If you could use three adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be​?

The first adjective I associate with myself is artistic, because it’s always been important to me. I definitely depend more on my right side brain than my left. I would also consider myself to be enthusiastic, as I try to give everything I do %110. Lastly, I try to be optimistic, because I feel most things can be improved with a positive outlook.

Kyra Anderson Standard Goods Artist

What are your favorite things about living in Seattle? Any ‘must-do’s’?

My favorite thing about living in Seattle is that there’s a spot for any mood. Whatever I’m feeling that day, I know I can find a place that matches that feeling. I always recommend the SAM to folks visiting Seattle, because it’s a great place to spend a few hours. Their exhibits are fantastic, and it’s a great way to get inspired. Also, I recommend that people check out all the gems that Capitol Hill has to offer- it’s a wonderful community that truly feels welcoming.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

That’s a tough one! Maybe “While I’m Alive” by STRFKR, because it’s a happy little song that has some good sentiments to it.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you to Kathreen, Chloe, Maya, and every other fantastic human in charge of making Standard Goods what it is. I appreciate you guys and the wonderful energy you bring to the hill. You rock.


Check out more of Kyra's work on her Instagram ! 
For more information on our July Art Walk: bit.ly/2tTl555 





Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary Robins

For Thursday during Capitol Hill Art Walk, Standard Goods will be showcasing Lady Renaissance Solo Art Exhibit by Mary Robins + The Landmarks

Thursday, June 14, 2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Live Music
by The Landmarks
8:30 pm

Mary Robins has been a Standard Goods featured artist in the past but mainly through our live musical performances!  This month, she is showing her visual art through photography and colors.

Her exhibit, as described by the artist:

Through a photographic narrative, this show highlights the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life.

While these pieces can seem fleeting in its experience, the small passing moment can be brought to life in photography and amplified to be consumed and felt by the viewer. 

By capturing the emotion within each small moment, we can learn to embrace the feelings we go through. 

~Mary Robins 

Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary Robins wearing Camp Collection from Standard Goods.Mary Robins in the Camp Collection Brooke Body Suit from Standard Goods.

Hello Mary, we are excited to be featuring you once again but this time for a solo show at Standard Goods!  What are you excited to share with us this month? 

    Thanks for having me! I'm excited to share a piece that's near and dear to me. These photos are a stream-of-consciousness look into peoples' minds in everyday life. It's a fun yet emotional piece, and very different from what I'm used to doing.

    Impromptu shoot with friends in their humble abode.
    Who are photographers and artists you are inspired by from the past or living today?

    I'm a big fan of Petra Collins' photography. Also Seattle photographers Sunny Martini and Rachel Bennett keep me motivated to constantly up my game. 

    Debbie Harry has an energy that I try to channel in everything I do. She has such charisma and fearlessness, and she's basically everything I strive to be. Also my mom. We used to watch a lot of Bob Ross together, and paint along to the show. She does every kind of painting you could think of, and isn't afraid to try new things.

    Who has been an important influence or biggest impact for you during these times of your creative pursuit ?

    I've been lucky to have an amazing group of friends and acquaintances who support and push me in what I do. 

    Rayana Jay shot for DEMGIRLS206 (for more info, visit: youtu.be/Gx9VHlNlRdQ ).

    What are you hoping to gain from this experience while showing your work to the public?

    For this upcoming show, I'm looking forward to showing a more personal side of my work. I've always had fear and doubts in myself showing emotion through my work, so this is kind of a turning point for me.

    Why is art and music important to you?  Can you describe the many ways this have put your in a positive environment?

    What I love about art and music is that it gives people common ground to connect on. I love the communities that are created around these scenes, and the amazing people I get to meet who are doing incredible work. Art and music has always given me something to fall back on.

    Portraiture, 2018 by Mary Robins.
    What advice would you give to another person who wants to pursue their passon in the arts or music insdustry? 

    Claim your craft. Don't call yourself an "aspiring" artist. If you make art, you're an artist fair and square. Mark your territory in your field.

    Also don't be afraid to make mistakes. I used to beat myself up over every little thing, but that never gets anything done. Once I started letting go of my ego and started creating without fear of failure, that's when the ball started rolling. 

    What is are some of your favorite restaurants in Seattle and why?

    My favorite happy hour is at Sugar Hill, Cafe Presse is my go-to late night spot, and Ivar's is my top pick all around. Consistently amazing fish and chips.

    Thanks for sharing so much about yourself!  Before we wrap up, any cool news or projects this summer other than your art show with us this month?

    Yes! My band Biblioteka has a few shows lined up. We just released our first EP and are currently working on new material. Follow us @bibliotekaband for upcoming show announcements ♥.
    Standard Goods Featured Artist: Mary RobinsSelf portrait of Mary Robins.

      For more info about Lady Renaissance Solo Art Exhibit by Mary Robins + The Landmarks please visit our link to our facebook event page: bit.ly/2xNqLC0


        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Peaches McBiscuit

        Join Standard Goods for Capitol Hill Art Walk Thursday May 10th featuring Seattle based pop artist Peaches McBiscuit. His unique style of rendering pop culture personalities in the style of Catholic saints has made him a national sensation. We love his Omakase saint candles at Standard Goods and we can't wait to have his artwork on our walls for the month of May.

        We look forward to hosting Cherry Boy for their 3rd live music performance with Standard Goods. And free beer from PBR as always! 

        Tell us a little about your background as an artist? 

        Originally, I trained as animation artist.

        How did your brand Omakase Images begin?

        It all started with a small art show.

        Is there a story behind the name Omakase?

        I wanted to sound catchy and I was out to sushi and I liked the word.

        What is your creative process like? 

        I stew on things for months and then boom I draw.

        What's your favorite thing you've ever created? 

        My Resist and Anthony Bourdain posters.

        Any saint candles that are on the top of your list to create next? 

        Bob Ross.

        What do you enjoy the most about the work you do? 

        Making people laugh.

        What's your spirit animal?

        Probably a capybara.

        Name 3 artists or pop culture icons that you look up to? 

        Billy Idol, Andy Warhol and Banksy.

        What's your favorite movie?

        Star Wars.

        What made want to sell your candles at Standard Goods?  

        It's such a fun and eclectic store in one of my favorite neighborhoods. 

        Where else do you sell your products?   

        I sell my art at Comic Cons around the country Monster in Ballard and Full Tilt stores.



        BYLAND, Desert Days

        Second Thursday Capitol Hill art walk is coming up April 12th. We are super excited for April's show featuring Seattle based artists Jorden Heidal and Alie Byland.  

        Meet Alie, she is the front woman of Seattle based Folk Rock band - BYLAND. She performs vocals, piano, guitar, and a plethora of midi instruments. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico listening to legends like Keith Green and Johnny Cash and learning from modern folk artists such as Brandi Carlile. She and her husband Jake create music together, they hope their music will inspire and unite communities. They believe music should bring people together.

        I chatted about life and music with Alie and got to learn a little about what inspires her, about her hometown of Albuquerque and how she got started creating music. Keep scrolling down to read the interview! 

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        Describe your style as a musician in 3 words.

        Indie Folk Rock 

        Can you walk us through your path as a musician? What kind of stops where along the way to where you are today?

        I started young - my mom stashed away money from our grocery budget so I could begin taking piano lessons at the age 7. By age 14, I was leading piano and vocals in a rock band at my parents’ church, which I did for many years. I continued leading church bands when I moved to Seattle. But after my Father died, when I was 20, it became extremely difficult to play any music at all. It reminded me so much of the times when I used to play piano for him as he napped on the couch. Several years ago, BYLAND began as a project when I picked up my old acoustic and began writing music with my husband, Jake. I've spent the last 5 years playing a lot of solo gigs at wineries and a few shows with bands of all sizes. This last year, we decided to focus on recording our first full length Album. We built a home studio out of a closet in our apartment, Jake learned Logic and we got to work. We're so proud to show you what we've created! 

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        What do you hope people experience when listening to your upcoming album, "Desert Days?"

        "Everybody's got that place, that town, that patch of ground where their roots are found - where they learn to read and ride a bike. Everybody's got that place, and for me it's Albuquerque." - Lyrics from "Albuquerque" on the Album. 

        I want to take people back to a different place and a different time. I want them to remember their own growing up stories - the good and the bad - and realize how far they've come. While listening, I want people to feel a sense of nostalgic gratitude for their past and great hope for their current livelihood. These songs are about my own Father, my family and my New Mexican childhood. So, on a personal level, making this album helped me process through my own grief of losing a parent. I'd like to inspire others to create - to bravely go through their own pain, and in doing so, heal. 

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        Who makes up Byland? Tell us a bit about each of your band members. 

        Besides Jake working the tech portions and myself singing or playing guitar, the band is ever evolving. BYLAND believes that music should bring people together, so we try to collaborate where we can, and especially at each performance. At this event, you'll find me with my sister, Maggiejean. She plays piano and percussion, as a side gig to flying airplanes (a total bad ass). Most commonly we are accompanied by Rosenoak, our favorite local strings duo. Seattle is FULL of kind, talented musicians, and I'd love to create with each of them!  

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        I would love to visit New Mexico! For anyone planning to visit your hometown of Albuquerque, do you have any favorite spots that are a must to check out?   

        Girliebird Co. - Go visit my mom at "the best B&B in the Wild Southwest". (My childhood home and Albuquerque's 2008 Extreme Makeover Home Edition) (My claim to fame! Ha ha)

        The Tram - There's nothing like a New Mexico Sunset and this is one of the best places to view it. 

        Green Jeans - It's a business park full of shops and restaurants made out of shipping containers. Try the happy camper from Santa Fe Brewing.

        Meow Wolf - If you make it over to Santa Fe, you have to check this place out... It's like Donnie Darko meets Escape Room meets Exotic Art-walk.

        The Balloon Fiesta - Most photographed event in the world. Thousands of hot air balloons fill the sky for two weeks straight. It's beautiful!

        My favorite Coffee Shops - Little Bear Coffee, Zendo Coffee and Humble Coffee.

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        What brought you up to Seattle? What is your favorite thing about the music scene here?

        I moved to a big, exciting, far away city for school, met a boy, fell in love... you know. 

        The rain sure isn't what has kept me here; it's the people and the creative community! 

        The music scene is HOPPIN! There's a show somewhere any night of the week. It has lit a fire under my ass which forced me to get shit done. It's all about the hustle here. If you don't hustle, you probably won't be heard. In Seattle, people fight hard for what they believe in and what they create. Art is respected here, and I really love that.  

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        I also love your personal style/aesthetic. What inspires your style?

        HA! Thank you! I'm proud of where I come from. I'm greatly inspired by the desert, and the sky. I'm drawn to yellow, blue and lots of white. I don't like clutter, but I do like grit. And like my dad used to say, "Rough is good. I don't have to be anything for anybody except what I am." And seriously, it's okay to wear the same pair of Levi's in every picture! Ha! Most of what we own comes from thrift shops or friend's businesses. We love supporting local and keeping clothing out of landfill. For our coming merch, instead of selling new clothing, we'll be printing on secondhand pieces thrifted by BYLAND. 

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        If you could pick any musician to collaborate with who would you choose and why? 

        Brandi Carlile - hands down. I've seen her live at least six times and cried every time. She taught me it's okay NOT to sound like all the pop artists I grew up listening to. My voice was always lower than theirs and I had a hard time reaching the high notes outside my falsetto. But Brandi inspired me to embrace my raspy, deep voice and the occasional yodel. Gosh, I love her. 

        BYLAND Music, Seattle music, seattle, local music, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, artists, interview with musician

        ~Thank you for joining us for April art walk and performing! Any other shows/events coming up for your new album? We would love to share.

        If you're in Albuquerque April 27th, come to our listening party downtown! 
        For Seattle, we're currently planning the Album Release Show. (It will most likely be in May - that fire under my ass is getting warmer!)

        Until then, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on coming events.  

        Also - If our music resonates with you and you're a drummer or electric guitar player, I'd love to collaborate for future shows.


        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Jorden Heidal

        We are excited to host Jorden as our featured artist for the month of April. She is a self-taught visual artist based here in Seattle. Her work primarily focuses on bold abstract paintings using acrylic inks, pastels, watercolors, spray paint, and design pens.  Jorden works to portray her journey in a way that has never been seen before, making each piece it's own personal experience for both herself and her audience. Get a peek into her creative process in the interview below! 

        Standard Goods Featured artist, seattle artist, seattle art, capitol hill art walk

        Tell us a little about yourself? How did art find you?

        I am an abstract mixed media artist who has born and raised in Spokane, WA and has been living in Seattle now for the past 5 years. I was lucky enough to be introduced to art at a very young age. I loved to paint and draw and even submitted a few drawings to some children's magazines to get featured. My grandmother and godfather were a huge supporters in my art growing up; getting me supplies and sending me to art classes. I lost my connection to my creativity and my art until my mid 20's. When I finally took the time to become more mindful of myself and my life I learned art was not only a passion of mine but it was a necessity for my happiness. From then on I have been completely engulfed and self-taught in my practice. I originally only worked with acrylic paint on canvas, but now I work with acrylics, canvas, paper, watercolors, pastels, spray paint, and design pens and I'm always experimenting to see where my creativity will take me. I work to create art every day and although I lost touch to my creativity at one point I can't even imagine my life without art now.

        How is your personality reflected in your work?

        It allows me to create something that has essentially never been seen before. Nothing is concrete or binary in my work. I love talking with people who view my work to get their feedback on what they see and what they feel. Often the interpretations from my audience is different from what I felt when creating it. I'm not necessarily trying to express my personality in my work for my audience to interpret, I'm trying to make each piece its own personal experience for both my audience and myself. 

        Where do you source inspiration from? Do you keep a sketchbook?

        I primarily draw inspiration from my personal journey and my interaction with the world around me. I love the challenge of expressing new ideas and often explore the mountains of Washington or interact with other creatives to find new inspiration. I have many creative friends and family members who are musicians, chefs, painters, actors, poets, designers and ceramicists all who inspire, support, and encourage me through my practice. They all express their story and feelings in such unique ways and it inspires me to continue my own expression and aim to reach new boundaries of what I can do with my art. I started an art journal last September and it's now a part of my daily routine. It's something that has really helped me grow as a self-taught artist in practicing new techniques and expression. I keep images of my journal updated on my website and my Instagram

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        What themes are influencing your work currently?

        Considering I have only been practicing art as I am now for the past two years, I find the themes of my work continually evolving. Wherever I am physically and mentally is a reflection of my work. Whether I saw a play the night before, I'm in the mountains exploring a new trail, or spending some quality time alone on Alki Beach, the themes of my work are a representation of my present state. Exploring My Mark is a representation of my most recent reshaping phase in my creative process. As I found a new path with new intentions in my personal life, my art took a drastic visual change as well. I became much more intentional with my marks and choices, and was able to tell a more personal expression in my work. 

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        Your paintings are so beautifully expressive! Do you experience a gut feeling when something "works" in a painting or doesn't work? How do you know when a painting is finished?

        I go into each piece with a general idea of what I want. I take into consideration the color, composition, influence, marks, etc. I usually work on multiple pieces at once so that my mind isn't stuck on one piece for too long.  I love to return to ongoing pieces to look at them with a fresh view, adding and changing as I go, and seeing what ideas work or not. This helps my process of ultimately finding closure with each piece. Working through the creative process to a finished product is never consistent and I am always learning more with each art session. 

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        5 things that make up your perfect day? 

        Any one of these listed items can make my day amazing, and they are in no order or favor:
        1. Waking up with my boyfriend Cole and having breakfast together before we go on our weekend hike
        2. Stopping by a museum or exhibit to see the newest art installations 
        3. Art session that lasts a good five hours with my favorite music playing, a ton of mediums, a huge canvas, and zero distractions
        4. Dinner and drinks with friends talking about art plans and our next adventure
        5. Seeing some kind of art show whether that's a play, a poetry reading, a new movie, or a concert

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        What's on your current music playlist?

        I have some shared playlists with some creatives that we all update so my music changes a lot. Recently I've been listening to a lot of SiR, Frank Ocean, SZA, Alabama Shakes, and Mura Masa. 

        If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?

        Mystery flavor :)

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        At earlier points in your life when you were first finding your own style as an artist were there any artists that influenced or changed your perception of what art could be?

        Frida Kahlo has always been a huge inspiration for me. The way her paintings show feeling and emotion leave me speechless. I can only dream to be able to express the way that she does in her paintings. She was such a resilient and amazing woman who truly inspires me to be strong and confident in myself and in my work. 

        And if you can describe your upcoming work in three words, what would they be?

        Bold • Intentional • Energetic

        Jorden Heidel, Seattle Artist, Seattle Art, Artist interview, blog about artists, capitol hill art walk, standard goods seattle, shop local, shop the hill,

        Anything else you would like to share? 

        I am so excited to be showing my Exploring My Mark show with Standard Goods and I honored to be showcased alongside the beautiful Ali Byland, thank you! 

        Standard Goods Locals' Guide to Seattle 2018

        Visiting Seattle and curious to know what to do and where to go?  The Standard Goods team put together a list of recommendations to help guide you on your sleepless in Seattle adventure.  Enjoy!

        Jeff’s Picks

        Owner of Standard Goods.


        • Honey Hole, right next door, is great for sandwiches. They have been there for 18 years, and they are a favorite of all the long-time locals. If I’m in the mood for beef, I do the Fast Eddie – the Mama Lil’ Peppers add just enough of a spicy kick.  For turkey, I love the Waverider – They have this spicy pesto that is fantastic.  Don’t miss the fries with a side of ranch – I add a little hot sauce to the ranch.
        • Across the street is the Red Hook Brew Lab – It’s a little corporate, and the food is just a little better than average, but if you like beer, they always have some super interesting concoctions they’re always working on.
        • My wife is Korean, and we love Trove, which is Korean Fusion. More for lunch than dinner. Lunch is fine, but it is just a noodle bar, and to me, it’s a little pricy – but their kimchee is very solid.  Dinner is really great – the Korean meats with the dipping sauces are all delicious.  The spicy cucumber salad is tasty as well.
        • Stateside is fantastic for dinner – It’s Vietnamese Fusion. Every time I go, I end up ordering multiple orders of the duck spring rolls – they are not to be missed.
        • If you’re a wine lover – try Revolution Wine Bar. It’s a local husband and wife team, they are always there, and they will not steer you wrong.
        • Portage Bay is my favorite breakfast spot – everything is sustainably sourced. It’s all about the food, so it isn’t where you want to go for leisurely brunch with drinks, etc. You go to eat.  Make a reservation or go very early – the line can be crazy long.
        • I spent over $3,500 at Oaxaca one year, and the average ticket is like $60. The Cadillac Margarita is super, and it has a nice, solid, kick to it.  I always get the same thing (because I’m old) – chips and guac, ceviche and carne asada tacos.  I very much prefer the Queen Anne and Ballard locations though.  If you need Mexican in Capitol Hill, I’d recommend Fogon.
        • I think Matt’s In Market is a must for lunch. GREAT Bloody Mary’s.  All the appetizers are delicious, especially the deviled eggs and the homemade potato chips.  The sandwiches are all fantastic. It’s above Pike Place Market, but it isn’t at all touristy.  Trust me on this one.

        The Great Outdoors:

        • Kerry Park in Queen Anne, to me, is the best view in the city. That’s all it is, so, it’s just like here’s a great view, take a couple pics for Instagram and Facebook, and you’re done.
        • Discovery Park is a really nice, big park, very close to the city, in Magnolia. I’d recommend taking one of the many trails down to the beach.  It’s a great 3-4 hour excursion.


        Capitol Hill Shopping:

         I like 10th Ave, between Pike and Pine.  Elliott Bay Bookstore is the best bookstore in town, both Lost Lake Café and Oddfellows are solid for food and drink, and Totokaelo is amazing, everything in there is over $500, but it’s amazing, even if just to walk through.  Further North on Broadway will bring you to thrift stores, record stores, and consignment shops.  Melrose Market is like a  little mall – Sitka and Spruce is top notch for food, Butter Home has nice little nick-knacks, and Glasswing is a beautifully designed shop, with newer designers.


        Longer trip:

        Deception Pass is a full day of travel (including both ways), but it is one of the most breathtaking views in the Northwest.  I love the ferry ride over to Bainbridge…  Bainbridge isn’t great – you can certainly get a coffee, lunch and ice cream once you are there, but, for me, it’s more about the ferry ride.

        The Argosy cruises are actually very solid – I think it’s like $30, lasts 2 – 3 hours, and you get a really nice tour of the Seattle Lakes, and the neighborhoods surrounding the lakes.  They have a few to choose from.

        I live in Ballard, so I’m pretty partial to it.  The best time for a Ballard excursion, is Sunday for the Farmer’s Market.  It’s probably the best Farmer’s Market in Seattle – and we sure do love our Farmer’s Markets.  Get there around 1:00, take in the market, take a walk through the Ballard Locks, do some shopping in some great boutiques (Horseshoe, Tides and Pines, Re-sole, Market St Shoes, Prism, etc), and then there are many options for food (Oaxaca Ballard is closed on Sundays though).  Hattie Hat’s has the best bar food; Bastille is solid French; The Walrus and the Carpenter; Staple and Fancy (make a reservation); 8 Oz Burger is a mini chain, but they make a great burger; there’s also pizza, sushi, etc., Bitterroot for BBQ.. Gelato…  It’s all there within just 5 blocks.  I like the Bastille Back Bar for after dinner cocktails, but there are more than enough places to get your cocktail on.


        Kathreen’s Picks

        Creative Director of Standard Goods. 

        Kathreen enjoys painting, shooting with her 35mm film cameras, and traveling to places old and new.
        Places To Eat:

        Ice Cream
        Frankie & Jo’s

        I am not vegan but I love ice cream!  If you want to try a new place to satisfy your cold sweets craving stop by here!  They have both unique and classic flavors that you wouldn’t realize is vegan if you just thought they were a typical ice cream shop.

        Salt & Straw

        They are an amazing company from Portland and they are right across the street from us!  So many flavors to try. 

        Americana is a great spot for seasonal and fresh brunch options.  By far my favorite spot for French Toast.  I also love everything else on the menu, specially the chicken fried steak.

        Another popular spot is Oddfellows.  You have to go in early or you will wait 45 min if you go between 10-11 am during the weekend.  The atmosphere is loud but creative.  It is across from a Everyday Music Vinyl shop and next to Elliot Bay book store.
        I love Portage Bay but their menu doesn’t really change much (I still go there but not as often because I have eaten everything on the menu at least twice). They use locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Food is super fresh and great place to go at least once if you are visiting Seattle. My favorite is their corned beef hash!

        Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya – I have tried maybe a dozen ramen spots in the Seattle area and this is my favorite!  I love ordering their potato croquette as an appetizer.

        Danbo Ramen – Yummy chain from Vancouver BC.  I love their broth!  If you like spicy ramen, they have the option that is amazing.  There will be a wait if you go during typical dinner hours.
        Tentenyu – I also love their broth here!  They have yummy small rice bowl options too!  They are a chain from Tokyo.

        For a something quick but freshly made, go to TZAR (Russian Dumplings).  For more of a dinner experience, go to Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese Dumplings) in University Village (nice shopping area).  If there’s just two of you and 21+, the wait isn’t too bad because they have a bar area.


        I love Cactus.  They have great happy hour/margarita options.  They don’t own a freezer because they do a good job keeping their system sustainable. I love their fish tacos, and Crispy Chicken dish. They have super yummy homemade churros you need to try! 

        DO NOT GO to the front building Crab Pot.  Go Inside for the indoor Crab Pot Restaurant… There will be a long line of about 30-40 min wait but it is worth it. I recommend the Seafood Market option that you can share with however many people and get the King Crab legs.

        Marrakesh– I love going here 2-3 times a year, usually for a birthday occasion.  They have a 5 course meal that will leave you feeling perfectly stuffed.  The ambiance is amazing.  You will feel like you are in Morocco.  They also have occasional live belly dancing!

        24 Hour Restaurant
        Sometimes you might be super hungry after hours from going out.  If you are craving medium rare filet mignon at 2 am go to 13 Coins.

        Momiji – If you love sushi, please go to Momiji.  I don’t have a favorite on their menu because everything is my favorite there!  I love ordering their green tea tiramisu for dessert.

        Puerto Rican
        La Isla – If you love plantains, they have plantain everything here.  If you want something zesty, savory, hearty flavors go here.  You will have a food coma, so advice not going on a run after dinner.


        Heartwood Provisions— exquisite cocktails, located in the heart of downtown Seattle.

        Canon—if you are a whisky connoisseur, go here! 

        Maya’s Picks
        Marketing Communications Manager at Standard Goods.

        Maya enjoys drawing, cooking and watching documentaries.

        Places To Eat:

        Café Pettiroso is a favorite. They have great brunch and a really good happy hour. I suggest the tofu scramble. 

        I love Café Presse for breakfast/brunch as well. It’s like an escape to Paris in Seattle. Great Croque Monsieur and fries.  

        The London Plane is a really amazing restaurant in Pioneer Square, really nice ambiance and stunning interior décor.

        Manao Thai is a super delicious little Thai sit down or take out place.

        Victrola has the best coffee.

        I really like Ivar’s Clam Central Station on the pier. I always order either the fried clams or the red clam chowder.

        DeLaurenti Food & Wine shop in Pike Place market. Imported Italian groceries, food and wine

        Black Bottle in Belltown for delicious small plates and great drinks.


        Niche Outside, beautifully and artfully curated stop hidden in Chophouse Row.  Next to Kurt Farm Shop which has amazing locally made ice cream.

        Le Labo Perfume, just recently opened here in Seattle. One of my favorite fragrance companies.

        Prism in Ballard. Really cute little shop with gifts/clothing etc.

        E  Smith Mercantile. Clothing shop with a back cocktail bar.

        Freemont Vintage Mall. Definitely worth checking out. Huge antique and vintage selection.

        On 15th avenue there is a nice little strip of shops and restaurants.

        Station 7 is  beautiful store.

        To See:

        Seattle Public Library is definitely the coolest library.

        Olympic Sculpture Park.

        Quentin’s Picks
        Back-stock Assistant at Standard Goods. 

        Quentin is a high school student that likes to build things.  He has aspirations of becoming an under-water welder. 


        Madison Park Beach
        There are a lot of cool places to go in Seattle. I personally love some of the beaches close to my house. Madison park beach is a nice beach if you have little kids, there are ice cream trucks in the summer and a lot of cool shops all around

        There are so many tiny beaches all along lake Washington, just walk along-side the lake and you are bound to cross a small beach that most of the time there is no one there. I go to these when I need to clear my head or get away from the big beeches if there are too many people.

        Seattle Arboretum
        Taking a walk in the arboretum is amazing. I personally love being outdoors and there are so many paths to explore there.

        North Cascades

        If you are willing to take a longer trip I recommend the north cascades, they are absolutely amazing. Even for a casual day hike they can still make for an amazing trip.

        Chloe’s Picks

        Junior Buyer at Standard Goods. 

        Chloe is currently a business-management major at Seattle University, and originally from Portland, Oregon.


        Café Presse
        is one of my favorites for Croque Monsieur.

        Ba Bar
        For lunch, I recommend for the combo vermicelli bowl is amazing. After that, a trip to Hello Robin is a must for a cookie/ice cream sandwich!


        The Seattle Art Museum
        One of my favorite places to go. A stop at Storyville Coffee for a latte after makes for a perfect rainy afternoon.


        Volunteer Park
        A walk to Volunteer Park and a look inside the conservatory is always a fun time. If you’re feeling up to it, a stair climb up the water tower makes for a good view.


        Locals' Guide 2018 Map




        Love Foolish, Seattle's Picasso-Rapper

        Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

        Love Foolish is a rising Seattle-based rapper, producer and talented graphic artist by way of El Paso, Texas. Foolish (Jason Dixon) was raised in the state of Washington from the age of 9, he draws his sounds from underground dubstep clubs he promotes for in Orlando, Florida.

        His lyrics, however, provide a well thought out sequence of stories and events in which he's experienced throughout life as a self-proclaimed 'Picasso-rapper'. 

        He has been accompanied by local talent and platinum engineer, Milo Eubank, to produce a sweet remedy of classical melodies; from a background of playing viola, clarinet and piano. Foolish has found a unique style between hip hop's new trap and r&b bounce, and Seattle's deeper grunge sounds. "Accept all of what makes you and your foolish sides. It's the only time we can see what we're made of."- Love Foolish

        He will be performing during Art Walk March 8, 2018 at Standard Goods during “padajuan” solo art show featuring Juan Marquez.

        Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

        How would you describe your style as a musician?  

        Its hard to pinpoint since I've worked with music production in so many different genres. I guess I have  sort of a grunge vibe i picked up from living in WA for so long, but my mother's Tunisian roots, got me to add the percussion drums through that. I am from TX originally, so 808 drums and heavy bass are my sanctuary when producing for my projects.

        Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you play any covers?

        No, covers, I tend to think that's similar to tracing. Don't get me wrong, some people, like Birdie, or plenty idol singers you've heard can kill them. It’s just a personal opinion that having original content is very important in this industry, so I like to draw my influences rather than butchera good song. I have a song called "Money Chase", I performed it twice and each rime it gets the crowd going. If you haven't heard it, it'll be on the upcoming project "No Sleep OVRZ".

        Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

        Describe your music making process?

        A lot of revisiting old projects to see my comparison to today's work. Then i listen to my favorite 80's/90's songs; which can range between Tupac and Biggie, to Genuine, Al Green, Billy Joel and Sade.

        After that, it’s about focusing on the song as a whole, "what did I just listen to that caught my ear the most?" is a very common question. I produce and write simultaneously, so getting my sounds down is HUGE.

        Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

        Who are some of your biggest musical icons or influences? 

        As of lately, Amir Obe, Drake, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar; but Producers like Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams are always timeless and versatile producers to me. But if you know me well, you know J Cole is my favorite artist out.

        Seattle artist, seattle rapper, seattle music, standard goods, standard goods shop local, shop the hill shop local, capitol hill art walk, Love Foolish, Art Walk

        Where have you performed? What are your favorite Seattle venues? Do you have any upcoming shows besides at Standard Goods for Art Walk?

        I've performed at Hempfest 2017 for Caviar Gold, the Crocodile, the Vera Project, Studio 7, Fred's Wildlife Refuge and a few tour stops in California and Florida. But I think my favorite show so far was at Neumos, the energy and love was real. I do like to finish my projects and give a full experience, so until we finish the album, I'm keeping thee booking to a minimum, I just couldn't say no to an Art Walk. I do keep people posted via Instagram 

        Where can we access to your music online? 

        I posted my last work to Soundcloud

        Seas and Peas, Witty Fun and Local!

        Seas and Peas is a local Seattle-based greeting card company started up by Chad and his partner Claudio! Owner and operator of Seas and Peas, Chad, joins Junior Buyer Chloe Harris to tell us more about his company. Standard Goods is lucky to carry such a wonderful and hilarious brand, and are excited to share with you another of our favorite local makers.

        Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

        First, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand!

        Hello! My name is Chad and I own and operate Seas and Peas, a Seattle-based greeting card company. Seas and Peas was established in 2009 by myself and my partner Claudio. We create original and funny greeting cards, birthday cards, pop culture-inspired cards, and button and magnet sets. All of our cards are printed on 100% recycled cardstock and all of our products are proudly made in the USA. Our work has been featured online on Buzzfeed, HuffPost, Jezebel, DesignTAXI, and HelloGiggles and in the print publication Rue Morgue. Select designs can be found at Urban Outfitters and Paper Source locations worldwide.

        Your products and company have such a fun ideology about them, where do you think you got your sense of humor?

        Thank you for saying that! First, I think where and when I grew up has had a lot of influence on my sense of humor. As a chubby gay kid growing up Mormon in a 1980s Nebraska football town, I needed all the humor in my life that I could get! Humor is a great defense when you are a kid with nothing else in your arsenal and I used it in that way, to disarm people and make friends. People like to laugh and I was able to figure out how to make them.

        Secondly, I feel my sense of humor has been shaped by the movies and television that I watched, the music that I listened to, the magazines and books I read, news and politics, even the fashion. Movies in particular were a huge part of my life from a very early age and as a latchkey kid with a single mother, I had a lot of freedom to watch what I wanted to watch, for better or worse. Of course as a 12 year-old watching “Porky’s” or “Friday the 13th”, I thought it was great!

        What was your inspiration for starting Seas and Peas?

        In 2009 I graduated from film school and I was working on films here and there in different capacities. One of the jobs that I had during that time was to procure for the costume department of a feature film a large number of punk rock buttons for people to wear during a concert scene. Claudio bought me a button/magnet press to make my job easier, knowing that I would use the press after the film project was complete, and he was right. I started making buttons and magnets out of anything I could find and eventually started making original designs under the name Seas and Peas.

        During this time I also worked at a video store on Capitol Hill and I started selling my buttons and magnets there, where I found the response very positive. In 2010, Claudio and I launched our Seas and Peas Etsy shop, where we initially sold just our buttons and magnets. After a few months we started making greeting cards because I felt that there was an untapped market for pop culture-related cards. Since the beginning, I have been chiefly responsible for the content and design of all of the cards, while Claudio contributes artwork from time to time and elbow grease constantly.

        People often ask how we came up with our business name, so I may as well mention it. The name of our business comes from the first names of both of our moms—Claudio’s late mother Carmen is the C in our name (Seas) and my mother Patricia is the P in our name (Peas). You can’t go wrong naming something after your mom, right?! And that goes double with two moms, I would imagine.

        Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

        I know you are originally from Nebraska. What is your favorite part about living in Seattle?

        I love the climate in Seattle, year-round; it is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. I appreciate how moderate the climate is here. Even when it is hot, it really isn’t that hot. The cold isn’t too cold. Every day I walk from my apartment on Capitol Hill to my office in the SODO district and back again, and every day I think to myself how beautiful, rough-around-the-edges, and varied this city is. Really just a stunning place.
        Most importantly, I love that Seattle is a progressive city, politically and socially. People are free to be who they are here and there are so many diverse people in this city and that really appeals to me. For the most part, people mind their own business and let you mind yours. I love this city and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

        Are there any products you would like to expand to? If so, what?

        Oh yes, I have so many plans for new products and so little time! Particularly, I am really excited to put our designs on t-shirts. Designing t-shirts is very exciting to me because they would allow a new freedom in our designs that we haven’t had with greeting cards, both in the scale of the design and in the fact that unlike greeting cards, t-shirts do not need to be tied to an occasion. That is really a different ballgame. I already have a few really good t-shirt ideas and cannot wait to see them finished. I have a very good feeling about Seas and Peas t-shirts; I think we could kill it. J

        I would also love to create some fun movie and/or television promotional items. Working at the video store for many years, we would often get really clever promotional items from the movie studios, like “The Fight Club” bar soap or “Funny Games” gloves or “Resident Evil” hand sanitizer. I would love to do something like that, but coming from a fan-art point of view. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” erasers, “Memento” jigsaw puzzles, or “The Miracle Worker” water bottles?
        Seas and Peas has really taken off in the past few years, do you have any goals next?

        My biggest goal in the next year is to really up our online presence and get better at the social media part of running a business. That is really something that has been hard for me to do, and I need to get better at it. Marketing is a big part of that as well; I have never been great at selling myself, so I am learning as I go along.

        In the long, long term, I would love to move to Florida with all of my best girlfriends, where we would hang out on wicker furniture on the lanai during the day and eat cheesecake together at night. Much like “The Golden Girls”. Okay, exactly like “The Golden Girls”.

        What is your favorite product and why?

        Wow, that is so hard! I would have been able to choose one when we had 50 designs or even 100 designs, but at this point we have over 500 card designs so it is really hard to pick a favorite! That said, I do personally love all of our horror-themed cards, of which we have many. “The Shining” and “It’s Alive!” have provided inspiration for a few of my favorite horror-inspired cards. As far as collections go, I think we have a very original Christmas & Hanukkah card selection. Where else can you go to get a “Brady Bunch”-inspired Hanukkah card or a “Silence of the Lambs”-inspired Christmas card?

        Also, as far as favorite products go, I really should give a shout-out to our “Rosemary’s Baby” Mother’s Day card design, which has always been one of my favorites and I apparently liked it enough to get tattooed on my arm (!) a few months back. Seriously. Pic attached!

        Seas and Peas Interview by Chloe Harris of Standard Goods

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Juan Marquez

        We are excited to have Juan Marquez as our Standard Goods Featured artist for the month of March. His colorful illustrations will be hanging in shop all month long. You can also shop his merch - Flow Wolf pins in store and online at Standard Goods.

        Keep scrolling to learn how Juan got started in the pin business, his process as an artist and some random fun questions. Hope to see y'all at art walk next Thursday March 8th for "padajuan" solo show.  As always there will be complemetary drinks and live music. 

        Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where did you grow up?

        Im 24 and I'm from Mexico. I've lived in Washington my whole life. I grew up in Redmond, but I came to Seattle as soon as I possibly could and have been living here for the past few years.

        What do you find to be the hardest part about the work you do?

        There's not one specific thing, I really do enjoy every aspect of the work I do. I just struggle with procrastination like crazy. 

        Other artists that influence your work?

        Keith Haring, Pharrell & Nacho Eterno

        What compelled you to start designing pins? Any other merchandise that you would like to create, but haven’t gotten around to it yet?

        A friend of mine made some pins and that inspired me to make some of my own. I also wanted to give life to designs that maybe wouldn't work on a tee or as a painting. I really never stop having ideas for new mediums to work with, pillows and car fresheners are in the works.

        What were some of the challenges you faced when launching flowwolf?

        Finding reliable connections for product manufacturers. Ive been burned in the past with pin makers or screen printers, but in general its been a pretty smooth process.

        Growing up what was your favorite cartoon?

        Somehow this was the toughest question for me, it's hard to decide. I'm gonna go with Recess though, it was very relatable at the time.

        Describe who your character bub® is? What inspired you to create it?

        There was no inspiration or creative process for him haha. He just kinda happened, and I'm glad he did.

        What do you love most about what you do, that has nothing to do with design?

        The like minded people and relationships i've built from doing art and running the brand has to be the best part of it all. 

        If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

        It would've been tight to see Amy Winehouse live, so I guess around 2006 so I could go do that. Kind of a boring answer, but that's all thats coming to me right now.

        What will you be showing at your solo show “padajuan” at Standard Goods for Capitol Hill Art Walk?

        I'll be showing mainly acrylic canvas pieces that i've been making for the past couple years. There's a few wooden pieces that work with mirrors as well. 

        Anything else you’d like to share?

        Nope :-) thanks for everything!



        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Brittani Anglin

        Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

        Join Standard Goods during Capitol Hill Art Walk February 8, 2018 for "Cranes in the Sky." Featuring artist and designer Brittani Anglin. She captures the beauty and complexities of gentle romance through folding cranes out of recycled magazine paper. Come see her beautiful paper cranes hanging in the shop, as well as Katie George's macrame wall hangings. Also ATLEE will be performing at 8:30! We talked life and art with Brittani in this interview. For more information check out the event page. 

        Can you tell us a little about your creative path and what brings you to where you are today?

        Before I left MN in 2015, I got into watercolor art. I would stay up most nights painting lucid fairy women and smoking weed. At 23 my imagination and my visions of different worlds was so strong I knew art was the only outlet. Eventually when I got to the west all my friends continued telling me I should share my art, but I don't remember having a strong belief that I could do anything with any of the art I made. Not until 2016. That entire year I met some of the most creative souls. A few wonderful collaborations brought me to meet people who just liked what I did and encouraged me to express myself, cause it was 'me'. Eventually I stopped caring about taking myself so seriously. And now I make these beautiful pieces of art work that make a lot of people feel lovely inside. 

        What are your earliest memories connected to art? Have you always felt like art was a part of you? 

        My earliest memory..my teacher told my mom how great I was at drawing and painting in school. I remember specifically giving that lady a "yeah right, are you serious" look. It was little kid art! Typical Sun, Mom and me picture. Lol. I felt artsy and loved dressing in nice clothes. I sang and had a pile of Lion King coloring books. But art was not something I ever worried about too much. I think everyone knew it was a part of me before I did.  

        Where and when do you feel the most inspired? 

         There are two very opposite places I feel inspired. 

        1. In the middle of the city where everything is active. 
        2. In the middle of nowhere inside a cozy space. 

        The first one is great for people watching. I really want to feel the buzz and movement in the air.

        The other is great for sinking into my myself. Allowing myself to hear my every thought and listen without judgement. I like reading the clouds. They have a conscious wave of thought. Feeling what is being said without words is a powerful tool for my creativity and connectedness to our planet.

        Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

        Your paper cranes are so beautiful. Where did the idea come from to create them?

        Thank You! While I was traveling the west coast, I wanted to thank all the friends and family members who let me stay with them or helped me. 

        I didn't have a lot of money but I had a tone of crystals, trinkets and jewel pieces I was collecting for half a decade. I got the idea from simply doing what I always do when I have nowhere else to place my hands.. Paper Cranes! I had eventually come to the idea that making the cranes and taking my most precious collectibles and give them to the people I loved, this was my gift to them. It was my way of saying "Thank you for being a beautiful person to me at my most vulnerable of times."

        If you could go back and give yourself at 13-years old advice, what would it be?

        Be kind to your family! Go to art school. Take a digital arts class, please! Travel abroad to Sydney. 

        How is your personality reflected in your work? 

        I want to preserve the most delicate parts of myself. The cranes and the flowers both being as gentle as they are speak to a nature I consider "Who I AM." I'm living here temporarily. I create art to reflect a piece of time that is colorful, beautiful, whimsical. 

        Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

        Seattle has so many talented designers and artists like yourself.  How does your community here inspire your work?

        It's my beautiful friends. They are helping me to grow into a great person! Seattle has an incredible environment that allows so many people to be themselves and enjoy all kinds of people with different backgrounds. I certainly believe the cranes are a reflection on community & individuality.

        How does intuition play a role in your process? 

        It's my life!  I must have a feeling about anything in order to form an opinion. Operating from an intuitive process allows me, I believe it allows me to stay open minded about a great many topics and interactions. I like that about me. I enjoy the "Go with the flow" process. And my art flows as much as I do. The cranes themselves are cool because they are mathematical and calculated. And I think that kind of stands for my own fixation on a belief, topic or thought. But then the greater piece, the bigger picture, and my over all connection to this place is that of warmth, congeniality and openness. I can see that in this project. When I started this project, it came to me that I am still honoring a future of people who I will never meet but am connected to. I get to create this amazing project and feel good doing so because it is 100% compostable and recyclable.

        What music have you been listening to lately?

        Lately I've been into artist Natalia Lafourcde. I love listening to her music because it makes me feel like I am staring in my own movie.

        Name 5 things that would make up your perfect day?

        AM yoga class. 

        Chai Tea Latte.

        Having the entire day off to watch the sunset from the West side of Seattle. 

        Dressing up like a fairy. 

        Sprinkling Glitter on everyone I meet at an underground night club dance party.

        Brittani Anglin, Artist, seattle, seattle art, capitol hill art walk, standard goods featured artist

        Describe what you will be showing during art walk at Standard Goods? And what do you hope to convey to the viewer with your work?

        The theme is Cranes in The Sky. If anyone can imagine endless strands with cranes and flowers, that's the art for the month. 

        Beauty & Romance are what I want people to see and feel when they look at my art. It's my first time having half a room full of cranes, I imagine it'll be nothing short of magical. 

        I also want other people to have their own ideas, feelings and opinions about my art too! 

        Anything else you would like to add?

        I am incredible grateful that the store is hosting me this month. I've wanted to create this project for nearly a year! This is a great step to making larger installations in the future. Thank you, Thank you!  


        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Katie George

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        This will be our second time at Standard Goods hosting a macrame artist. It's always nice to have a different medium hanging on the walls of the shop. For the month of February we hosting two artists for "Cranes in The Sky" exhibit. Meet one of the featured artists, Katie George. She is a macrame fiber artist originally from Loudoun County, Virginia and has been living in Seattle for three months. With a background in film and sculpture, she taught herself the art of macrame two years ago. She likes to experiment with various textures and materials in each of her pieces and encourages viewers to touch the materials to better understand the construction and the way they move. Her work often takes organic forms and she lets the material itself guide the shape and look of the finished piece. The pieces are intended to emulate a contrasting sense of intricacy and softness alongside unruly and intimidating resilience. 

        Can you tell us a little about your creative path and what brings you to where you are today?

        In college, I focused my studies on video production but when I added on a studio art minor, that's where I really found a passion for sculpture and other 3D arts. For several years my side hobby was keeping a food blog with a great emphasis on the styling and photography of the food. In the past few years, however, with a resurgence in macramé as a craft, art and home decoration, I taught myself the basic knots and haven't looked back since.

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        What are your earliest memories connected to design and art? Have you always felt like art was a part of you?

        Thanks to my parents, I was a very crafty kid. My dad is an excellent woodworker and my mom studied art so I was constantly encouraged to be creative. I remember always building dollhouses out of cardboard boxes, knitting scarves, or sewing something or another. Through the years I continued taking creative classes and at one point had aspirations of being a production designer. I've always felt as though I have a good sense of aesthetic when it comes to a 3D space so creating something to fit into that space, like macramé, came naturally.

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        Where and when do you feel the most inspired? 

        I feel most inspired after taking a long walk whether it's in the city or a hike somewhere. Since my work has a lot to do with making a variety of shapes and textures, it's often these changes of scenery that help me to think of how I can bring the elements of macramé together in a new way. Most of my pieces are also constructed on branches that I find myself so I often let the shape, feel, and context of that branch create the intended feel for the final piece.

        How long have you been doing macramé? How was it introduced to you?

        I have been making macramé works for about 2 years. I taught myself using only a book and Google after starting to see it more often on my Instagram feed. While my first pieces were just for practice and to hang in my own home, I soon had several friends asking for commissioned works. I was really lucky that they all had minimal criteria and trusted me to make them something they liked so it was all good practice.

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        What is your personal style? And how is it reflected in your designs?

        My sense of style comes out the most in my furnishings and decoration. I really like mid-century modern furnishings as well as neutral color palettes with pops of color here and there. My personal style is also one of comfort so I strive to make my home feel very cozy with lots of blankets, pillows, soft things and personal touches, like my extensive cookbook collection. I have found that my wall hangings fit this aesthetic well and look quite nice next to a small gallery wall.


        What is your process like? Do you sketch out your designs and patterns before starting a new piece?

        My creative process is not at all planned. I often find that with macramé, the string or material can have a mind of its own and it rarely turns out looking like the image in my head. Because of that I've started letting the piece itself inspire me as I go based on the shapes it makes. I'll certainly have colors and materials in mind beforehand but I often have no idea about the shape or the types of knots I'm going to work with until it's suddenly happening. Because of this fluid process, I frequently find myself hating every piece about halfway through but by the end it always seems to come together quite nicely.

        Favorite movie you've watched recently?

        The Shape of Water, hands down! Guillermo del Toro's cinematography is always genius and beautiful. In fact many of the pieces I'm showing for Capital Hill Art Walk were made right after seeing this movie.

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        Name 5 things that would make up your perfect day?

        A delicious latte with toast and jam for breakfast, a leisurely run, working on some macramé while listening to reggae, a nap on the couch with the sun on me and a cool breeze coming through the windows, and a bit of time spent with each of my loved ones and pets.

        What are your hopes and ambitions for your brand?I really hope to not only have the opportunity to keep attending art shows and craft shows, but I would like the chance to continue challenging myself with big custom pieces, and potentially get into the realm of teaching workshops.

        Katie George Macrame, Standard Goods Artist, Artist Seattle, Seattle based artist, Standard Goods featured artist, Art Walk Capitol Hill, Macrame

        Anything else you would like to add?

        People often feel nervous about touching the pieces I make, but that is what I encourage most strongly. I intentionally source out extremely soft cotton string and Australian Merino wool because I intend for them to be touched. The pieces, though they may look delicate, are so intricately woven that they are very strong. Touching them allows the fringe to move and shift which creates a totally new look or allows the viewer to better understand how it is constructed.

        Atlee, Mamma Says

        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

        Join us next week for Art Walk at Standard Goods. We will be hosting ATLEE as our musical guest. She will be performing live Thursday, February 8th at 8:30 pm. Read on to learn more about her. 

        ATLEE is a Seattle-based artist, singer, and songwriter, influenced by greats such as Lauryn Hill, Etta James and Alanis Morissette. Her sound is unique to the Seattle music scene, combining the lyrical intricacies of New-Age Folk with the soul and rhythm of Nu-Jazz and Classic R&B. ATLEE's s tag-line, “circle in a world of squares,” describes her love of the unconventional and her passion to empower others to color outside the lines. Learn a bit about what inspires her eclectic style, newest EP Mamma Says and her creative process as an artist in our interview below! 

        What is your creative background—what sparked your interest in making music?

        I have been acting, dancing, singing and writing since I was about four or five years old. I was that little girl in all of the dorky community theater, clubs and classes and a member of a traveling musical theater company from the age of seven until about fourteen. I then went on to audition and be accepted into Marin School of the Art's Musical Theater Program (a school reminiscent of NYC's FAME). In addition to art school, I was a member of the College of Marin Dance Company and had dance rehearsals about two nights a week for most of my high school career. 
        If I wasn't acting, dancing or singing in school or my after-school companies/programs, I was generally doing one of the three for myself and or any of my very gracious friends and family members that had enough patience and love for me to watch. I then went on to get my BA in Theater Arts and Dance at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Needless to say, there wasn't really a time in my life I can remember that didn't revolve around music and performance. It is in my blood. 
        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods


        How would you describe your style as a musician? 

        I was heavily influenced by several very diverse female artists growing up. Alanis Morissette, Lauryn Hill, Etta James, TLC, Celine Deon, Jewel, Amy Winehouse, amongst others. The list is really all over the map. 
        I think my eclectic taste and early exposure to so many diverse genres really comes across in both my singing and writing style. I think you can hear the heavy lyrical influence of artists like Alanis and Lauryn in my writing, while I think my singing style oftentimes embodies the grit and playfulness of an Etta or an Amy. If Nu-Jazz, Pop, and Folk had a baby... it would be my music.


        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

        What is your Debut Single "Mamma Says" about? The lyric video is beautifully done. Can you tell us your process when creating a new song? 

        My single, Mamma Says, was inspired by a recent, very impactful relationship I had last year. It had started off like most "soulmate," love stories do, much too fast, ripe with passion and pleasure but, quickly followed by painful polarization. The experience left me heartbroken and full of regret which, were not sensations modeled to me by the Disney princess stories I grew up on. I found myself wishing that someone had told me the truth about love. That it is hard, messy, complicated and, in some cases, like mine, not enough. 
        The song came out of that place. I wanted to flip the traditional "soulmate story" on its head and write from the perspective of someone who was told the truth by her "elders." The song is full of a bunch of little twist and turns in melody and verse that intertwine parts of my personal experiences and the abrasive reality that life and love don't usually turn out to be the stuff of fairytales but, that doesn't mean they are any less magical. 
        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods
        Was there a certain artist or experience that made you want to be a musician? 
        There is a very, very long story to this... but I'll try to give you the cliff notes;) 
        I have been singing and writing ever since I can remember. I would sing for myself, friends, family and in theatrical performances but, I decided early on that I would never actual "pursue" a singing or songwriting career professionally. I used to say, "singing and writing are my soul and I don't really want people commenting on my soul." So, I moved to LA and decided I would pursue industry acting instead, because, believe it or not, that seemed easier, less vulnerable. Of course, it wasn't. I spent five years in Hollywood trying to fit myself into all of these different boxes that everyone else, but me, had decided I should fit into. I stopped singing and dancing. 
        I woke up after five years and barely recognized myself. I knew I had to get out. So, I did what any other lost millennial artist from San Francisco would do and I signed myself up for a two-week silent meditation retreat in the mountains of Yosemite, in the dead of winter. Needless to say, that retreat forced me to peel back the layers of inauthenticity I had collected over my stint in Hollywood. 
        After the retreat, I couldn't lie to myself. I couldn't avoid my truth. I started writing. I would wake up in the middle of the night and scribble down lyrics. I carried tiny journals with me everywhere I went and averaged about a song a day for several months following the retreat. The words just flew out of me. 
        I left LA and moved to Seattle with $27 in my bank account, no apartment, no job, two suitcases and a shattered ego. I decided I was only going to do what made me feel good and nothing else. A few months later, I said goodbye to my acting agent and started singing and I've been singing and writing every day since. I'm no longer interested in waiting in line for other people to give me the permission to do what I already know I can do. Of course it's still hard and I'm still scared but at least I'm me.   
        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods
        What is the greatest lesson you have learned so far as an artist?
        The greatest lesson I've learned so far as an artist is the importance of having a very clear and strong underlying message, or purpose, for why I do what I do. We need to hold a deeper reason in our hearts for why we create, bigger than fame, self-actualization, superficial accolades or material possessions. 
        The truth of the matter is this, creating is not for the faint of heart and society's definition of "success" is not a guarantee. However, if you are able to develop your own reason for expressing and creating that has little to do with money, or outward praise, and more to do with unshakable internal pursuits like living an authentic life, remaining vulnerable and aware, sharing your truth or spreading a particular message with the world, then you will never stop creating. You will never get discouraged or settle for something "easy." You will never stop pursuing excellence and growth through your art and the "outcomes,"  and how other people react to your art will matter less and less. 
        Instead, you will celebrate the more subtle creative victories like producing a song that makes people want to dance, writing a lyric that made someone feel less alone, and going to bed each night knowing you will never have to wonder, "what if?"

        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

        What themes are influencing your current work/projects? 

        I think my music, like most, deals with a lot of universal human themes like love, loss, failure, and fear. However, I do feel a lot of my most recent work deals with my own personal experiences in returning back to my authentic self and owning my power, as an individual,  but more specifically, as a woman. 

        Most of my recent songs came out of me learning how to own my sexuality and fluidity as a paradoxical being. My music has to do with breaking free from life's many constraints and definitions that don't allow us to truly own and celebrate all the many opposing shades and shapes that make us who we are, while also acknowledging that all of them might change tomorrow.

        ATLEE, Music, Seattle music Seattle art, Art Walk, Standard goods

        If you could pick any musician to collaborate with who would you choose? 

        Alanis Morissette. Writing with her would be life-changing. 

        Thank you for joining us for February art walk and performing! Any other shows/events relating to your music coming up? We would love to share.

        My EP comes out on March 3rd! All the info on where to download and stream can be found only on my website xxatlee.com. I hope to be playing many more shows in the near future. All future show info can also be found on my site and you can keep track of me by joining my mailing list which can be found on the site as well, by emailing me at hey@xxatlee.com, or following me on social media. 
        Social Media Links.

        Nostalgia and Time, The Landmarks

        The Landmarks at Standard Goods

        Tomorrow night is our 2 Year Anniversary Party, Wednesday, January 17th, 7 pm - 11 pm.  We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the loyal customers who continue to support locally owned businesses, our vendors, designers, local makers, artists and musicians over the past couple years.   At our anniversary party, we will have two local Seattle bands perform. 

        First band playing at our party is the group, Biblioteka. Catch them play around 9 pm! Around 10 pm, The Landmarks will be blessing us with their presence and performing for us for the first time! Event has no cover but requires all attendees to RSVP/Register to come.

        You learned about Biblioteka last week, now we'd like you to learn a little bit about The Landmarks!  

        The Landmarks at Standard Goods

        The Landmarks (also known as the Landies in some circles) are a five-piece indie psyche-pop band originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Comprised of soulful lyrics, screaming guitar, swirling hypnotic synths, funk-steeped bass lines and often frantically dancey drum beats.

        As a whole they are a dynamic driving force who pride themselves in their ability to meander, stack, and dissect genres, keeping an audience on their toes never knowing what to expect next.

        After three years together amidst frequent line-up changes, they were able to complete two eps working with such names as Gordon Raphael and Steve Albini. In the summer of 2016 after two successful tours of the East coast, Jack, Laja, and EJ decided to move to Seattle in an effort to further expand their audience as well as to cement their commitment to their craft. They soon met Keith and Tylee, drummer and bassist of local hip hop group All Star Opera and were quickly performing once again. 

        In October 2017 they pre-released their new song ”Halloween Sex” as a holiday promotional teaser for their next EP. They will be finishing the EP with Dylan Wall at House of Justice and plan to have it released in the spring of 2018. (biography via: 

        The Landmarks at Standard Goods Photography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

        Here is our recent interview with them:
        1. Hello Jack,  can you please tell me about who each of of your band members are and what do you and each of them contribute to The Landmarks?

          Laja, vocals & guitar; Jack plays guitar; EJ, Keyboards; Keith plays Bass; Tylee plays Drums.

        The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

        1. I really like your band's name, who came up with it and what's the meaning behind it?

          Thanks! Jack came up with the name when he was feeling nostalgic. It's more of a Landmarks in time type of thing rather than physical landmarks.  
        1. Are all members from Seattle-if you are a transplant, where are you from and why did you move to Seattle?

          Keith and Tylee are from Seattle. Laja, Jack and EJ moved here from Michigan because they wanted a change and heard how great Seattle was as a city and as a hub for great music. 
        1. If you could choose to spend a day with anyone in the world while on tour, who would it be?

          Larry David  
        1. Name two of your favorite bands that came from Seattle?

          Mommy Long Legs and MONSTERWATCH
        1. How did your group come together?  

          Jack and Laja formed the band in Michigan, Jack & EJ met at work and he joined the band a year in. We met Keith and Tylee through the missed connections page on Craigslist.  

        The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

        1. How has coming together as a band influenced each of you positively outside of music?

          Being with these guys reminds me to have fun in everything you do, work hard but have fun while doing so.   
        1. What's your favorite restaurant to eat at after band practice?

          We're big fans of Chipotle.
        1. If you could pick a non profit organization with a cause in the world, to play for and organize a benefit for, who and why?

          American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We love animals, especially dogs. 

          The Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)
        2. Thank you for playing for Standard Goods Anniversary Party, Is there any other shows or events relating to your band coming up?  We would love to share?

          Thank you for having us! We'll be in the studio this weekend to finish recording an EP. We're releasing it in April, the announcement for the release show will be coming soon!  Landmarks at Standard GoodsPhotography by: @twodrsdwn (IG)

        Music: www.thelandmarks.bandcamp.com

        IG: @the_landmarks

        FB: www.facebook.com/thelandmarksband


        Four Multi-Cultural Musicians in Seattle, Band Together: BIBLIOTEKA, of Music

        Standard Goods is very excited to be featuring this newly formed group Biblioteka.  At this month's second Thursday Capitol Hill Artwalk, they will be sharing their creations of mosaic pop melodies during "S P E C T R U M" Solo Art Show with Camila Frey-Booth.  Come see them play, Thursday January 11, 2018 around 8:30 pm.  

        Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

        Biblioteka means "Library" in Russia/Ukraine, which is where the band's lead is ethnically from.  We love that each of their band members come from different backgrounds.  They express a sense of universal unity that shares a positive impact to our society today; "Our band consists of multi-cultural members and we decided to have a band that captured that aspect. We are also literate AF." -Biblioteka.

        Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Jake Hanson ( IG: @trulybogus)

        Mierichka is their group lead, vocals, and bass player.  Hexx Rodriguez plays guitar, Jacque Treat on the keys, and Chris Glaser on the drums.  It is an honor to have them play at our first art walk in year 2018!  It will be great to watch this group grow and see where their music takes them this year.  

        To learn more about them, here is our recent Standard Goods Artist Interview response from Biblioteka:

          1. We know that your band just formed recently, how did this happen?  Were you all friends or just acquaintances before this? 

            Back in the summer of 2017, Biblioteka was formed emerging from a previous project that disbanded. We became somewhat of a band fam and wanted to continue our musical connection with a new project with Mary Robins (Mierichka) leading the band. Jacque was Hector's (Hexx) friend/hairstylist and during a much-needed haircut, was informed that an opening was needed for a keys player. Naturally, she joined our close-knit band.

          2. Can you each tell us a little bit about yourselves?

            Mierichka - When I'm not making music, I take photos for Showbox and other venues, and work at a hotel for my day job. My other interests include puppies, and taking long walks on the beach.

            Hexx - During the day I help students with paying for school @ a local college and by night you can find me playing pinball, spinning records, or secretly performing at open mics as a sad boy singer songwriter.

            Jacque - When Im not cutting heads at Rudy's or mashing buttons on boards, I like cuddling with Floofs(animals)

            Chris - I'm an accountant/auditor, which involves crunching numbers and telling people what they did wrong. I spend my free time trying to become not bad at instruments and looking for the perfect dog that I can't own yet

          3. How long has each of you been playing and creating music?  Any other hidden talents?

            Hexx - Like 13 years now. I have an endless supply of bad dad jokes.

            Mierichka - I've been playing music since I was a kid, but I didn't really take it seriously until I was fifteen or sixteen. I used to do Irish dancing......but let's not talk about that

            Jacque - Started playing flute when I was 9. I can roll a mean blunt.

            Chris - 12 years? I can make any pizza a personal pizza.

          4. Are each of you Seattle locals, if so for how long now?  If not, where did you grow up?  Seattle has changed a lot in just recent years.  To some, it hasn't given a positive impact with the sudden rise of the tech industry, specially for some in the arts community.  I am curious, as an artist/musician, what are the positive and negative views you have adapting in a changing Seattle?  

            Only Mierichka and Jacque are the unicorns from Seattle having spent their whole lives here, 22 and 25 years respectively. Chris and Hector have both lived here for about 5 years now, Chris coming from Las Vegas and Hector coming from Austin. The two came to study at Seattle University.

            We've seen the arts take an initial punch to the gut when it comes to affordable housing and local businesses. Most of us have had to move about 5 times in the last 2 years, one of those homes being a DIY artist house that held art walks (its now a condo building). I have seen my local music shop become another glasses shop, I mean how many glasses shops do we need on the hill? My friends and the art community around me Have had to put art/music on the back burner to work their day jobs to afford housing here... it's getting better but it's not where it was.

            If there's any positive I guess that festivals like Upstream! Music festival has emerged allowing independent artists to have a voice and also that it's forced the community to band together a bit more and come up with more creative solutions.

          5. Any other shows or events coming up you'd like us to share on here?  

            We are recording our first EP this month and expect to release it around April with a West Coast tour to follow.

            We are excited to be collaborating with another amazing female artist/dancer to do a music video for the single off the new record and cant wait to share this with you.

            Jan 25 we will be opening for Familiars at Chop Suey ♥♥♥

            Stay tuned for more shows and exciting news. 

        Biblioteka Seattle Standard Goods Artists Photo by Travis Trout 

        For more updates, follow Biblioteka:
        Recordings available soon...

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Camila Frey-Booth

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Camila Frey-Booth

        We are excited to be hosting " S P E C T R U M " Solo Art Show by Camila Frey-Booth. Join Standard Goods' during Capitol Hill Art Walk January 11th 2018
        + Live Music by Biblioteka 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

        Bellingham artist Camila Frey-Booth's pixelated acrylic "Energy Paintings" imagine femme energetic force as dark and brooding yet vivid, complex and important. The work is intended to emanate positivity and confidence to those who feel isolated, meanwhile acknowledge strength in a time that feels politically foreboding and exhausting. Learn more about her process and creative background
        in our interview below! 

        What themes are influencing your work currently?

        My current body of work - Energy Paintings- is motivated by the collective energy currently being generated by humans validating each other - particularly femme identity and experience. The revolution that’s happening right now regarding women & femmes coming forward with their stories of sexual assault... I feel that energy vibrating in our culture. Each new tragic story told by a celebrity or a friend adds to this energy. It’s shaking things up. We’re learning to support each other through the injustices and say, “no more!” The Energy Paintingsimagine a femme energetic force as dark and brooding yet vivid, complex and important.
        Standard Goods featured artist, Seattle, Shop local, shop the hill standard goods, camila frey booth
        Can you tell me a little about your process when starting a new piece?

        I tend to make most conceptual decisions while I’m prepping canvases and painting. I have learned that I’m less likely to make work if I worry too much about the idea. For my current body of work, I stumbled into it through experimenting with paint and color. It wasn’t until my third painting that I knew they were about feminist strength. One day I walked into the studio and I was like, “Oh, I get it!” For this reason, I enjoy the preliminary time where nothing magical happens and I can be mechanical. However, every step of my preparatory process is intentional. I customize each piece down to the stretcher bars I use. I stretch my own canvases in my living room using a huge sheet of drop cloth from the hardware store and prime them with three layers of gesso. When I’m diligent, the preparation of five canvases will take 2-3 days before painting begins. I am constantly refining and streamlining my painting system to make it more efficient.

        What is your artistic background? Did you study art?

        Ceramics was my first medium. I was introduced to it in high school by one of my favorite teachers ever - Joey Powers-Kraves. She was the first adult in my life to ever talk to me like I wasn’t a kid. She was a pivotal person in my life. I studied ceramics up until 2014 when I began experimenting with other media and my work became more concept driven. In 2015, I earned my BFA in video art from Western Washington University. During that time I made a series of feminist performance videos called Ok, Cupidwhere I reimagined Loonette the clown from The Big Comfy Couch(a kids show from the 90s) navigating life in current day. In an attempt to grow up, Loonette searches for her soulmate online.Things get weird! Later in the year I founded the Dada-inspired art movement Noodlism and made a series of video installationsand bubble wrap art to accompany. Noodlism is defined as “the art movement that sees humor and contrariness in Western culture by producing art media marked by nonsense, travesty and noodles.” It was invented to demystify art and invite everyone into the art world. Noodlism was present in my drawing series #trendswhere reappropriated the # symbol to make abstract patterns and shapes. The movement has since evolved into a page where people submit Noodlism news stories and art. You can find that on Facebookand Instagram.

        Do you ever find yourself uninspired to create, and if so, how do you get motivated again?

        Inspiration doesn't motivate me - but deadlines do. Booking shows a couple months in advance, like my show S P E C T R U M at Standard Goods, requires me to make work. The store has a ton of wall space and I intend to fill it!
        I love the quote by iconic performance artist and musician Yoko Ono: "I thought art was a verb, rather than a noun." For me, it means that art isn't a passive act. I don't believe I am gifted in any way - I just get up every day, put my fears aside and make work. If we don't show up for our craft, the work won't get done.

        Favorite artists?

        I’m following a few talented contemporary artists on Instagram: Richard Tinkler (@richardtinkler) and Todd Kelly (@fmsartst). Their intricate paintings motivated me to start the ​Energy Paintings​. The late Mike Kelley hugely inspired my work in my undergrad. He despised elitism in the art world and often worked with found objects such as stuffed animals. You might recognize his work from the Sonic Youth album ​Dirty​. Being an artist who works with vulnerable themes, I can relate to his rejection of high art. He was a badass.

        How do you like to spend your time? Aside from your creative work.

        I work fulltime as a sock designer for the brand ModSocks in Bellingham, WA. I absolutely love it - I make wearable art! Other than my day job and painting, my partner Bobby and I often indulge in pinball, pizza and beers. We’ve also been binge watching Seinfeld!

        3 things you can't possibly live without?
          1. 1.)  My sketchbook. I often find myself dreaming up an idea and need to jot it down immediately. I’ll be in such a haste because I’ll worry that the idea will float away and I’ll never imagine it again. I once spent an entire year in my sketchbook never touching a paint brush. It wasn’t until the beginning of last year that I started seriously painting.
          2. 2.)  My 5-year-old flat faced kitty named Winnie. There is nothing that exists in the world that is softer than her white belly fur. She is fiercely independent and won’t eat a treat unless it’s butter.
          3. 3.)  At least 8 hours of sleep every night. My brain needs time to rest.

        What do you want people to experience when they view your work?

        The Energy Paintings were painted with the goal to emanate beauty, strength and positivity. My intention is always to connect with people through my work. However, the viewer is entitled to their own experience and I’m open to hearing about new interpretations. I often learn new things about my work from the hearing the viewer’s analysis. I’ve been told many times that people see birds in my work!? Especially in my color blocked abstract paintings, which I find funny. My mother is one of the top birders in the state so some of that might come through subconsciously. I come from a passionate family.

        Where do you live? Any cool places we should check out?

        I live in the sleepy town of Bellingham! If you’re ever up north check out ModSock and my favorite pinball bar called The Racket.

        Anything else you'd like to share with us!?

        Every few days I update my instagram story with tips from inside my studio! I love sharing and conversing with other artists. ​Follow & connect with me​! My Instagram is @camilafreybooth, my website is camilafreybooth.com

        Pablo's Legs, In Boots

        This coming art walk at Standard Goods we will be featuring artist Celestine Ocean. She is also in the band that will be performing! We got the chance to learn a bit about Pablo’s Legs - what inspires them and their music making process. They are influenced by bands such as Talking Heads and have been compared to Stereolab. Celestine is really inspired musically by Fiona Apple, Scout Niblett, Santigold, and Cat Power to name a few. They describe their genre as “space jazz.”
        What's the origin of your band's name? Have you changed the name before?
        The name Pablo's Legs was inspired by the day we saw our friend Pablo Quevedo's legs. We had never seen them before and those fabulous legs inspired the band name and eventually the creation of the band.
        When did you form the band? What inspired you to make music together?
        We formed the band around April 2016. It really started as a random jam sesh in which the song "Splunk" was written and we just kept jamming from then on. Gianni added to the band later and he has been recording our upcoming album titled "In Boots".
        Who writes your songs? What are the main themes/ topics of your songs?
        Celestine writes the lyrics. Mick, Gianni and Ryan write the bass, guitar, keyboard and drum parts and then we all mold and develop the songs into more final versions together. Themes and topics kind of vary and aren't explicit in our songs, mainly about expression and being in touch with your funky self.
        Could you briefly describe the music-making process? Anything exciting in the works? Do you have any upcoming shows?
        We all get together and start jamming on a bass riff or a drum beat, then Celestine jumps on and improvises lyrics over the music. We usually record the improv to go back to it later and take parts that we liked to make them into a song. Sometimes someone from the band brings a song idea in that they wrote and we create off of that, but usually we do the improv jam then create songs out of that. A lot of our creation is improv based, even when we perform we never really do the same thing twice.
        We have a lot of fun stuff in the works, we have a music video and single coming out of our song "Silverbox". We have an album on the way and we have a show on December 14th for the Capitol Hill art walk in support of Celestine's art exhibit.
        What's your ultimate direction for your band?
        Keep on creating music, keep on having fun! If a record deal slips in the mix, we won't complain.

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Celestine Ocean

        Join Standard Goods next Thursday December 14th for a solo art show by Celestine Ocean. She is a multifaceted artist interested in the colorful worlds that exists inside each individual. Her childlike wonder and approach to art making is refreshing. We had the pleasure to chat with her about life and art. Get to know Celestine before the show!, in this interview.
        Stop by the shop Thursday evening and hear music from her band Pablo's Legs too!
        First off! Take us back to when you first started creating art?

        Oh wow, I remember I was about 4 or 5, the first thing I ever colored in was this small cat drawing in a coloring book I had. That was also the same time I learned how to write my name (which is not an easy name to spell for a 5 year old.) I started being attracted to art at a really young age. I loved it. I mainly started with coloring books and then in elementary school I became super interested in making my own artwork. I was also a big fan of writing fictional stories and reading. I read a lot. Once I learned how to read I never stopped.

        My childhood was a lot of moving around, at risk of being homeless. It was hard for me to attend school regularly and I wasn't very good at math so I always felt inferior in school settings where highly academic classes were rewarded more than artistic ones. Making artwork freed my mind of what was going on at home and made me feel confident in a school setting which really helped me work hard to finish school and continue my education after high school.

        Describe your drawing style in a few words?

        Whimsical, quirky, abstract.

        Do you have anything you are looking forward to in 2018? What were yo
        passionate about this past year?

        I currently attend Cornish College of the arts but I am doing a study abroad program through Cornish to attend an art school in Florence, Italy. I'm leaving January 2018 and it is honestly a dream come true. I have always wanted to study and live in Italy. I could not be more happy about it! This past year I was really passionate about keeping up with my filmmaking and I will continue that next year and beyond.

        Where did you grow up?

        First part of my childhood I grew up on Maui, then I moved to Orcas Island and lived there until I graduated high school and then I moved to Seattle!
        If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?

        Ooo. Mint chocolate chip.
        What inspires you the most?

        People on the street (da ba de da day). My life experiences, past, current and future. My partner Gianni. All my friends and family. Struggling. It's all beautiful and it's all part of the inspiration.

        Do you have a mantra you live by?

        "I'm just an egg floating in the ocean."

        If your life was a movie what would the title be and who would you like to play you?

        Oh man. Why is that a hard question! I feel like it would be a documentary and I would film my real life. OR it would be an animated cartoon. As for the title, maybe "The Celestine Prophecy"...

        Can you tell us a little about what you will be sharing during your Solo Show at Standard Goods Art walk?

        I will be sharing a mix of drawings, paintings, and film work I have done over the past year. Also I will be selling handmade earrings and possibly posters and postcards.

        Anything else you'd like to share? :)

        I'm excited! Come to the show on December 14th! My band Pablo's Legs is playing. It will be a fun and probably weird time you won't want to miss.

        Stay Cozy Seattle

        S t a y  C o z y  S e a t t l e

        Lookbook by Photographer Kathreen Absuelo
        Models:  Leah Nemeth + Sarah Troy

        Shop Her Look >>>

        Stay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Leah Nemeth
        Stay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Sarah TroyStay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Sarah TroyStay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Sarah Troy
        Stay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Sarah Troy
        Stay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Leah Nemeth
        Stay Cozy Seattle Standard Goods Lookbook Photographer Kathreen Absuelo Model Leah Nemeth

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Kyra Anderson

        Join us during Capitol Hill Art Walk next November 9, 2017, featuring visual artist Kyra Anderson & 8 pm live music performance by Stefán Kubeja ( DON ) Kyra Anderson is an Alaskan artist who focuses on detail in pen, watercolor, and gouche. She aims to capture emotion through the lines and shapes of her portraits and designs. Learn more about her and her work in our interview. :)
        Who are three artists you look up to, and why? 
        I admire Van Gogh because his brush strokes and use of color are mesmerizing. I remember doing a study of his work in school and being moved by the fluidity he used.
        Another artist that I look up to is Salvador Dali because his work is wonderfully bizarre and beautiful. As a kid I felt like staring at his pieces would set my imagination off to his eccentric dreamland.
        The last artists who has always inspired me is my twin sister, Olivia. We've spent many hours working on art together and watching her progress always pushed me to improve my own style. 
        Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been in Seattle?
        I've been in Seattle for just a year and a half as I grew up in the small fishing town of Kodiak, Alaska. I spent numerous days exploring in the woods, beaches, or out on the water. I feel like this time out in nature brought out my creative side early on. That being said, Seattle fits me well and provides endless inspiration and opportunities.
        What do you hope that viewers will take away from your art?
        I don't have any expectations as far as a reaction, but I do hope that people find something to read into or relate to within my work. I aspire to give a feeling of motion with the lines I use, and love to hear the varying interpretations.
        Where do you get your inspiration from?
        I get inspiration from everyday observations and the urge to capture tiny details and organic shapes. Seattle offers this due to the architecture and the way that endless textures meet and clash together. With my portraits I'm inspired by different energies people give off, and I try to encapsulate that with my backgrounds.
        If you could choose anyone from anytime or anywhere to come to this show, who would you choose and why?
        It's difficult to pin down one singular person, but there are a few handfuls of mentors and peers that I would love to compare work with.
        Describe your creative space.
        I'm a tidy person, but my work space tends to be cluttered. I like to both experiment with new mediums and have influence around me- so it's currently loaded with supplies as well as a neon orange deer and some star string lights. I also love to hunker into a coffee shop when I need more peace while I'm working.
        How has your style as an artist changed over the years?
        My style has changed in that I've practiced the things I know I love to draw. I feel like I've refined the way I shade and contour a face, and have began incorporating color into my previously monochromatic style. I've also branched into doing more organic subjects and subjects other than people.
        Do you have a specific incident that caused you to get involved with art?
        An incident that got me interested in art was getting an art set loaded with colored pencils, chalks, and paints for christmas one year. I would practice drawing a gesture of a face over and over with different colors to emit emotions. Later on, taking classes drew me into it more seriously.
        What do you enjoy most about Seattle and why?
        I love that you can travel somewhere and have a completely different experience depending on where you go. No matter what I'm looking for in a day, I can find that in Seattle. I also love the community here, and I feel like there's always an opportunity waiting for mearound the corner.
        Anything else you'd like to share?
        I'd like to share my gratitude to Kathreen and Maya at Standard Goods for the opportunity as well as their help along the way!

        Introducing Duluth Pack at Standard Goods

        We are excited to introduce Duluth Pack at Standard Goods! Duluth Pack has been proudly around since 1882, 135 years!. Handcrafting outdoor gear in Minnesota. The quality, time-tested craftsmanship and hardware are guaranteed for life. The company’s products have been passed down from generation to generation, telling a unique story of where they have been and what they have held.
        We love their story and think you will too - check out their history timeline! Also with every handmade Duluth Pack product, you can find the sewer's name on the tag! You can meet the craftsperson on their website too!

        Soultanz, Something Old and New

        We are stoked to be hosting Soultanz as our musical guests for Art Walk. The dynamic duo Singer/Producer Shayan Mashayekh and Producer Jared Rubens have a soulful feel while incorporating hip hop, electronic and RnB. Come by and hear for yourself. :) 
        We caught up with Soultanz to learn more about how they got their start and what gives them inspiration. read on...
        Introduce us to each member of Soultanz - Tell us a little about Soultanz? 
        Soultanz always maintains a soulful feel while incorporating hip-hop, RnB, and electronic elements into the groove. The duo out of Seattle is comprised of singer/producer Shayhan Mashayekh and producer Jared Rubens, who often feature local talent.
        Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk
        Shayan began as singer/songwriter who quickly evolved into a talented producer. As a singer, he has been featured on songs by Sol, BFA, Zetes, and more to come. He counts Bradley Nowell of Sublime, Kaytranada, and Michael McDonald as his influences. 
        Soultanz Seattle Band Music, Seattle art walk, Soultanz music interview with band

        As a producer, Jared is deeply involved in the composition of the music, spending long hours arranging samples, recording live instruments and writing lyrics. He describes as his primary influences as Madlib, Jay Dee, and Latin-American music. 
        Soultanz music Seattle, Soultanz Seattle, Interview with musicians seattle, Standard Goods Seattle Art Walk 
        How did you get started? 
        Jared Rubens met Shayhan on Soundcloud in 2011 and they have been collaborating ever since. 
        Soultanz music, Seattle music, Standard Goods Seattle Art walk
        Where does your inspiration come from?
        Our inspiration has its ups and downs just like life. It comes from many angles. Pain, love, feeling trapped, world corruption, etc.

        We let the music speak to us. I've (Shayhan) always said, " Ride the beat and don't force the beat to ride you.”
        Soultanz music
        What would you say is your greatest achievement so far? 
        Creating an album you are proud of.
        What would you say is your ultimate goal for the band?
        To be timeless plain and simple.   
        Any upcoming gigs that your looking forward to playing? 
        October 12th at Standard goods of course! We have a show with The Bad Tenants on 10/28 at W Hotel and then we will be headed to Salem and Portland

        Oregon for back to back shows on 11/3 and 11/4. Starting at Victory Club and ending at The Saturday Tavern. 

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Alba Juliao

        Join Standard Goods next Thursday October 12th for the P O R T A L S exhibit by Seattle photographer Alba Juliao. Also a live music performance from Soultanz. Get to know more about Alba in our interview with her below! 

        Get more information about this months artwork on our event page. 
        Describe your style as an artist to us?  
        The methods come from cinema and light. I started making pictures due to the movies, because it's the almost the same-but it's frozen and broken up, and then broken up again or taken apart. I've been working with film photography for about 12 years and every day I learn more about light, manipulation of film, and alternative processing.
        Do you come from a creative family?
        I come from a family of musicians, so yes. My mother and father were always playing music for us. My father, owned his own radio station in Panama, where I grew up, and my mother spent a lot of time teaching me the different dances of the world.
        Who do you look up to most to as an artist? Any muses? 
        I look up to several artists. To name a few: László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham, Luis Buñuel, and Lou Reed.
        Where do you look to for resources and inspiration?
        Inspiration comes from anything. From outer space to whatever is standing in front of me. The movie Blow up by Michelangelo Antonioni has been a constant inspiration in my life. At times, I'm not sure why, but it's either the imagery or the story that always gets me going.
        What do you love most about shooting film? 
        I love the process the most. It's hard not to be involved once you know how it works. From the moment I reel the film into the camera, to double-exposing, pushing/pulling the ISO, playing with light to then developing and printing in the darkroom. It is the most fulfilling moment when you have total control of the medium. Getting to experiment with it hands on keeps me absorbed; tuned in.
        Favorite subject matter? 
        The visual world, language, and its impact.
        Describe your favorite photograph you have ever taken? 
        I can't answer this one. There are some I love and some I don't. Doesn't anyone?
        Favorite city to visit? 
        Boquete, Panama. Where I was born.  
        If you could travel back in time to any time period, where would you go? 
        Difficult one, but right now, it's between traveling back to Germany 1922, to be part of the Bauhaus school of art focusing on movement and constructivism, and seeing Bob Dylan go electric at The Royal Albert Hall in 1966.
        Anything else you'd like to share with us?
        Excited to work with the Standard Good family! And I look forward to expanding my work out here in Seattle, for now. 

        Reposado, Tequila Funk

        You know that feeling when you take a shot of tequila? That fire in your soul. Now imagine mixing that with a splash of funk, chopping up a little Jazz and wrapping it all together with a Cuban Cigar. From the Dynamic rhythm of Queens, and the Heavy beat of The Bronx, all the way to the conscious callings of Cascadia. Soul, rock & roll, and freestyle flow.

        We caught up with this one of a kind trio Reposado, to learn more about how they got started, what inspires their improvisation, and building community and connections through music.

        Seattle Music, Reposado band, Seattle Art Walk, Standard Goods Seattle

        Who are your top three musical influences?
        Hmm, I guess I'd have to say Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, The Doors, Fela Kuti, and I can't leave out James Brown!
        Can you tell us a little about each band member?

        Joel Rosa

        Doesn't like introductions, he let's the drums do the talking.
        Jean-Paul Builes

        Lives life like its an art piece, the imperfections are the beauties, and the perfect isn't desired. A New York City local raised in the concrete jungle found his passion by seeing the abstract. By finding the beauties in the chaos of life. He found what some people live there whole life searching for...a guitar. It started with an acoustic crossing the country to meet his long lost bother, where the first sounds of tequilafunk made the butterflies flutter. Making a jamband that can juggle multiple genres with out a stutter. We call him Mr. Sunnyside, who can sing for your sister, brother or your mother, and make the sun shine even when theres cloudy cover.🌞

        Torin Frost


        A Northwest tree climbing freestyling guy, thats loves singing songs outside and salsa dancing under moonlit nights. Seriously though, This guy can drop lines on a dime any place anytime, and has sworn to never decline when someone asked him to ryhme. Born with the west coast vibe and adapted to east coast hype. He's just another evergreen soul fighting for whats right. Bringing hip hop back to life by rhyming for the light. In a live jam band doing handstands on mother earths sacred sights. 


        How did you form your band Reposado

        The chances of a band like this happening has to have some kind of fate involved. It was a long process for Reposado to actually begin, JP being from Queens, Joel from the Bronx and Torin from Burien. I guess it all started with JP leaving New York City, and beginning his journey towards the west coast. Shortly after Torin and JP met at a house party, that Torin was actually hosting, that's where they freestyled for the first time! After that it was like a drug and they couldn't get enough of that creative high. JP made a call to the only guy he knew that would bring it all together, Joel. But Joel was working a stable bank job and making good money. Finally Joel decided to quit his job and drive straight to Seattle! That was it, Reposado was born. The flow felt so natural, and the core of it is so pure and true that they take pride or responsibility for it. Reposado is not just a band it is a brother hood, a movement, a message, and for the community.

        How long have you all lived in Seattle?
        Torin has lived south of Seattle in Burien Washington his whole life, Joel has been in Seattle one year, and JP moved here 2 years ago from New York.

        Other than being a performance artist, what are your passions/hobbies?
        Torin loves to salsa dance and roller skate, Joel just wants to play the drums. JP is also a photographer and loves to play basketball.

        Come hear them live for yourself! - at 8:00pm this coming Thursday September 14th during Capitol Hill Art Walk at Standard Goods.

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Natalia Heiser

        Meet Natalia Heiser, the Seattle based artist using wood as her canvas. She combines the warmth of a natural element with geomettic fractals. Her beautiful nature inspired home decor & wood wall art will be showcased at Standard Goods for the month of September! Come by for Capitol hill Art Walk on Thursday September 14th to see more and hear live music from Reposado. 

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Capitol hill art walk


        Can you tell me a little about your process when starting a new piece?  

        When I feel inspired to make a new piece of art I go straight for my sketchbook.  It wasn't always that way.  I actually used to hate taking the time to sketch.  I remember my professors always instructing us to sketch it out, asking if I sketched and telling me to go back to the sketch book and I would get so frustrated.  Now however I see such value in it.  I love the time spent just sitting and sketching ideas. I feel like I can really see if something is going to work or not based on my sketches where before I would just jump in and 9 times out of 10 I would wind up with a wasted canvas.

        Where did you grow up? What do you love most about living in Seattle?

        I grew up in Wauconda, IL.  It is a small country town in the Midwest.  Growing up I didn't think it was a small town but it is.  Especially comparing it to Seattle it would be like a neighborhood here.  What I love about Seattle is that there is so much around us as far as nature goes.  We have the mountains, the forests and the ocean.  It's so beautiful and very inspiring!

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Capitol hill art walk

        When did you first discover your love of art?

        I remember in grade school always being really excited for art class.  As time went on I started realizing that it wasn't just a hobby.  Art was becoming part of who I was.  It made me think in a different way and I realized there was a chance that I could really be an artist. 

        What is your artistic background? Did you study art?

        I went to community college for a couple years where I got my Associates Degree then I transferred to Illinois State University where I got a BA in Science with a Fine Art emphasis in 2005. The reason it was a BA of science instead of a BA of Fine Art is because I didn't know what I was doing.  Not that I didn't have the skills it was that I felt so stuck.  I really struggled making art that was original and that I really liked.  I didn't have the right inspiration nor the drive at that time to figure it out. It wasn't till August of 2016 that I really felt like I was onto something good with my work. That's a good chunk of time to not do anything with something that defines you.  I feel in some ways I'm making up for lost time. I don't want to waste my abilities anymore.

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Capitol hill art walk, Seattle art

        What inspired you to work with wood? 

        I love wood.  That is actually a hashtag I found and use on Instagram.   Using wood started when we took our fence down and were left with a bunch of wood.  I told my husband to save it and that I would figure out something to do with it.  I thought of a bunch of ideas and then one day I actually had painted a few pieces with a chevron pattern and when I saw them put together it's like my mind exploded.  I really think that was the start of an artistic breakthrough for me. From there I started my Chevron Series which is made from the reclaimed fencing.  We cut the panels into square tiles and then I paint or stain them using a chevron pattern so when they are assembled together it creates a lot of movement in the piece.

        How do you go about developing your geometric patterns?

        When I was looking for inspiration for my Chevron Series I looked at a lot of quilt patterns which can be very geometric.  This inspired me to do some sketches of things in nature like trees and mountains so as I was figuring those sketches out I found a groove to the way I draw that I love.  I look at nature photography a lot to get ideas for compositions so when I find one I like I'll sketch it using geometric lines.  Sometimes from there I might develop a pattern that is more non representational which is how a lot of my pieces have come to be.

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Capitol hill art walk

        What sort of home do you envision your wood wall art hanging?

        I love modern design so I can see it fitting right into that mid century modern home.  With that said I can also see it being displayed in a gallery wall next to paintings and photography or showcased in a rustic farmhouse setting.  I think it's pretty universal.  

        Who or what are you biggest influences?

        I love nature photography but one of my favorites is Ansel Adams.  I have had a couple prints of his in my home for 10 years now and I never tire of looking at them.  I also love M.C. Escher.  He is a master of geometry and actually got a lot of his inspiration from nature early on so I feel like he is someone I can really learn from.  Plus his work is incredible.  I love that you can get lost in his drawings and that your eyes move throughout the whole piece.   

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Artist Interview Seattle, Capitol hill art walk

        What is your work space like?  

        I work a lot in my dining room because it has good space and good lighting.  It also allows me to still parent since I do stay home with my kids.  If there is something I want to work on I'll set it out on my table so that way when the Barbie dream house calls my girls imagination I can sneak in some drawing time!  I also use my garage in the warmer months too.   

        Do you ever find yourself uninspired to create, and if so, how do you get inspired again?

        Yes I do and I've learned that feeling uninspired and procrastinating go hand in hand for me.  I have a quote that I say to myself in these moments which is "the only cure for procrastination is productivity."  If I'm uninspired then I need to start looking at my inspiration sources or find something new.  I can't just be uninspired and do nothing.  I need to go after what I want and move forward and if that means looking on Instagram at all my nature photographers that I follow or getting outside and going on a hike I need to do it.  I need to be productive in order to make progress. 

        Natalia Heiser, Standard Goods Featured Artist, Capitol hill art walk

        Anything else you'd like to share? 

        For anyone reading this that is just starting out in art or in any career really I'd encourage you to ask questions if you don't know what you are doing.  I had no clue what to do to launch my art business so I reached out to friends and a lot of people on Instagram actually.  Some don't respond but others do and they really have valuable information that they want to share.  It can make the difference in feeling confident that you can move forward with your vision.  So to all those people who gave me advice thank you!  I'm grateful for your words and wisdom. 




        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017

        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017
        Photographer:  Kathreen Absuelo
        Models:  Sarah Troy + Max Haslam
        Stylist: Jessie Rice 
        Shop  Fjällräven + Rains at Standard Goods.

        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Fjallraven + Vintage Collection Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Fjallraven + Vintage Collection Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Fjallraven + Vintage Collection Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Fjallraven + Vintage Collection Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Fjallraven + Vintage Collection Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle
        Standard Goods Back To School Look Book August 2017 Photographer Kathreen Absuelo - Rains Jacket Capitol Hill Seattle

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Darcy Einarson

        Meet Darcy Einarson, another artist joining us for August Art Walk at Standard Goods. Learn more about this Seattle based artist/illustrator in this interview! Come by this Thursday to see more and hear great music from Cherry Boy

        Explain your style as an artist to us?

        I'm often drawn to vibrant colors and organic  shapes, but those show up in my abstract work not so much in any animal themed drawings or paintings. I've always been attracted to the quirky and unique. One of my projects that I'm currently working on is clothing different animals in vintage McCall patterns. Several of those are featured in the art walk such as the tiger and the ram. I tend to aim for the playful and lighthearted - something that might brighten and lift up someone's day.

        Where did you grow up? How did your experiences growing up shape you into the artist that you are today?

        I grew up in Blaine, Washington which is a small town on the Canadian border. We lived slightly out of town on the edge of a large field which meant there was a parade of wildlife that we got to witness growing up. I think having access to that and the freedom to wander around relatively freely gave me an extra bit of respect for the woods and the wildlife it housed. It also gave me an appreciation for all the natural beauty that surrounds us. I love the colors of the Pacific Northwest - the lush greens, the blue backdrop of the mountains, the incredible sunsets. It instilled me with a sense of wonder for the world that exists outside of city life.  

        Where do you feel the most inspired?

        I don't know that there is a where or place that inspires me...it might be more of a when. Going on long walks where I have the ability to step away from the noise of everything else and just listen to my thoughts  - that's when I tend to get the most ideas. Long car rides are good for that as well. I commute to work and the traffic can be pretty abysmal so I like to use the time to daydream and squirrel away ideas for new projects. It definitely takes a quieting of the mind for me which can be a challenge since I'm an easily distracted person! 

        What is your spirit animal?

        I can't speak to this because I'm the whitest lady around and I want to be respectful of other cultures and belief systems. However, if you were to put me in the Harry Potter universe and I needed to identify my Patronus (nerd alert)...I think I'd be a black trumpet swan. Although, that's heavily influenced by something I read about Patti Smith too. So maybe her Patronus is a black trumpet swan and my Patronus is Patti Smith. (I'm just going to continue on a downward spiral of geekdom so I'll stop myself there.) 

        Finish this sentence. I Make Art Because...

        it gives me room to breathe.

        What was your favorite children's book growing up?

         A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

        What are you most excited to share with our guests during "Amor De Las Reinas" group show, for August Capitol Hill Art Walk at Standard Goods?

        I've been working with shadow boxes for the first time which I'm really loving, and I hope that guests love them too!



        Cherry Boy, Modern Love Tunes

        We are looking forward to hosting Cherry Boy at Standard Goods, the band will be playing during Art Walk (for the 2nd time!) We love their sound and know you will too. Hear for yourself on their Soundcloud. And come by the shop Thursday August 10th at 8:00 pm to hear them live!

        Cherry Boy is an exploration into genres that defined pop music back in the 1950’s and 60's with an infusion of indie-rock. The project is meant to delve in to similar lyrical themes as those in the past, but with more of a modern sardonic take on love, life, and the idea of happiness. Their music itself is heavily driven by sporadic trombone solos, and the sometimes melancholy, sometimes triumphant lyricism that captures the light and dark sides of the human condition.

        Standard Goods Seattle, Seattle Art, Seatte music, Cherry Boy

        We had the chance to chat with Collin Lee Johnson (Vocals and Trombone of Cherry Boy) and learn more about what influences their music and style.

        Read on!

        Who are your top three music influences?

        I would say for this project the biggest influences were Nina Simone, Etta James, and Al Green, though the more current band, Reverie Sound Revue, also plays a pretty big role.  

        How did you form your band Cherry Boi? Did you all know each other before hand?

        Formed the project in late 2014 after graduating from CWU with a former section-mate in high school band, Jack Dearth, and we have gained and lost more drummers and bassists than I would care to mention, but lately David Thompson (who we found on Craigs.

        Seattle music, cherry boy, seattle art, standard goods, capitol hill seattle, art walk

        Where were you born;  How long have you been living in Seattle?

        I was born in Tacoma, and grew up outside Gig Harbor in a woodsy, quiet area called Olalla.  I moved straight to Seattle after graduating from college so it's been about three years living in Capitol Hill and the U District, mostly.  

        Other than being a performance artist, what are your passions/hobbies?

        I hate to say it but music is really the only thing that matters to me, haha, it's the only thing that feels real.  It's literally all I think about other than whether or not my cat and snake are ok.  Otherwise I guess like, Super Smash Bro's?   

        Standard Goods Featured Artist: Amanda Jorgenson

        This coming Thursday at Standard Goods for August Capitol Hill Art Walk we will be hosting two talented artists, both featuring the animal kingdom. Meet Amanda Jorgenson, the Seattle-based but Alaska-raised illustrator. Amanda combines her love for natural science, song lyrics and puns with illustration. Come by the shop on August 10th to see more and hear music from the band Cherry Boy at 8 pm.  
        Tell us a little bit about your style as an artist? 
        I like focusing on the details which may seem minute and insignificant to some. Every spot, scale, hair, feather has its importance and needs to be drawn with care. The hardest drawings I've ever done are the animals we find "common" such as crows, robins, and squirrels. If you look at them long enough, you'll come to realise they are quite complex!
        I enjoy creating art which has more of a meaning - even if it is not completely obvious. My titles always show what I was thinking about and the end product is putting those words and lyrics down onto paper. 
        Growing up in Alaska must have been amazing. What is your favorite thing about Alaska? How did growing up there shape you as an artist? 
        Alaska is all about being in and around nature and wildlife. I enjoyed being able to drive 15 minutes from our house and be in the Chugach Mountain Range, the moose wandering around the neighborhoods, and the occasional black bear going through your trash. I liked the feeling of being quite small in the vastness of my surroundings. 
        While living in Brevig Mission, AK (a small Native Alaskan village in the Northwest of Alaska), I had the opportunity to learn and watch Native carvers and drawers at their work. I remember watching them for hours as they practised their craft. Their style influenced how I see animals. They have more behind their facade. They have a story, an importance. 
        How did you get introduced to the Natural Science Illustration program at University of Washington? Sounds fascinating. Can you tell us a little about what this program? 
        My mother is a branch manager at a library in Vancouver, WA., where she hosts local artists art. One artist was a former student in the NS Illustration program at UW, and my mom immediately told me about it (Thanks, MOM!). I applied after putting together a portfolio and got in - which drastically changed my career path. 
        I encourage anyone who is interested in drawing flora and fauna to attend this program. I learned about drawing proportion (instead of just eyeballin' it), different mediums (like colored pencil on drafting film) and I ultimately found out what my illustration style is. The feedback from the instructors and more importantly your peers was most excellent.
        Can you recall your earliest memory with art? 
        I remember spending evenings sitting at the dining room table with markers drawing birds and other animals with Mr Sketch markers. Additionally, I was a very fortunate child in the sense that my parents saw my talents and encouraged me to continue drawing so they enrolled me in art courses from the age of 6 on.  
        What is your spirit animal? 
        According to a quiz I just took, I'd be a Brown Bear based on the fact that I like mountains, the color blue, and berries. I would agree, as I am calm until provoked, enjoy my downtime and alone time, sleep and being outside exploring. 
        But my coworkers have said I'd be an orangy-yellow bird, based on the fact I absolutely adore birds, ever since 5th grade when my teacher taught a whole section on them. The color bit...no so sure.
        What Illustrators that you admire most? 
        James Audubon. His bird illustration plates are divine. 
        What was your favorite children's book growing up?
        My favorite picture book was a German book called "Mein Bär Braucht eine Mütze" (My Bear Needs a Hat), which is about a teddy bear who needs specific clothing knitted by the narrator's mother in order to go on a walk/adventure. 
        As a chapter, I absolutely loved the "Redwall" series by Brian Jacques. I've always enjoyed stories with anthropomorphism. Perhaps my visualization of the characters while reading helped me develop my style. 
        What is your favorite medium to use? 
        I really enjoy using colored pencil on drafting film and photoshop for digital painting (I love my wacom tablet!). 
        Where in nature do you go to find inspiration? 
        I can be sitting outside just observing the common neighborhood animals and find beauty and complexity in their everyday-ness. Most of my inspiration come on walks home around Lake Union to Fremont, listening to music, or trying to work an animal seen along the way into a pun. For example: that's how I came up with the Octopus (titled: "Enjoy the Silence" - Lyric, "Here in My Arms"  - song by Depeche Mode) and "Drowning in Your Swallows" - a picture of Swallows perched on a wine glass, seen along Lake Union and my thirst for a glass of wine. 
        Lastly, what words of encouragement would you give to aspiring artists young and old?
        Have faith in your talent and craft. I am constantly discouraged, but working through my own self-doubt so that I continue to produce ever-changing illustrations - pushing myself to achieve more. Use your disappointment in your more-than-likely already brilliant art work to make yourself work harder, try different techniques, etc. Of course, I'll need to remember my own advice the next time I believe my illustration looks inadequate.

        Fenntessa Swimwear: A Sister Duo

         Portrait of Cami and Robyn Rush Photographed by Hannah Elizabeth (IG @hannahwarmisham)

        Fenntessa Swimwear from Vancouver, B.C.

        Fenntessa swimwear is a brand from our neighbors up north in Vancouver, Canada! This sister duo created a swimwear brand that keeps things fun, fresh and flirty.  Below, we share our merchandising coordinator Madison Lichter's interview questions answered by founders of Fenntessa swimwear, Cami and Robyn Rush.  We value our vendors/makers/designers and believe the importance in showing our appreciation for working with a small business like ours.  We hope this is a chance for our customers to get to know another company Standard Goods loves!


        Ladies, please tell us a little about yourself- how did you get to where you are today as a company?

        I (Cami) have a BFA in Visual Arts and second major in Hispanic Studies and a masters in Fashion Design. I'm so happy to say that my education paid off! Robyn has a degree in Hispanic studies too. She is very street smart, with a natural ability to connect people and delegate tasks. Robyn also manages all the accounting. She also coordinates photoshoots and often works as the stylist and sometimes even models! We compliment each other very well as business partners. I am the big thinker and Robyn is the executor. Working together is very natural and comfortable. We are sisters after all :)

        What motivated Fenntessa swimwear?

        We have had the good fortune of spending most of our Christmas vacations in Maui. Our parents are snowbirds. Over the years we noticed new trends such as cheeky bottoms becoming popular in Hawaii. We saw an opportunity to bring these sexier styles to the west coast market. So far so good, as every year there is a bigger demand for our swimwear. 

        What is the most challenging aspect of your creative process?

        The most challenging part of the creative process is making designs that are unique but also commercial. Our consumers appreciate avant-garde ideas and innovative designs however they tend to buy classic pieces that are easy to wear. Finding that balance can be really challenging. 

        Another challenge is language. Our manufacturing is done in Colombia and our manufacturers don't speak English. All business is conducted in Spanish which is super difficult but also fun. Both of us are fluent in Spanish but it's still a struggle since it's not our native tongue.  

        What is the most rewarding aspect of your creative process? 

        The most rewarding aspect of the creative process is seeing our designs on people. It is so fulfilling to see someone wearing something we created from scratch. 

        In your opinion, what separates Fenntessa swimwear from other swimwear brands?

        Fenntessa has a unique approach to marketing that is unlike other brands. We throw massive fashion shows that break the barriers of the traditional catwalk. We use our friends as models, and allow for screaming and audience participation. Our photoshoots are fun and unstructured which allows for spontaneous creativity. We are friends with our Colombian manufactures and keep in touch professional and also socially. We also create a signature print each year that derives from drawings and experiences close to our heart. 

        What is your favorite Fenntessa piece? 

        My favorite piece is the t back bralette in black. I love classic and minimalist designs. Black is always best in my eyes. I strive to look elegant and sophisticated. Robyn's favorite piece is the mesh bralette in neon punch. It is supportive and great for an active lifestyle. She loves the neon punch colour because it is eye catching and bright. Her style and personality allow her stand out in the crowd! We both agree that the cheeky bottoms are our favorite bottoms. We are both sun worshippers and they rule for tanning! 


        Fenntessa Swimwear Blog at Standard Goods

         Model Madeline Stehlik photographed by Kathreen Absuelo

        DON of Seattle "Thanks For All The Help"

        Joining us at Standard Goods for July Art Walk as our musical guest is DON. They are a group hailing from the University of Washington. they play a genre they refer to as Future Soul- a style of music derived from R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronic, and Alternative. They are comprised of Pop and Jazz musicians mostly from UW's music program- but they hail from as close to home as Tacoma, Washington and as far away as Memphis, Tennessee. DON is fascinated with the R&B of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, as well as Fusion Jazz from the 70s & 80s. They try to combine the two. The result is something that is smooth & Pop-sensible, but improvised and experimental as well. Take a listen on their Spotify or Soundcloud. And come by the shop Thursday July 13th at 8:30 to hear them live!

        DON of Seattle, Seattle Music, seattle new music, local music, paw music, Capitol Hill Art Walk, Capitol Hill music Seattle, Standard Goods

        DON recently released their debut EP, Thanks For All The Help about a month ago. It was a long time coming! It came on the heels of their victory at the UW Battle of the Bands-- the battle propelled them into the consciousness of some of the students at UW, and they got asked to open for Kero Kero Bonito and Mark Redito at an event thrown by the student radio station, Rainy Dawg Radio. After that, they were asked by the UW to play the annual Spring Show. Since then they have been playing gigs to promote the EP, and getting started on the next project.

        Stefán Kubeja is one of the members of DON, we had a chance to talk more about what influences his style musically and learn a little bit about him. Read on!

        DON of Seattle, Seattle Music, Standard Goods

        Seattle music, Standard Goods, Capitol Hill, Seattle artists, local music, DON of Seattle

        Who or what are your top 3 inspirations/influences when it comes to your music?
          My top three influences are:
          1. Quincy Jones
          2. Usher
          3. Haitus Kaiyote
          Quincy Jones is one of the most prolific music producers/writers of all time. His raw talent and knack for writing Jazz/Soul Fusion helped him craft songs that were innovative and at the same time entertaining. When he became a Pop producer, he wrote hit after hit, most famously for Michael Jackson. The thing about his Pop music, though, was that though he was good at making earworms, his music was always unconventional- whether he was using synths and samplers to get sounds that had never been used in Pop before, or using his Jazz fusion influence to write harmonies and chord progressions that were similarly foreign to the charts. This is why I love him- he wasn't ashamed to make popular music that was interesting, & perhaps more complex than his fanbase ever understood. I seek to emulate that.
          Usher is a ball of raw talent. His vocal chops & dancing abilities make him a standout entertainer from his era. He captured the hearts of teenagers throughout the 90s & 2000s. Whenever I play a gig I keep Usher in my heart. That guy is magic.
          Hiatus Kaiyote are a pretty unique group. They make this kind of music that takes influence from R&B and Soul, but also Math Rock and other complex music-- they make these songs that change time signatures, grooves & keys all over the place. Figuring out their songs is like a calculus problem-- every time I sit down to transcribe one of their songs I have to go to all my musician friends and hear their opinion on how the music is operating. I'm awestruck by their musicianship. Every member. 
          2. Where are you born;  How long have you been living in Seattle?
          I was born in New York City. I lived in Manhattan for the first few years of my life, but my parents & I ended up moving because they were young, too poor, & in their twenties. I often wonder what it would have been like had we stayed in NYC- but it wasn't meant to be. My parents needed money. We moved in Tacoma, Washington, where I lived until I graduated High School. Tacoma is a beautiful place. There's a lot of community in that little city. To this day, if I see someone on the UW campus and we both know the other is from Tacoma, we wave to each other, even if we've never spoken. Tacoma has had such a bad name for so many years that we feel like we have to support our own, no matter who they are-- Tacomans love to see other Tacomans succeed. After I graduated, I was admitted to UW, moved to Seattle, and I've been here ever since. I love it-- Seattle has a lot of musical history. There are things I would change-- but there's an arts community here that takes care of it's artists, and I want that to continue to flourish. I'm thankful for it every day.
           DON of Seattle, Seattle Music, Standard Goods
          3. Other than being a performance artist, what are your passions/hobbies?
          I make visual art-- mostly collage based. I have a huge collection of vintage magazines from the 40s to the 90s where I take a lot of source material from. I make the vast majority of DON's album art/graphics. I also love to throw events: I co-created the UW Hip Hop Cypher, an organization/event that hosted Hip Hop shows and freestyle contests at Moksha, a clothing store on the AVE. We featured artists like Dave B & Nyles Davis. I'm a student at the UW where I'm majoring in English & minoring in music. I mess around a little bit with interior design. I'm learning photography. I'm also a collector of vintage video games. 

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Ashley Armitage

          Ashley Armitage is a Seattle based feminist photographer who just recieved her BFA in photography from the University of Washington. The talented 23 year old has shot for companies like Refinery29 to Nylon Japan and Nordstrom. Showcasing everything "girly" through a rose-tinted lens. Her work focuses on the femme experience and reclaiming femme representation.​ We had the pleasure to learn more about her in our interview below. Come by the shop this coming Thursday July 13th to check out more! 
          Ashley Armitage Photography, Standard Goods Seattle, Art Walk, Capitol Hill Seattle

          How long have you been a photographer? How did you get started? 

          I started taking photos when I was 15. My dad got me a 1980s Canon AE-1 and some rolls of black and white film. I've been taking film photos ever since!

          In another life, what other passions would you pursue besides photography?

          Archaeology, anthropology, or geology. When I was in university studying photography I took nearly enough geology and anthropology courses to have majored in them!

          What was your first work of art? (if you can remember!) And what does it mean to you now?

          I can't remember my first work of art but I do remember the first art that I sold. When I was 9 I made an abstract painting with lots of shapes and swirls and it went into a Seattle schools auction. Some lady bought it for $25 and I then spent that money on a pet hamster. 

          I love what your work focuses on and the underlying message in your photos. Was there a specific reason/personal experience that sparked your passion about reclaiming females representation in society? 

          It was sort of just a series of built up experiences in my life. In media we are shown only one version of female beauty, and that is thin, white, cis-gendered, straight women. When we only ever see one beauty type represented, we internalize it. It's toxic. I wanted to showcase a wider variety of people and body types, so I started by shooting my friends.  Taking photos of my friends will always be an integral part of my work. There's an intimacy there.

          What would you say your greatest achievement thus far is?

          Actually I think I just achieved it! Last weekend I had my first museum show opening. I never knew my work would ever be in an actual museum.

          What's your favorite film? 

          Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

          How would you define beauty?

          This is so cliche but it's seriously all about the personality.

          Who are some other female photographers you look up to? 

          Sandy Kim, Monika Mogi, Petra Collins, Harvey Weir.

          What advice would you give to your younger self? 

          "Dont worry"

          Do you have any exciting projects in the works?

          I'll be shooting a cute series focusing on couples next month for Babeland.




          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Elliott Klein

          Join Standard Goods this coming Thursday July !3th for Capitol Hill Art Walk for a group exhibit. Showcasing art from various artists with unique styles both focusing on Neo Dada Pop. Meet Seattle based artist Elliott Klein, who has been cutting and spray painting stencils for almost seven years. Inspired by the city and it's people, he takes cues from traditional graffiti and translates them into portraits of it's people. His paintings of people are rarely whole, but rather, often in fragments, either coming together, or falling apart. 

          Growing up, did you always want to be an artist? Can you recall your earliest memory with art? 

          As a kid, I did a lot of art projects and loved making things, whatever they were. My mom is an elementary school teacher and all year long we would do crafts. She's been doing DIY everything long before Pinterest. I think I built a lot of creativity from those years. I especially drew a lot as a young adult. I stepped away from art for a handful of years and when I came back to it, I settled into spray painting stencils primarily, but still love the creation of a thing, no matter the form.

          Favorite thing you've ever created? 

          I think my favorite work is the wall I painted a few years back. I spent months designing it, and cutting it before going out to this old abandoned house and painting it. I shot video, produced gifs, and made a zine from it which took tons of post-production work. It was incredible to make something that I could use to create so many other things from, over such an extended period. Most of my paintings can take between a couple weeks to a month to finish, but this one was such a large undertaking that it really stood out as a piece I felt a great deal of accomplishment toward.

          Where is your favorite place in the world? Anywhere you are dying to visit? 

          The City. I mean this in a bit more of a conceptual way. Not necessarily a specific city, but any. I draw my inspiration from all the different lives you see out in the world. All the different faces, and circumstances they must come from all inspire me to think, gain perspective, and try to understand.

          I think the place I am most excited to visit someday is Japan, they have such a long history, such a distinct style of art and creation, I find that country incredibly inspiring and interesting.

          Who is your favorite pop culture icon? 

          If I'm honest, it's without doubt Kanye West. What an undeniable genius with clearly so much ambition and so little way to express himself the way he would like to. Every time I hear a new wild story about him, it captivates me all over again. Last week I read an article about when Comedy Central give him $1 million dollars to shoot a pilot episode of a puppet show. He met Kim then. Everything he does is ridiculous, and there are hundreds more stories out there, all more wild and interesting as the last.

          Elliott Klein, Artist, Seattle, Standard Goods

          How has your style evolved? Have you always used spray paint as your medium? 

          I've been spray painting stencils for about 7 years now. Probably the first 4 I attempted to try something new in every piece. Most turned out terrible. But with those experiments I was able to find what I liked, what worked for me, and what worked in that medium. Only in the past year or so have I felt like things are starting to fit into a matured format, that show a progression and an expertise that I could not have mustered ever before. I am still constantly trying new styles, and techniques, but with much more direction and intention than I ever have before.

          I have always, and will always use other mediums to express my thoughts, I try to write, short and long form, I draw some, teach myself hand lettering to a degree, I use the Adobe Cloud and come up with projects to help me learn how to use them. I try to stay in the know about other techniques, because I never know where inspiration will come from.

          Where do you get ideas for your art?

          This goes back to my love of The City. People, their situations, their various stages of coming into their own, or falling apart, fascinate me and always get the wheels turning in my mind. 

          Elliott Klein, Artist Interview, Standard Goods, Seattle WA, Capitol Hill Art Walk

          What is your workspace like? 

          Ideally a clean desk but more often than not, one with various pieces of various projects strewn about.  My tools are mainly my cutting mat, all kinds of markers, and an x-acto knife with extra blades. On the shelf next to me I have about 30 cans of Molatow spray paint. I have had better and worse places to paint depending on where I live. Currently I paint on top of old Rainier cardboard boxes in the parking lot behind my apartments, which embarrassingly, is one of the worse set ups I've put together.

          How do you like to spend your time? Aside from your creative work?

          I like to go out with friends, I am a big Mariners fan and am at Safeco all summer long. I'm a busy person and try to stay out and about, sitting around too much can quickly drive me stir crazy.

          If your life was a movie what would the title be and who would you like to play you?

          Mac and Jacks and Hip Hop Throwbacks starring Rami Malek

          Anything else you'd like to share? 

          You can follow my developing works on Instagram: @elliottnes1, or my Behance page. 

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Derek Erdman

           Derek Erdman will be joining us for The Neo Dada Pop exhibit at Standard Goods, for July's Capitol Hill Art Walk event. Derek has been painting professionally since 2007, in a style that is inspired by clip artist Tom Tierney. He uses discarded house paint and efficient production methods to keep paintings affordable. His subjects typically revolve around mundane household objects or third-tier celebrities. Erdman never studied art formally but instead obtained a Master's Degree in Phonetics at Kent State University.
          Join us next Thursday July 13th at 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Don't miss the live music from DON at 8:30, sponsored by PBR.

          Growing up, did you always want to be an artist? Can you recall your earliest memory with art?

          My mother had a great book about Salvador Dali that I used to sneak glances of when I was five or six. It was terrifying and sexual. It may have shaped my life, I've always been rather prudish. I was terrified into prudish by a book. I didn't really think about being an artist when I was young. I just wanted to read books and eat candy.
          Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods
          Do you come from a creative family? How did your childhood shape you as an artist?

          I was raised by a wayward single mother, it was just me and her. She liked country music and VC Andrews books. She had a Lou Reed record, but I don't think she listened to it. She's pretty cool, great with the unconditional love. She laughs with abandon and hoards animals. Terrible taste in dudes. Loved Salvador Dali.

          Who was the first artist to influence your style?

          Tom Tierney, he's a clip artist. He makes paper dolls now. Actually, he's dead now. His clip art subjects are really mundane, like hats and bowling balls. His paper dolls are incredible as well, mostly first families and official celebs. His lines are really solid.
          Derek Erdman, How to grab a pussy, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

          Who is your favorite pop culture icon? 

          I just Googled "pop culture icon" because I couldn't think of one off hand. If I had to choose from the Wikipedia list, I'd have to go with Walt Disney. That list is pretty wonky though, it includes Rivers Cuomo. I was really into Morrissey and the Beatles in high school. Otherwise, yeesh. Nobody comes to mind immediately. Kellyanne Conway is pretty neat. Not her whole scene exactly, but her curious political position. And that face. It's so fun to draw.

          Do you think as an artist it's important to create politically aware art now more than ever?

          I reckon yeah, if it's authentic. Political art purely for acceptance (digi-likes, etc) is kinda crummy. Eh, I guess that's pretty shitty to say. If troubled times inspire civil disobedience, count me in. I'm not really in the position to judge somebody's actions. And is good art worth having some fucked up people in power? Eh, probably not.
          Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

          Do you ever find it difficult to make time for your art?

          Nah, not really. My girlfriend is a photographer, we work all of the time. That's how we spend our time, cooking food, yell-talking and making up songs, and making art. It's a pretty perfect way to live. If she wasn't a person who created things, just liked to do CrossFit all of the time and watched the Walking Dead, it might be harder to make time. But our life is just working together, it's what we both expect to do. It's the best, I'm so lucky.
          Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Kardashian Art Illustration, Artist interview, seattle artist, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

          Favorite project you've worked on?

          Last night we had some friends over and cooked spaghetti and played Cranium afterward. Near the end of the night we decided to call that restaurant Jimmy's on Broadway and Madison and scream at the top of our lungs. We chose that restaurant because we all agreed that we disliked their martini glass neon sign. None of us has even been there. We called twice and just screamed our brains out. They stayed on the phone for close to 30 seconds. We didn't mean it as mean-spirited, just six people screaming. It was awesome.

          If you could choose one superhuman power, what would it be?

          The whole world to myself, everybody gone. Time enough at last.
          Derek Erdman, Pop Art, Seattle Art, Artist interview, seattle artist, Street Art, Seattle Art walk, Standard Goods

          Oregon Made North Drinkware

          Meet the extremely creative proprietors of North Drinkware, Matt, Leigh, and Nic! These three adventurous friends come from both coasts. Matt and Leigh from the east and Nic from California. However, they have all settled down and started families between Portland and Bend, Oregon. They love to hike, camp, and explore the vast mountains, rivers, and forests of the Coastal United States. In 2015, the three teamed up using their combined 30+ years of product design experience to come up with the idea for these beautifully crafted glasses. They launched their Kickstarter with an initial goal of $15,000 in February of the same year and received an overwhelmingly positive response. By the end of the campaign, the project was 3,543% funded! They became a Kickstarter staff pick and were featured in various magazines for their huge Kickstarter fiscal success, their innovative ideas, and their dedication to working with all local Oregon partners for the production of every component of the finished product. At Standard Goods we are similarly dedicated to working with local partners, so deciding to carry this beautiful product was an easy choice!

          We reached out to one of the three founders, Leigh, and asked her some questions about the three friend’s experience with building the company, the things they love most about the PNW, and anything that they have in the works as far as future product plans go.

          Mount Rainer tumblers, North Drinkware, PNW, Standard Goods, Interview, North drencher glasses

          What is your favorite part about living in the PNW?

          Access to the outdoors. The major NW cities have so much to offer in terms of day-to-day living, but we've also loved the easy access to get into the mountains to snowboard, hike, explore lakes or to the coast to have a beach day and catch some waves. Having iconic mountains like Mt. Rainier and Mt. Hood in the skyline of our cities create a connection to these mountains even when you can't be out adventuring. That was  a huge inspiration for North.

          Did you ever imagine the explosive reaction that North Drinkware received on kick starter?

          Not really. We had high hopes of exceeding our goal - maybe 50-75K in pre orders. We never expected $531K in pre orders for The Oregon Pint. We are so grateful for the interest and commitment to local makers in the PNW. Not only did the community, media, and brands rally behind our concept to spread the word and back us, they have continued to do so as the years go on. Kickstarter was an amazing platform to work with, and gave us tremendous confidence in validating our concept to become a sustainable business. 

          Your success on kick starter is incredible! Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for the young innovators of tomorrow who wish to start their own business with a novel product such as your own?

          Storytelling is a huge aspect of how launching your concept. With new audiences you have a small window to capture their interest and get them intrigued to learn more. Make sure your story is clear, and how you have positioned yourself is authentic to the brand and yourself. It can be uncomfortable to put yourself personally out there - but if the product is a good concept and you've explained your story and "why" - it'll get backed. Also, don't spend all your money building your Kickstarter program. Kickstarter is a platform to "kick start" your business. If your video is too polished because you hired an expensive agency I might wonder if you really need my backing to get started? Put your program together, tell your story and make your ask real to get your business going.

          In your "about" page you mention that Matt and Leigh are originally from the east coast - where on the east coast are they from and do you guys plan on doing any future glasses based on east coast mountains such as your Vermont tumbler?

          Yes, Matt and I both lived on the east coast for the first 20+ years our our lives. We met in Vermont working for Burton Snowboards and spent many years adventuring around New England. We now have the VT Pint and Tumbler featuring Camel's Hump in the base of this collection. VT was  a natural choice because we had a personal connection, and they have a thriving craft beer scene....try and get your hands on a can of Heady Topper! 

          Considering that you all seem to be very adventurous and outdoorsy travelers of the US coasts, do you plan on taking any trips outside of the US or doing a glass based on a 'foreign peak' in the future?

          We have lots of ideas in the works, and have become much more sophisticated in our product planning and launches over the last two years. Different mountains have created technical challenges in development, which is also providing learnings for future mountain glasses in the years to come.

          Have you guys ever hiked any of the larger peaks showcased in your glasses?

          Yes, but more so spent time in the winter in and around these mountains. Camel's Hump is a hiking mountain, which Matt and I have summited dozens of times during our years in VT. We were also lucky enough to spend some time in Yosemite two years ago and while we did not summit Half Dome, the sheer size and scale is awe inspiring. In the winter we've all enjoyed many days on Mt. Hood at Timberline, Mt. Hood Meadows and backcountry snowboarding. We also did a North team trip to Crystal Mountain and while we weren't snowboarding on Rainier, the views from Crystal were spectacular and very inspiring. And if so do you have a favorite trip? The Crystal Mountain trip was a highlight as it was a team trip post Kickstarter, post our first holiday season and a good time to reflect on how crazy the first 18 months had been. Matt, Nic and I love snowboarding and we find "chairlift meetings" are some of the most productive

          What were the most difficult obstacles you faced in the process of bringing such a unique product to market successfully?

          Making a handblown product with artisans on a mass scale is something that hasn't been done. Matt and Nic worked tirelessly with our glass blowers to dial in process, optimize mold materials, create quality standards and ultimately come up with a process that is repeatable so we can offer a consistent product for sale. That said, with every glass taking two days and 15 steps to be handmade we love how each one is unique.

          Where did you guys go to school and what did you study? Did any of you take courses or follow curriculums that inspired/helped you to come up with this idea and foster the process of creating these glasses?

          I attended University of Vermont and studied business and international marketing, Matt graduated from Hampshire College specializing in product design and development and Nic graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Our college degrees have supported our success but I believe our combined 30+ years in the professional world helped shape our strategy and approach to launching North and building our brand. Most of the things we task ourselves to do for North we have been doing for brands or clients in our careers.

          The detailed craftsmanship is amazing, how long did it take to perfect the mountains using 3D printing?

           We went through a variety of prototypes in 3D and through 3D printing before we moved into our final tooling. Our real challenge for this project was less about the design of the product and more about the design of the process.

          Have you three learned to blow glass in the process of working with Elements Glass over the years or do you mostly work with 3D printing?

          The short answer is...poorly. We can get through making a few cups, but we're far from experts and most of the cups we make end up looking terrible. The team of glass blowers that we work with are truly amazing artists and experts at their craft. There are so many steps in the process of making one glass that could go wrong and they consistently keep it tight. One of our goals when we get more free time is to spend some time getting as good as we can making the glasses along side our experts. It's such a magical process and inspiring all around. Luckily we have the right team in place making our glasses every day.

          What other projects/mountain peaks would you like to expand to next?

          I'm excited to share that we will be launching our next glass on July 10. We will be announcing which state and mountain range on June 30 via social and our e-news. Here's a small hint...we will be launching the 5th state we mention in Kickstarter as the top 5 craft beer markets. We have additional glasses in the pipeline to launch pre holiday this year so heading into fall we'll have 12 glasses in market.

           Shop North Drinkware at Standard Goods, online or in store! 

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Amy Stone

          Get to know a little about artist Amy Stone in our interview! We are very excited to have her joining us and her beautiful vibrant paintings hanging on our walls. Come by the shop Thursday evening for Capitol Hill Art Walk, to see more from Lyla and Amy. Also at 8:00 pm there will be a live musical performance by Earth Meets Sky; a folk roots group with tight harmonies and infectious melodies. See you there! 
          amy stone artist, seattle artist, contemporary painter, capitol hill art walk, standard goods, shop the hill, shop local, seattle shopping, seattle artist, interview with an artist, artist interview
          When did you first start painting and how did you start your career as an artist?
          I have been painting my entire life. My grandfather was an incredible artist and some of my earliest memories of painting with him. I first took art classes when I was 6 yrs old and went on to receive a BA in Fine Arts and MA in Art Education. After all of that I ended up with a career in the wine industry which I left in 2016 to pursue my art full time after having my second son.

          3 words to describe your creative style?
          Colorful, unique, textured
          amy stone artist, seattle artist, contemporary painter, capitol hill art walk, standard goods, shop the hill, shop local, seattle shopping, seattle artist, interview with an artist, artist interview
          What artists are you most influenced by?
           Joan Mitchell, Jean Michelle Basquiat, and my 4 yr old son are some of my favs. 3 completely opposite styles yet all uniquely their own.

          What do you hope to convey to the viewer with your work?
          It depends on the piece. I’d like my work to convey a sense of peace and beauty, however imperfect that beauty is.
          amy stone artist, seattle artist, contemporary painter, capitol hill art walk, standard goods, shop the hill, shop local, seattle shopping, seattle artist, interview with an artist, artist interview

          If you could hop in a time machine where/when would you go?
          Ohhhh fun. The NYC art scene in the 80’s would be a fun place to travel to, but I think I would travel back to my honeymoon in Italy. It was truly the most incredible trip filled with all of my favorite things…the love of my life, incredible food and wine, new adventures, art, incredible sites and so many laughs.

          What is your process like when starting a new painting? Do you plan out your work, or is it a more visceral process? –
          It really depends. Commissioned pieces are always more planned because I generally have a color scheme and certain requests from the client. I usually have an idea of palette and layout of a painting but then ideas get tweaked in the process. I often find the less I think and the more I let the process become visceral the better, or rather more honest, the outcome.
          amy stone artist, seattle artist, contemporary painter, capitol hill art walk, standard goods, shop the hill, shop local, seattle shopping, seattle artist, interview with an artist, artist interview

          What are your future goals and ambitions as an artist? I’d love to have people knocking down my door for work at some point, and have commissions booked out months and month at a time, but I’m happy with where I am right now continuing to explore new techniques and ideas and steady with work and shows.

          What do you find to be the hardest part about being an abstract painter? – Honestly? Keeping my brushes clean 😊.

          Where do you find your inspiration for color? – Everywhere! Nature, fashion, other artists, nail polish colors, food. You name it.

          Anything else you would like to share with our viewers?
          In addition to Standard Goods I will be at Rat City Studios in White Center on Friday, June 9th from 4-10pm and Saturday, June 10th 10am-8pm. I will have a variety of pieces with me so stop by and say hello!

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Lyla Cravero

          Meet Lyla Cravero, a local Pacific Northwest artist whose work is beautifully saturated in texture, and her process evokes a sense of freedom & tranquility. Lyla is one of two contemporary artists who will be featured in the group show "Palette Dreams"  Thursday June 8th at Standard Goods, stop by to see her paintings and hear live music from Earth Meets Sky. We had the pleasure to learn more about her and her process in our interview here.

          Lyla Cravero, Seattle Artist, Capitol Hill Art Walk, Seattle WA, Standard Goods, Shop local, local artists

          When did you first start painting and how did you start your career as an artist?

          When did I start painting? That is is a funny question for me...I was born into a family of artists; my mother a fine arts major, painter, published illustrator and teacher...my father, a master wood carver, inventor, architect and designer. I suspect that I was painting before I was walking.  My parents created a community in rural Eastern Canada and together they started a highly sought after private school, based in the arts.  We were immersed in every type of artistic expression that can be imagined. Sculpture to calligraphy, pottery, stained glass, iron work, dramatic theatre, poetry...I can't even begin to put into words all that we learned. I would say that we experienced it all but that is contradictory to the teaching style, there is always more information to seek out and a never ending abundance to learn from. Actually, this year marks the 40th anniversary of our school! I guess you can say that I am where I am today because I was lucky enough to have parents with intense passion, drive and willingness to take the path less traveled. 

          How my career started is a very different story...don't we all rebel? Just a bit? My personal rebellion came after my entire upbringing of art immersion...I sought a life outside of our amazing artistic community. I found myself in the US, young, so far from my family and home...in the big city.  Working and studying interior design. Then, migrating farther south, Costa Rica...I spent a good deal of time jumping from place to place. It was fun, full of excitement and adventure! I met my amazing husband along the way, we started a family, free spirited, living and breathing for our beautiful children...salt water and beach style. I was always making art in one way or another.  Always. But, I was still fighting the path. After 10 wonderful years in the sun, we moved here to Washington. We were welcomed with beautiful mountain views and crisp cool air. So different...the change inspired me and reminded me of home. I love change and experiencing anything new. Country crossed, babies in toe, I started my regular regiment of filling our new house with art, with the goal of making it our home. It became evident that I knew what made me happy,  I didn't want to fight the ingrained artistic nature that lived in me anymore. I began creating all the time. Sculpture? Yes! Paint? Yes! I painted what I saw and felt, the landscape the newness and excitement coupled with my life experiences lead me to my path  path. I dove deeply into creating a new way of reviving the age old fresco style.  An homage to the great artists of the past and a wink at the modern art era. Plaster and paint in the abstract. It is my line between sculpture, painting and history. It it is the avenue that finally drew me to my expression as an artist. 

          Lyla Cravero, Artist, seattle artist, local seattle artist, art., abstract painting, interview with an artist, seattle art walk, capitol hill art walk,

          3 words to describe your creative style?

          Honestly? Please don't take offense but, single words feel thin for what I want to say. I could do the typical "passionate", "soulful"...but I don't want too.  My work is an expression of my entire life, every emotion and moment; past, present and future. Not all dramatic moments mind you, we are all living the good, bad and ugly!  Simply the feelings that arise in the moment when I see something, hear something or imagine something that inspires me. Seriously, that is hard to break down into 3 words!

          What artists are you most influenced by?

          I am so lucky to have a LOT of extremely inspiring artists in my life, I can't possibly list them all here by a long shot! I can say that when you have a family and community of artists...you all inspire each other, learning, studying together and from each other. 

          What do you hope to convey to the viewer with your work?

          I am very aesthetically driven...so I suppose I want people to feel a sense of balance and happiness. I love when I can create a piece of art that fits perfectly into a space.  It feels like the entire space is elevated, lifted and illuminated. It just feels good and right. 

          If you could hop in a time machine where/when would you go?

          I would absolutely and without question jump into the future, 3017 here I come!! Being fully immersed in the great artists of the past would be phenomenal but, at least I can study their work and read their history...I can't study what is yet to come. What will the great minds of our children create? What will art be? A whole new and exciting world.

          What is your process like when starting a new painting? Do you plan out your work, or is it a more visceral process?

           My process totally depends on the circumstances of course but, yes I suppose it is always visceral to some extent. I typically don't think about it like that...I gather information and get a sense of where I want the piece to go, a direction. I don't pre-sketch, draw or physically design anything. I gain inspiration and then I go for it. I dive in head first. 

          What are your future goals and ambitions as an artist?

          My goal is to feel fulfilled and accomplished personally, but also to set a precedent and be an inspiration for my children and the upcoming generation. Do what compels you and makes you happy with vigor, purpose and drive. Don't back down!! Life is what you make of it, so make it good! I love my life and I want to share that. 

          What do you find to be the hardest part about being an abstract painter?

           The hardest part is confidence.  Don't we all have that aching doubt? Will other people see what I see? Will the work make them feel the way that it makes me feel?

          Where do you find your inspiration for color?

          I thrive on color aesthetically but it is always based off of an inspiration. A stunning landscape, writhing sea, the first blooms in spring...and also, a much less "cool" answer, I can equally be inspired by a paint chip. Sometimes a simple color block or color combo will be pleasing to my eye...it just happens naturally, falls into place and there it is...inspiration!

          Lyla Cravero, Artist, seattle artist, local seattle artist, art., abstract painting, interview with an artist, seattle art walk, capitol hill art walk,



          Easy Like Sunday Morning

          Shop the look: 
          Publish brand, lack of color hat, standard goods, the standard goods, shop seattle, seattle boutique, shop the hill, shop local, local shopping, boutique seattle washinghton, capitol hill, fashion, seattle fashion, Maya Koplowitz, Kathreen Absuelo,
          Publish brand, lack of color hat, standard goods, the standard goods, shop seattle, seattle boutique, shop the hill, shop local, local shopping, boutique seattle washinghton, capitol hill, fashion, seattle fashion, Maya Koplowitz, Kathreen Absuelo,
          Publish brand, lack of color hat, standard goods, the standard goods, shop seattle, seattle boutique, shop the hill, shop local, local shopping, boutique seattle washinghton, capitol hill, fashion, seattle fashion, Maya Koplowitz, Kathreen Absuelo,

          Publish brand, lack of color hat, standard goods, the standard goods, shop seattle, seattle boutique, shop the hill, shop local, local shopping, boutique seattle washinghton, capitol hill, fashion, seattle fashion, Maya Koplowitz, Kathreen Absuelo,

          Publish brand, lack of color hat, standard goods, the standard goods, shop seattle, seattle boutique, shop the hill, shop local, local shopping, boutique seattle washinghton, capitol hill, fashion, seattle fashion, Maya Koplowitz, Kathreen Absuelo,

          Model: Sarah Troy
          Stylist: Maya Koplowitz
          Photographer: Kathreen Absuelo 

          Baby Blue For You

          Here is our take on the ultimate off-duty summer look. 
          Standard Goods, Seattle, Shop Seattle, Seattle Fashion, Summer Dresses, Summer Clothing, Capitol Hill Boutique,
          Stylist: Maya Koplowitz
          Model: Sarah Troy 
          Photographer: Kathreen Absuelo

          Heatin' Up on the Hill

          Capitol Hill is bustling with locals, visitors and everyone in between as the temperatures are slowly rising in Seattle. With the sun beaming in the windows of Standard Goods this past week, the team set out to the new ice cream shop around the corner, Frankie and Jo's. This isn't any regular ice cream shop, as their ice cream is all plant based and 100% vegan friendly! With model Sarah in tow, Kathreen and Maya bounced all around Capitol Hill to shoot some of our new Women's collection. Sarah, an obvious natural, enjoys her ice cream while sporting brands like the Camp Collection, Crshr and items from our extensive vintage collection, all seamlessly styled by our direct marketing editor Maya.Pictured above, Sarah is wearing the Crshr Lipstick Dad Hat, the Camp Collection Feelin' Good Tee and a vintage denim jacket from our vintage line which is in continuous rotation.

          On the vintage Denim, Maya included pins from our Heartificial pin collection at Sandard Goods. Classic Lizzie McGuire on the left, and Steven Universe pink lion pin on the right.Featured on the collar of the photo above, Sarah is sporting the Hard To Love pin from Explorer's Press.

          Meet Becky & Rachel, Founders of Plantuary

          Meet the founders of Plantuary, Rachel Taylor and Becky Jones. These creative ladies have taken their love for plants and greenery and created an indoor plant company focused on selling high quality greenery and providing expert advice to help plants thrive in indoor settings.  At Standard Goods we love stocking the shop with their beautifully potted plants every week. Learn more about Becky & Rachel, and all things plant related in this interview!

          Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods,PNW, Shop indoor plants seattle, capitol hill

          First off tell us about yourselves and your company Plantuary? 

          Becky: I'm just a dog mom who is obsessed with plants. I work at a bar as my main gig but started this business with one of my best friends because she gets plants on the same crazy level as I do. We launched this idea because we think everyone can get enjoyment out of caring for plants and watching them grow! We also have barely any more space for more plants in our own homes. 

          Rachel: I definitely have plenty that keeps me busy! I work full-time for a local non-profit, spend a good amount of my time with my dog, Pacey, and have quite the plant obsession.  Greenery is a love of mine, and I have found that working with plants can be the perfect way to tune out when the rest of the world gets crazy.

          What do you love most about living in Seattle? 5 favorite places we should check out? 

          Becky: I love living here because Seattle actually gets all of the seasons and specifically in my neighborhood (Capitol Hill) I admire how diverse and accepting it is. I would say these five places are worth scoping out:

          1. Bait Shop: I work here but I back this place so much. Everyone I work with is so friendly and the food and drinks are tasty and fun!
          2. Any local flea market! Great finds at these. (Badwill Market, SODO Flea Market, Punk Rock Flea Market) 
          3. Nightshift SEA: Really fun dancing night that changes between venues around Seattle.
          4. Volunteer Park Conservatory: Just go here and stare at the magic that is a giant cactus. It's amazing.
          5. Seattle Japanese Garden: More nerding out on pretty plants but its outside! And there's fish!

          Rachel: Seattle is such a pretty place to live; not only is our city great but we're surrounded by water, mountains, and so many beautiful native plants. I love that I can live on Capitol Hill, but also am a short drive from so many hiking trails and things to do outside. In addition to Becky's list above, I would include:

          1. Madrona Park: Super close to Capitol Hill, this is one of my favorite places to walk my dog. It is right along the water and can be a great spot to take a swim, not to mention full and happy blackberry bushes all summer long.
          2. Speckled & Drake: One of my favorite places on the hill to grab a drink with friends and they have trivia every Monday night.
          3. Fremont Vintage Mall: If you love vintage, this is the perfect place to shop for new treasures. 
          4. Porchlight Coffee: Full disclosure: Plantuary wouldn't be possible without caffeine. Porchlight is one of my favorite places to grab coffee!
          5. Vine Hair Studio: I am always changing my hair and adding different colors. The stylists at Vine Hair Studio are so talented and I always leave happy with my new do. 

          Why do you think millennials are especially into plants right now?

          Becky: I think plants are trendy right now because they can be for anybody. They add color and life to any room and it seems like people are picking up on the easiness of certain ones. 

          Rachel: I would agree with Becky, I think people are beginning to realize that keeping plants in your home is a great way to brighten things up and that learning how to be a good plant parent is possible. 

          What's an unexpected place you can find great pots for plants? 

          Becky: Estate sales! They have stuff you can't find in stores. 

          Rachel: Yep, estate and garage sales it is! We have been able to tie our two loves of vintage and plants together by scouring the most unexpected places for pots. 

          Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods,PNW, Shop indoor plants

          What is your sourcing process like for Plantuary? 

          Becky: Rach and I like to take day trips and venture out to other cities and see what we can find from Estate and Garage Sales. 

          Rachel: In addition to our constant search for amazing pots, we also spend a lot of time building partnerships with local plant sources to bring our customers the best and healthiest greenery possible. We also work to pot all of our plants in local and organic potting soil. 

          What was the main motivation behind launching Plantuary? 

          Becky: We just love plants so much and have been really successful with having our own that we wanted to share our knowledge with everyone else!

          Rachel: Before starting Plantuary we spent a lot of our free time searching for great plants and unique pots; when our personal collections started getting out of hand we decided to turn our little hobby into a business! Because we both live in the city, and have always loved plants, we wanted to take all we have learned about growing greenery in small spaces and share it with others. 

          Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods,PNW, Interview, Meet the Maker, Makers, Artist Interview, Shop indoor plants

           What do you think about the role of plants in urban environments? 

          Becky: Crucial. They are like pets! Having them to come home to is therapeutic and watching them grow is extremely rewarding. Even having them at work is key too. Plants are friends. 

          Rachel: Its becoming a bit of a cliche, but it's true: plants make people happy. Greenery has a way of brightening up a space like no other decor and actually works to improve the quality of the air you breathe. We have a lot of customers that tell us they kill every plant they own, and we are always trying to encourage people with the knowledge that there are plants that can thrive almost anywhere. 

          Plantuary, Seattle Plant shop, Standard Goods, The Standard Goods, Artist Interview, Meet the Maker, PNW, Shop indoor plants

          Do you think plant aesthetics/tastes move in trends like clothing? What are some popular plants in Seattle right now? 

          Becky: I would say yeah, a lot of people love Fiddle Leaf Figs. Those are so trendy. Same with succulents. 

          Rachel: Absolutely, just like other forms of decor, we have seen various plants become increasingly popular. Unfortunately, the plant that people may be attracted to at any point in time may not live well in their home and specific lighting conditions. With any plant you purchase, it is important to have a good grasp on what it will need to be happy!

           As a relatively new company, do you have any specific goals for the next few years? 

          Becky: I would love to transition into just working for Plantuary. The double job life gives us no days off but it's not the worst when you love what you do. We dream of having a store front so that would be the ultimate goal.

          Rachel: I would agree with Becky, having a store front is the dream and we are always working toward that goal. I also love the custom order and consultation piece of our business and could absolutely see us decorating people's homes and businesses with greenery full-time!

          What is your favorite plant? 

          Becky: Hands down cacti. I love any type but am really into big ones lately. It blows my mind how old they can get and still be sturdy and beautiful. 

          Rachel: Speaking of trendy plants, the Monstera deliciosa is definitely a favorite. One of the things I love about them is that their new leaves unfold with increasing amounts of holes and slits as the plant matures. When you see a monstera with huge leaves covered in unique holes it means the plant is pretty old! I admittedly get way too excited when my Monstera's have new growth. 




          Come by the shop located at 701 East Pike Street Seattle, WA 98122, and check out our collection of Plantuary! 

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Bradley Wilkinson

          Join Standard Goods for May Capitol Hill Artwalk 6 pm - 9 pm featuring Seattle based street artist, Bradley Oliver Wilkinson, also known as DARMDARM for his solo art show + live band performance by Critté.

          Stop by the shop and see a collection of graffiti inspired stickers exploring friends and characters of his own design. DARMDARM finds himself waking up with his boots on, pulling apart his fingers stuck together by spray paint, squinting at the sun as it melts through his window. We sat down with Bradley to learn more about his artwork and himself. Scroll down to check out our interview with Bradley. 



          Standard Goods featured local Artist: Bradley Wilkinson Capitol Hill Seattle

          Tell us a little bit about yourself? What kind of work do you do? 

          I am originally from Austin, tx where I started doing street art. I went to school there and received a Bachelor in Fine Arts. I also Illustrate, Animate, Make Music, and direct videos. My mural work has been seen on the Food Network and I have directed for MTV Portugal & Spain. I come from a family of Recyclers, making me now stranger of junkyards growing up. Im my spare time I like to garden, go to yoga, excercise, and roam seattle with my Russian Wolfhound, Copernicus.

          My preferred medium when on the streets is acrylic hand painted stickers I wheatpaste. Darm Darm is my tag, and I have been doing graffiti for 8 years. It evolved from me saying "Dern" all the time back in 2009, and one stoned day in front of my drafting table it came to me. Darm Darm, a hybrid of "Darn" & "Nom Nom." It is weird when people call me darm darm and don't even know my name. I feel like a cartoon character.

          Recently I dabbled in comics. The first one I created was for my band's (CRITTÉ) first EP, Staurt's Cove. You can get copies at our live shows. We have a full length coming out this summer. And, it has been keeping me all sorts of busy. 

          I love seattle a lot. I have been in love with the atmosphere that comes with the territory. From the scenic landscapes to all the kind hearted lovely weirdos. Even the not so kind hearted lovely weirdos. We need everyone to make this texture interesting and rich. I enjoy the queer art community here, it made the transfering from austin much easier and more comfortably inhabitable. 

          I love it so much here in this damn city that I decided to start an art club at Revolver with a friend. A local watering hole in Capitol Hill where we throw monthly drink n draws every second Tuesday. Friends and patrons come to draw ridiculous themes thought up by the troublemakers crew. We play drawing games, talk, and mentally crap out beer soaked comics. The next month we put them into a zine and give them away to everyone for free. I was inspired by the super talented people that put on Dune, another drink n draw located in the University District at Cafe Racer. I make it a point to indulge myself into the arts. I have been obsessed since my mom would draw pictures with me and my brother at the dinner table. Fun Fact, my first drawing ever was of a pink flamingo. (are people still reading)

           What themes are influencing your work currently? 

          For this particular show, I am showcasing my street art. Which are based off my darmdarm characters and friends that I know. Themes that come to mind our heartbreak, dating, death, anxiety, humor, confidence, self revelation, growing up (or lack there of), and street culture. Stuff I think many of us have to deal with on the daily.

          What is your favorite medium to work with? 

          That is hard to say, because I like so many mediums and types of art. Buy i guess the most fun would be the one that is potentially the dirtiest, painting. When it comes to that, I enjoy acrylic the best because It dries really fast. Plus, I am use to it. But I do draw a lot with ink, and i like using microns and prisma markers. 

          Favorite place you have ever traveled to? Where do you want to go next? 

          For nature vibes Maui. For city vibes Berlin. I got to do some street art in Berlin, and the shear amount of art cover the terrain is insane. Like, not just the Berlin wall, but so much of the city! Plus they have a mural, by one of my favorite artists who mixes animation and street art from Italy, named Blu. (Check him out if you don't remember him) I really want to go back to Maui, tho. It is like an alien forrest for me over there. I like the lingo over there, and all the burnt up vehicles i saw along with the graffiti. The local kids steal cars for joyrides and destroy the evidence when they are done. The burnt rusted out frames of all the cars make for interesting installations along the highways. It is mad expensive, but it a nice place to let go for awhile.

          Standard Goods Featured Artist Bradley Wilkinson, Capitol Hill, Art Walk, Seattle Artist

          What do you love most about living in Seattle? How does the city inspire you? 

          I love when the sun comes out, and everyone goes nuts! Plus, you can't really wheat paste in the rain... I am a fan of the legal weed. I love all the friends I have made up here. Plus, there is a lot of rich history everywhere, from the music scene to the historic evolution of the city. I love having the outdoors so close. Me and my dog Copernicus enjoy long walks in the park. Sometimes we go horseback riding and skiing. Afterwards, we take long bubble baths and drink PBR's in our haunted mansion.

          On a serious note, lately I have been inspired by meditation and working on calming my mind. Yoga and exercise are a must living here. Without it, my life is bummersville. I feel this is a common thing for someone trying to wing off the bar scene, morphing into their 30's. My 20's were a blurrrrr.....

          Standard Goods Featured Artist Bradley Wilkinson, illustrator, Artist, designer, seattle artist, seattle capitol hill art walk

          What artist do you most identify with? 

          Their are plenty of artist I admire, but not to many I identify with all the way. Here some friends that come close that I love in Austin: Matthew Briar Bonifacior, el.bae.es, & Diego Mireles Duran.

          If a movie was made about your life what would it be called? And what actor would you want to play you? 

          My Name is Darm Darm & I Came Here to Farty 4: Letting Loose the Goose 

          Staring: Cheech Marin 

          Five things you can't possibly live without?



          Painting/Drawing Utensils

          My Homies/Familia 


          What do you want people to experience when they see your work?

          Maybe, to try and understand my experience whether they relate with it at all. Or, maybe they just think it looks cool and they want to put it in their homes or a museum? Maybe poop their pants?

           Anything else you'd like to share with us!? 

          The women in my family mean a lot to me, and I don't know where i would be without them in my life. Also, music is a gigantic part of my life as well. My great grandmother had so much influence in me wanting to play music. Though I didn't get to meet her, she was in an all female washboard band outside of Austin in the hill country of Texas. In my head, this made her a bad ass! She hand made her washboard guitar which was bequeathed to me along with her pump organ after my Grandma Loraine passed away. (she was an artist too) I was the only one out of the family that still actively played music, during the time of the funeral, so she wanted me to have them. This thought inspired me to work on an Influential Women of Music series. For me to draw every woman who has inspired me and others around the world to get into music. Whether it is just to enjoy or engage by starting their own projects.

          August 1st, I will be displaying this series at the Vera Project. Follow me on Instagram so you can learn more about it leading up to the event. ciao. xxxo

          big cartel shop

          Also here are some cool links to check out for Troublemakers Art Club:

          Video Bradley directed that was on MTV Portugal and Spain:
          Oh! Pears - Under the Olive Trees)
          Plus, another one I did he did for the band Scarves
          Scarves - Mall Goths

          Chris King & The Gutterballs "Cocktails"

          Here at Standard Goods we really love to support local artists and musicians. It's a big part of our philosophy to showcase local Seattle talent and give them a place to express their passion.
          We are really excited to be hosting Chris King & the Gutterballs during Capitol Hill Art Walk this coming Thursday 4/13/2017, for the Maison Du Art show. The Seattle-based bunch of Indie/Soul rockers who are originally from the central coast of California, have a laid back beach folky vibe and nostalgic sound. 
          They've recently released their new album Cocktails. Some of my personal favorites from the album are "One More Time" and "Hometeam" Listen hereThe lyrics are amazing and all written on a typewriter by Chris. Pretty cool.
          Come by this Thursday April 13, they start playing tunes around 8:15pm! See ya there. 

          Chris King & The Gutterballs, Seattle music, Seattle band, Seattle, Capitol Hill, Local

          Also, If you want to hear some Chris King & The Gutterballs tunes or stay updated for what's in the works, below are some links to check out.

          Standard Goods Featured Artist: Carolyn Hitt

          Photo: Meagan Hall/Seattledaze

          Carolyn Hitt, Artist and Founder of Blue Cone Studios will be joining us this Thursday evening for Capitol Hill Art Walk. She wlll be featuring "Many Eyes" sculpture series which indulges in the fantasy of vision and the ability for viewers to see beyond themselves. She is a multi-discipline, mixed media artist with a background in theater currently working between clay, canvas, and sculpture.  Learn more about her in out interview below! 

          Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist

          What drew you to working with clay? 

          Opportunity.  I have loved clay since I was really young.  My folks sent me to hang out with this old WWII pilot and his wife every now and then and he would take me to the clay studios to pick out cast molds to paint. It was my favorite part of art class in high school but I rarely had the opportunity after to explore it because kilns weren't on my radar as accessible or affordable.  I made a whole series, years ago, that i never fired and gave away with the caveat that they would definitely break one day.  When I took over the space that is now Blue Cone Studios, one of the major bonuses was that it already had a good sized electric kiln wired in. That's all I needed to pick it back up again. 

          Describe your style as an artist in 3 words? 

          Archeological, Abstract, Intuitive

          Are there any recurring themes in your work? 

          I like to think my fascination with ancient civilizations known and unknown shows up pretty regularly.  DNA and access to information programmed in our cells.  Microcosms vs Macrocosms.  Structure as thought, color as emotion, layers as time.  UFOs and birds show up when I'm contemplating spiritual things like past lives, soul mates, and the multiverse.  And then there are always faces and eyes.  They've been around in my work as long as i can remember and likely hearken to the notion that we are all watching each other and trying desperately to figure out how to be human.

          What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you absolutely can't live without in your studio?

           My mind.  

          What figures in the art world influence or inspire you and why?

          That's a really hard question because I love A LOT of artists for all kinds of reasons.  Most significant recently, I am in love with Yayoi Kusama.  I can only imagine how utterly satisfying it would be to have the time, money, and freedom to create on such an epic scale.  But I also deeply feel the infinity in her work and comfort in her understanding of her own mind and how she has orchestrated a world to indulge it.  I make art to exist and I feel we are kindred spirits on this.   I also love a lot of what Andrew Salgado is doing in terms of color and texture.  I am strongly influenced by graffiti writing and street art but never had the nuts to really get into it.  I recently met a couple of guys whose work I've been tracking for years around the hill.  That's pretty cool to me.  I have a healthy respect for outsider art and have aometimes wondered if that's where I actually fit in.  Who knows?


          Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist


          What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

          The meditation of creation.  I have a hyper-active mind with obsessive tendencies.  I don't want to be negatively bound by this but it's a part of how I was programmed.  It's been the challenge of my life to endure and figure out how to use these seemingly adverse characteristics in a productive and healthy way.  Art is the only activity I've ever found that engages these traits through a process that isn't detrimental to my mental health but actually allows me to work through the pulses and avoid the spin. 

          If you could choose to live anywhere in the world where would it be and describe your dream home?

          I love Seattle.  The only other place I can see myself is New York.  My dream home is a warehouse that I can build everything I need in.  A nice comfy loft up high with windows and tons of plants. Down below would be a fully stocked woodworking area, ceramics studio, a ventilated paint room, and a place to sew and design. I want to be able to jump out of bed at 3 am and indulge my imagination.

          Carolyn Hitt, Artist, Seattle Artist, Sculpture Artist, Blue Cone Studios, Standard Goods Featured Artist


          Blue Cone Studios